Been under the radar for everyone it seems?

were you here in the summer? it's all anyone talked about for weeks on end

haven't touched my stack since i first bought it.


Been bagholding for Q4 news. They were quite underwhelming so I freed myself at a 60% loss.

Nah, just noticed it's trying to push through previous resistance

Holy shit can’t tell if you’re larping but that made me really mad for some reason

Wish I was, brother.

Probably my #1 comfiest hold behind my sleeper hit (I've told you fuckers about MOD, you won't listen). No more reason to shill sure things.


You're a fucking idiot, it's the next major coin to actually moon in terms of btc. Should double within the next month.

omg is a lot of "should haves" and not a lot of winning done much lately

Did you just get here this morning? Fucking lurk moar. Enjoy your bags.

OMG was overhyped late summer. (rightfully so) but they didn't have much to show for yet so it went into a slumber in the fall. they also held back on twitter after the apple rumor. 2018 will be a great year for OMG tho. wallet coming out soon

Somewhat pumped already, right now everyone is just scanning for other similar projects that previously had no hype pump( like Kybernetwork and others), if you have bags of OMG, just wait for 3-4 months for another round.

Solid hodl my man. One of the 4 coins I'm holding myself.

A coin with no working product deserves to be under the radar

Hahaha ready to see all you fudders get btfo after you realize it’s Japanese ripple

If the meme magic is real...2018 be the biggest year for OMG. Def 3 digit potentially 4 digit at max FOMO. /comfy/ hold

cool erc20 bro

The one week chart makes me think it'll be 500k sats in 6 or 8 weeks.

OMG is Ripple of Japan

Pajeet shitcoin

Stay away

Is this a fucking meme? The token is from Thailand and NEM is Japanese ripple.

Why in the next month

What you brainlets don’t understand is that Japan is a very nationalist country. Hmmmm what crypto has a Japanese founder and a Japanese name based on a popular game in Japan.

Lol you don’t know shit

OMG has strategic investments from multiple Japanese banks that will run fiat and their own coins on OMG network. J-Coin (crypto japanese yen) included. OMG is ripple of Japan.

So OMG is also a ripple competitor? I thought the only one was stellar, isn't OMG a little different?

OMG is so much more than ripple.
Ripple’s functionality is limited while OMG has multiple other applications.

Yes, it is clearly a Ripple competitor because Japanese banks will use it, in-fact they already invested in OMG as I mentioned. For the second question, it is different in many ways.