STORE OF VALUE, NIGGERS. Everyone is so caught up on OMG I CANT BUY COFFEE WITH MY BITCOIN... So WHAT, you can't buy coffee with gold either but it's still a standard for store of value. Anyone who thinks Bitcoin is going to die because of lack of utility has lost their minds.

This plus Bitcoin has literally the most devoted hodlers, so many coins in cold storage that will never hit the exchange. The largest and most vast computational network that guarantees 100% security when transacting.

How do you people think that people are going to cash out their gains from shitcoins, if not using Bitcoin?

This is a coin for those who can afford the top tier security and venerable and reliable tech under the hood.

I didnt know Veeky Forums was as delusional as /r/bitcoin.

Bitcoin crashes and all crypto comes with it.

I can understand salty wagecuck no-coiners wishing for BTCs demise, but for people in crypto if BTC comes down then your shitcoins are coming with it.

I actuallly have a GoldMoney debit card where I can pay for coffee with gold whether or not they accept gold as money. If they do accept gold my fee is 0%, if they don't accept gold my fee is 1%. Please do not call Bitcoin gold. Gold is far superior to that shitcoin.

>Store of value
>Chart line looks like a Parkinson's victim went nuts with a pen

OP, you're wrong.

Just think about this: early 2017 you were tooting how BTC is the coin of the future, and everything will be paid in BTC. Then the transfer costs kept rising and rising, and Bitcoin is unusable. The same year, late 2017, you're blindly defending the situation by saying BTC is just a store of value so it doesn't even need to be usable.
Are you hearing yourself?

Gold has a lot REAL use cases: electronics, jewelry.. It's physical, so it can be used for things. Bitcoin is not physical. It's just a digital AGREEMENT.

diamonds are a true store of value faggot.
the actual value of buttcoin is $0.00

>get rekt you ignorant pajeet

still up from just a month ago and very unlikely to go below 10k

he fell for the diamond meme

Post proofs

Core cucks are so fucking delusional and have the same level of economic understanding as your liberal arts tier communist.

Bitcoin's value was built on fast, cheap transaction. If it started out slow and expensive, no one would have bought into it. And no, it being decentralized and out of anyone's control wouldn't have mattered if it were slow and expensive to begin with.

Banks have power because they control the liquidity of the world, not the store of value. Anyone can hoard any number of valuables, gold, silver, watches, whatever. The power of bitcoin never came from that, it came from its trustless and easy liquidity. Anyone who doesn't understand that is delusional, or paid to not understand that.


Gold has multiple uses OUTSIDE of currency, such as in electronics, jewelry etc.

Bitcoin without use (and it has nearly no use anymore especially once exchanges have finished adopting ETH, BCH, and LTC pairs) is literally tulips.

Listen we all love Bitcoin. Its like our dad and of course we want to defend dad. But dad is really old and sick and suffering and you're prolonging his suffering out of misguided love. Its time to let him go OP. Sell and let him go out as a hero in your mind, rather than remembering him for the agony he brought to your life in a long drawn out death.


its possible btc can correect down to 9k area but it is due for 30k in Q1 2018

I'm selling after Satoshi!!

>I actuallly have a Serve debit card where I can pay for coffee with bitcoin whether or not they accept bitcoin as money. If they do accept bitcoin my fee is 0%, if they don't accept bitcoin my fee is 0%. Please do not call gold valuable. Bitcoin is far superior to that shitcoin.

Proof of what, retard?
That it was 10k on December 1st?

Nah this is becoming less true by the day. Bitcoin is becoming a less and less portion of the total crypto market for 1. And two, this mainly occurred in the past due to Bitcoin being the only trading pair. We're seeing rapid adoption of ETH/BCH/LTC as trading pairs, which decouple the ecosystem from Bitcoin's price. Guaranteed in another few months, altcoins will hardly flinch with what Bitcoin does.

I just transferred 200$ to bitwala from kucoin and it took less than 5 minutes. Only problem was Kucoin has a retarded, fixed 0.005 transfer cost. Almost all the traffic of all the coins is exchanges and speculation related, once they have LN wallets it will be cheapest and fastest just to move bitcoin directly instead of changing into other coins like usually do and have done for years.

