IOTA on my mind

How can we get IOTA to moon slightly so I can get out of the red and sell this piece of shit off?

just sell at a loss and be done with it

nobodys gonna buy ur bags

enjoy them

Bumping for interest. Need to get out of IOTA

I fully expect iota to be top 3 in market cap this time next year. I personally would hold.

Why sell now? It's IOTA's turn to moon to $80B mcap next..

Just sell and get on something better user, here is my IOTA experience

>Got $4K from LTC pump, decide to get into IOTA after a little research on Tangle
>Bought in at $3.90, optimistic about it after learning about DAG
>Overexcited when it mooned past $5
>didn't flinch after it dipped to $4, just saw it as a dip as the FUD threads came in
>Started reading the dev's tweets and childish rageposts from their reddit
>Realized the real DAG was Raiblock/Byteball
>Sold at $4 never looking back

And the price never recovered past $4.25 since then. IOTA is done. Get with a better DAG. Its overbought anyway so its mooning potential is limited

so glad i sold the ath. I wasnt gonna but binance sent out some shady emails and I noped the fuck out of there. timed it perfectly.

Unironically looking for the same thing. Need to get out of this shitcoin and move on to something better

FOMO'd at $4.99, just want out

Anyone got the recent news from devs on IOTA - what's happening in the background? What dates are we keeping an eye out for? Shill me anons.

I'd send you some iota if the wallet wasn't shit

Wait for 'Q' or Trinity wallet. Though, I think you are an impatient little shit if you can't hold.
You rather sell at a loss and buy another coin that only gets a 30% gain or better yet somwthing at ATH and hold even bigger bags? Pathetic.

literally nothing. The Roadmap was supposed to drop before christmas, but without it we are completely in the dark.

There is still 2 more pumps that could bring it to $5-6 range, and that is getting listed on bigger exchanges like GDAX or bittrex, or the Q update, which the devs say is the real FOMO moment based on their quantum readiness if I had to guess.
But I'm not sure if you guys wanna wait 2-3 months just to break even or get a 20% ROI.

Just saying, XRB, PRL, and GBYTES all have massive mooning potential still. You could still jump ship. DAG will take over, just not IOTA any time soon.

Q is comming soon.
>sheep all rilled up over a fucking letter

>mfw when I put $500 into IOTA and XRB at the same time some weeks ago
>mfw XRB is now at 5000+, IOTA at 450

still holding both, who knows

XRB is slowly draining IOTA's life force

make the change anons

IOTA is the future !! Long HODL

Google it, articles are posted every day on IOTA

Enjoy quantum safe crypto.


LOL. I expect IOTA to do well but don't sell shit lies like this. Will NEVER happen.

IOTA is a shitcoin. Get out asap.

It was number 4 this year? Fucking Pajeet

Just take the loss and switch to XRB. You'll make the money back in under 24 hr

I hodl both IOTA and XRB. I got in on IOTA pretty heavy when it was under $0.30, so I'm comfy right now. IOTA has some problems, but CfB is a god tier dev, and I know improvements and news (including a much better wallet) are coming in the future, so I will continue to hodl.

>invested 1/3 of my initial investment in IOTA (bought at 4.20$)
>still made over 100% gains in a matter of 3 weeks

this market is unreal, it's so easy.

but still, fuck IOTA.

number 4 without a working product. Still doesnt have a working product. Not working as advertised. Still centralized. slower than shitcoin.

Imagine when it is working lol.. Sorry I'm looking 1-2years down the road, you guys look 1-2hrs down the road


>Imagine when it is working
Theres the problem. It never will work. All tech is vaporware until proven otherwise. One of these days the devs will go silent and will have pulled off the biggest heist in history.

buy high sell low

What coin works? Tell me what coin has real life applications? This whole market is a gamble to invest in the top 3 coins. The top 3 coins will be different in a year from now.
Bitcoin won't go away because almost everything is tied to it, but it is slowly bleeding due to outdated technology

>What coin works?
bitcoin cash(possible PnD)
litecoin(dev left but it works)
So year basically ethereum works but the tech cant support full usage. So find the tech that can.

Funfair and xlm you fucking idiot

ur a shitcoin

funfair is a gimmic, you don't need crypto to gamble

I can't use these coins at the store.

I will be amazed if 1 miota isn't worth at least 30 dollars next year.

At the very least. Around 100 is still believable.

Lol so double that of XRP?

XLM converts crypto to USD, tell me what the coins are for? You're just buying company shares

Ripples Cap is $10 you buffoon, you will never reach to $10. Get your Ripple ass outta here

You fucking retard for iota to be 30$ it would have to be twice macap of that of xrp. Not possible you refugee loving cunts

You are just mad your coin can never go over $10


Thank you for proving my point

devs are communicate solely with moon talk and vague pre-announcements in slack

Bittrex is coming soon

Pic is from yesterday

He doesnt know about STORM/ubiq/nav and DRAGON (litterally incubated by disney) stay poor Indians. Poois4theLOO