Just hold, if it gets accepted into binance it'll go up again.

Stop FUDING you fucking piece of shit!
It corrected a bit after a massive bullrun!

Its already up again and it has room to grow!

dumped days ago lmao

Everyone is buying PFR. You better cut your losses on BNTY

I DON'T DEAL IN IF'S I WANT A PROPER ANSWER, I SUCK AT READING VOLUMES. DOES THIS LOOK BULLISH? I haven't gone into minus yet as I bought at 10 cents but it surely sucks to see that it could be on its way back there

Patience my friend. BNTY is guaranteed 100m market cap in a month. If you can't wait that long, you have some insane expectations. BNTY is a comfy hold.

Just one thing left to do, make sure you sell at the ATL

It hasn't been a week..

I do have patience, but I have gotten burned way too many times now from hodling new coins that go 5x and then goes right back to where I bought them at

Thanks, just set 100k on sell order at 55 sats

Company run by a highschool drop-out and a lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.06, and then a LOT more at $0.18. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesnt work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.


you guys should sell so we can buy more

I swear, the entitlement on some of these fucking threads is through the roof!!!
If a coin does not go 1000% in an hour "it lost interest"... if a coin corrects 30% after a bull run its a "shitcoin for bagholders only".

None of you fud fuckers is ever gonna make it!

Sometimes in /biz I feel like im in highschool with a bunch of kids, spoilt brats and retards

Dumped on your asses lol. Stop chasing the flavor of the week pumps. Thanks for your money though. Too easy taking money from you greedy impatient idiots..

Dispell the FUD here pls, I thought this was an actual working product

It is in alpha, customers are already using it. This is a 100m coin at least being sold at a 90% discount for just 3 days. If you can't hold a massively undervalued coin for 3 fucking days then you don't deserve these gains.

Vitaly had the same qualifications

From my experience, the FUD on alot of coins are usually true and eventually they drop very hard and won't rebound for months. IOTA for instance, I luckily dropped my bags before it went under $4 and it still hasn't gone above $4, mostly because the FUD about the devs being manchild morons, the product don't work at all, and the partnerships are fake all turned out to be true

>investing in a shitcoin
>investing in a shitcoin without doing research
>investing in a shitcoin that doesn't need to be ran on a blockchain
>investing in a shitcoin and left holding the bags

>I do have patience, but I have gotten burned way too many times now from hodling new coins that go 5x and then goes right back to where I bought them at

That's why HODL is a meme for weak faggots to keep them from constantly losing their asses. Doing nothing is better than panic-selling to cut losses then losing out.

Once you learn to read the movement and the charts and can tell you're at a peak, you sell. At least half your stack, if not more if you're particularly confident you're looking at a large correction. Prices never go straight up forever, especially when being artificially driven parabolic by surges in volume. Even those who are 100% long-term in an investment get out periodically, take their gains, wait for it to crash and correct, then make a call on a new entry point to buy back in. (Which should be less than your sell price.) If you sell too early you're now stuck buying higher trying to get back in and kicking yourself.

The amount of FUD in this thread only solidifies my decision to hold. Get fucked weak hands

I'm just pushing for a good rebuy price boys.


Kek I bought 1m as soon as it hit Etherdelta, thanks for making me rich faggots, enjoy the bags

IOTA? Are you joking? A coin with a trillion supply an 10 billion marketcap? No shit that was going to dump hard.

BNTY is a value investment right now, not hyped up coin with buzzword vaporware promising to be the next eth. Its just a useful product that will be values at least 100m in a month.

Can someone with some actual experience explain what’s going on and if I should cash out? I lost 3k$ in the past two days (technically didn’t lose it, but BNTY went way down)

I'd cash out. I'm cruelly fucking with people a bit by saying I'm just FUDing to bring down the price, but in all honesty I sold out my whole position this morning.

Sell off from people who bought in before the kucoin listing.

You should wait a month before checking the price again. You will be up 10x.

This coin has been trading for 3 days. You honestly dont think it will go back up? You honestly dont think it will get listed on Binance? Quit being a pussy and check back in 1 week.

People who bought during ico hold millions of these coins. They are simply cashing out. They're probably 50% of the market that is cashing out. The other 50% that is cashing out exists of people who are either investing in other shitcoins such as utrust, which is a p&d, but hey it's new and people who give into FUD. I'm down a couple k as well on bnty to say so, since the price went down, but I personally would never cash out at this point from bnty. give it a couple months and you'll have your x5.


>let me buy your coins cheap


The ICO was $1.8m. Extremely small. I got in at etherdelta. Up like 5x. Haven't even bothered to move my stack because I know its all but guaranteed this thing is hitting $1 at least.

Coins go up and down 30% every day. If anyone can play that and get rich as fuck good for them. I found I make the most money by far investing in insanely undervalued shit and BNTY is incredibly good value right now.

$1 in 2 weeks

Show me portfolio as proofs


Thanks a lot biz. Never fucking buying anything you guys shill again except for Tron. That seems like a sure bet


These people get it

What are some good ways to research to find some rare gems before they get shilled on Veeky Forums?

Im looking for this now too. coins on etherdelta. or not listed on cmc yet RLX SPANK WISH kinda deal

Do we see any pattern in this coin that is similar to coins that actually succesfully mooned 5-10x?


Nice. I only got 6500 though. Seeing people accumulate this much makes me feel more confident. What's your crypto experience by the way?

Nice I'm sitting at 209k

>not HODLing TRX
t. KuCoin Kuck

>Do we see any pattern in this coin that is similar to coins that actually succesfully mooned 5-10x?

double bottom is bullish

comfy with 388k at 0.6 and 0.11 cents.

This shitcoin even went downwards after a 3min pump when McAfee shilled it, and had an even more pathetic pump today when the so called "great news" news of source code being released came out. It probably has its uses and potential but I see this coin being outperformed by dozens of others


This is such a shit coin with such a shit team. Why the hell do you idiots buy into this shit. Invest in real project, not a fucking cowboy jobs board

It is starting to moon! If you are not invested i would buy now

fucking this. 30m mcap on a project owned by two bedroom coders that will pull a CFD within a month

tell me about CFD senpai


Will send 200BNTY to anyone who signs up at KuCoin using my ref code.


Reply with your address.

Confido. Was an exit scam.