It's almost like they are reading out of a play book, and their last line of arguments is the price, disguised as the store of value meme. "It's price is still high, that means it works". Sheer delusion. The "security of the network" meme falls in line with this. Yeah, BTC has more hashing power, but other coins are essential just as secure. It's like comparing a 10km high wall to a 100km high wall. Either way, no one will be able to breach it, unless quantum computers do it in which they are both useless. And it only has that much hash power because of the price anyways.

That it's unlikely to drop below 10k. Do you even fibbonacci?

Bitcoin doesn't really have much longer as the dominant force in the market and it will gradually fade. Its price will never drop to 0. Heck in the long run it will still probably go up as the total crypto market goes up. I'll bet you in some years time people will be willing to buy Bitcoin still at high prices because it will have become just a collectors item to people. "Wow you have a Bitcoin!? The coin that started it all!? Neat!"

What's more interesting to ponder is what does the quickly approaching future of Bitcoin's loss of dominance look like? Does a new token increase tremendously in market cap and become big boss? ETH? LTC? BCH? IOTA? Raiblocks? Or, perhaps there is never again a truly dominant crypto and we're going to a world where many cryptos truly coexist.

I have 0.0026 BTC in a wallet I don't use anymore (I rounded when transferring out like an idiot).
If I try move it now a third of it will get fucked with fees. Will this only get worse, or do I wait and see if fees drop?
I don't actually need it, but don't like wasting money either.

Exactly this. It's not so hard to understand anons...

You realize that even if the price drops to $3k it is still up 15x from the previous low. The market dictates the price, not meme magic. This means that even if we drop to $3k there will still be many sellers from those early adopters who can still 15x their investment. You have to realize the market is simply everyone who buys and sells. Look at the chart, then realize that huge numbers of people bought at sub $1,000. Put two and two together and you will find that a few high rollers whose initial investment was around $100k can completely crash this market

Good luck with your illiquid, hyperdeflationary asset. Once it hits 6-figures, I will bail.

Bag-holders will be holding.

Also this. I couldn't agree more. If Bitcoin does not sort itself out from shit condition it's in at the moment, it's gone for good. It is literally useless right now.

If it weren't for the fact that there are many pairings with BTC as numeraire, everyone would use ETH or another coin, but certainly not Bitcoin.

>So WHAT, you can't buy coffee with gold either
go to . It is Kike-ish, but yeah tou can buy coffee with gold.

So basically it's drifted away from the the original ideology.

Pls respond

If it drops below the vast majority have lost over 60% since they bought over 10k?

Being up is of little consequence when everyone is down in real terms

Choose a super low fee and wait months, maybe it will get confirmed sooner or later, who knows.


but bitcoin is also a shit coin

BTC dominance is dropping day-by-day on coinmarketcap....only 41.3% now

>We're seeing rapid adoption of ETH/BCH/LTC as trading pairs

Fucking this. ETH is creeping up on BTC hard.

It's in a mycelium wallet which has 3 different fees you can select, the difference between highest speed and lowest speed transaction is about a dollar. But thanks user.

Just take the seed and import it in a wallet that lets you customize the fee.

Nice, will look into this. Thanks again.


BTC is still the 6th most commonly used currency on Earth. The "fees" problem can be fixed in a number of ways and/or updates, (i.e. lightning or something similar) but yes, BTC as a store of value or a wealth-obscuring medium is still pretty handy.

Most alts still require BTC as an intermediary to cash out. Don't forget that.

>what is the value of gold

>what is the value of silver

>what is the value of FIAT

The fluctuations of BTC are generally quite stable, one BTC is globally understood as being equal to "at least $1400 USD" .

Look beyond the adjustments and spikes, BTC's average value is one that only grows in reference to the most powerful dollar(s) on earth.

When in doubt, zoom out.

These fucking morons don't realize Bitcoin just needs a mediation exchange.

Also, cashing out can be difficult...unless you're Veeky Forums

Humans are the store of value. Humans are the currency. Everything that is used to transfer goods or services is just a representation of human energy moving between humans.

I wonder what will happen when fees goes to the roof, miners leave collapsing everything, crypto marketcap goes below 40% and people realize trading between alts is the way to go.
Bitcoin will die slowly and pathetically, but it has no future I say 2019/2020. It will reach 16k-17k and tank to 14k again, you all know it.

Buy XRP. It will 10x when it hits Coinbase next week, and will actually be a functional coin you can buy coffee with.

>when it hits Coinbase next week
is ripple going to coinbase?

Why do you need two separate currencies, one to store value and the other to make payments? Why can't we have both?