Now that you have financial freedom why not physical freedom user?

Now that you have financial freedom why not physical freedom user?
- No need to pay rent
- Can go on adventures anywhere, anytime
- If you have a remote job, you can install 4G signal boosters and WFH on the beach.
- For me, surfing, snowboard and rockclimbing
- Embracing the sweet sweet beautiful bounty of nature

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id rather buy a plot of land and build my own house, then grow/hunt my own food

tell me this doesnt look sick

>not using your land plot as a docking station home base for your traveling home

>park van overnight
>get hassled by police


Being homeless is not fun. I don't why the van people are trying to convince everyone that it is.

' Straya?

serious question - how does parking works with those things. Can you just stay on any generic paid/free parking overnight or you have to look for special places for mobile homes?

fuck off hippie

Tell me you didn't post 2 tiny fuckin pictures

If you have a Ford Transit, the largest cargo van, you can just freely park in residential neighborhoods because it looks like a utility vehicle. Worst case scenario, Walmart parking lot. Its all an adventure
If you want to be bougie and get a RV, you pay bougie prices to park in RV parks. I would not recommend that.

being a worthless faggot hippie that lives off welfare is disgusting

and don't act like you are not a lazy af mooch

you can park in most walmarts for up to three days, and most places its both legal and fine in the states

more biz style

lol, just got promoted at a tech based law firm. Made 6 figures in crypto and starting multiple businesses. totally a mooch.

I just have a different viewpoint on the meaning of life. Whats the point of working so hard if you dont enjoy it

I plan on it, but a used diesel short bus is my choice. Sprinter vans are cool but expensive and the used ones are usually owned by trades ppl who beat them to shit and want 2/3 of the price they bought it at with 200k miles.

Short buses are a lot cheaper, have lower typical mileage, can run on vegetable oil, have tons of windows, and you get good room and can stand up in them. Plus girls might think they're cute rather than a white windowless rapevan.

No toilet/shower and it’ll get cold as fuck in winter. I like central heating. Plus you can’t have kids in that you fucking gyppo.

I can respect the more free flowing lifestyle but I want to settle down in one place but make it worth my while.

sure bud, 300K starting and math phd amirite?

even if you aren't larping 99% of the people that live like that are human garbage

>camping for 3 days on another's private property is legal.

unless this is some specific Wal-Mart policy, you're full of shit

portable compostable odorless toilets

westbasto portable air heater that drains a tiny amount of fuel from your tank. super comfy

This is my dream, user. Don't want to make it a permanent thing and live out the rest of my days in a van, but I would love to float around the country for a few months at a time and see all the sights I've always wanted to visit, mostly national parks. Would be comfy as fuck.

sure, no need to believe me, doesnt really matter.
Just want to set people free. Society is just that, its an artificial set of agreements that humanity has set upon itself for the sake of progress and stability. Man is not meant to stare at a blue screen for 8 hrs a day

its a walmart specific policy, its actually really easy to be a grey nomad, most places really dont give a shit

not in denver. fuck denver.

>human garbage

>having you living expenses paid off
>not being a slave to jew morgages or rent
>spending more time outside
>not having tons of junk
>eating health
>traveling and actually enjoying life
>not getting raped by hotels when traveling

Sorry, but fuck off kike, you aint fooling anyone. As long as you aren't panhandling there is nothing wrong.

I plan on urban camping in nh and nyc

lifes for living my dude. follow your heart. you're only young once. dont live a life full of regret

If I make it to lambo land, I plan on hosteling around the world for at least a few years before settling down.
If I make it to bugatti land, I plan on getting in one of those EU citizenship-by-investment schemes and settling down in the Azores for maximum comfiness

People have integrated stand up and sitdown showrs inside and solar outdoor showers.

Ppl have used everything from woodstoves to induction heaters. Since it's small if you insulate it good u dont need much.

Also there is always ymca and planet fitness

>having kids

You obviously haven't met the semi rich people who do it with those expensive mercedes sprinter vans.

Tbf they are probably a minority.


totally true forgot to bring that up

normally the rich kids have a bus with a little satalite dish on it and leather seats, if you know RVs you know what im on about

screw these hippies they look miserable

I'm doing this in University next year.

--- ---

>Will save a lot of money since I'll be working as well
>I'm going to be living in the lowest crime, most beautiful city in the country, roman architecture everywhere, green lush areas abide, lots of rivers, beautiful people city isn't multicultural.
>Will have a home gym and workout in the morning by the river, I'm on day 4 of the wim hof method and already endure 1 minute cold showers with ease.
>Will have kitchen, stove, little wood burner, big white bed, speaker, kayak, gym curl bars/rings, solar-panels, batteries all inside the van.

And the best part :

>Looking for zen/bhudist temples so I can spend my nights meditating and getting wisdom/making braingains with the monks vrakkk

Hold me brahs..

Also if you want to learn :

im thinking more along the lines of this.

i traveled around the country in a decent 37ft RV trailer with some friends. It was kind of a trip to see the disparity between people with nice things a shitty things in all the RV parks and campsites we stayed at. Like you'd frequenntly see a $800k RV parked next to the shittiest RV you've ever seen that has a family of 6 living inside of it.

respect my man. godspeed. that sounds like a journey.
There is so much to see and learn in this world

Also no way I would do this for the rest of my life, I'm planning on maybe also doing it after Uni, like this google guy :

Already planning a cross tour across europe to spend my summer in the north of italy, only problem is the fucking refugees I have to avoid, europe is like a minefield, at least germany and france.

This brah

I want a leyland olympian to stare down at plebs from

Also all the cryptogains I'll be able to make with my income.

Godspeed brah


Ugly ass van

Look at my guy : , last time I saw him he was rock climbing in the north of spain the madman

>freedom is the opposite of evolving.
theres got to be a 1% out there that doesnt have shit philosophy about off grid or nomad living.

alright then Plato whats your amazing philosophy. Please blow my brainlet mind

That faggot fucking chad could be smiling in a pile of shit and I'd still be kinda jealous. Post what rv people actually look like lmao they all look homeless and poor

Saw that vid. looks dope. some people just dont get it.

I like this aesthetic as well

a friend did this a few years back.
wealthy as fuck but split up with fiancee, went full on turbo hippy
bought a merc sprinter had me paint/draw over it
drove from London to the Himalayas
made a shit ton of contacts.
now has a Spice Import shop in Copenhagen i think
kek. found it
this guy

Thinking of a similar layout but building some shoji paper japanese doors do make it more comfy.

>London to the Himalayas

Fucking respect man.

>made a shit ton of contacts.

Pic related should be required viewing for any teenager on how to best live your life.

To white for me

Also those spices look tasty as fuck

not shilling, but they are

thats awesome. there's always some type of market that can be created.

Just gotta find your niche

>Delete this im still accumulating
And yea tech-nomad is the way to go

that guy knows what's up. fucking good cook
was manager of the groucho club for a time also before advising others how to run a business.
he went full on hippy though.

that van was sparse as fuck. zero mod cons.
shower was a bag on roof with a gardening hose

damn, he was committed hun.

where do you shower?

still in the planning stages. I'm doing the whole conversion myself, got the electricity mapped out, roof rack, solar etc all planned. Now I just have to 3D model it before buying the van.
I plan on 24 hour gyms, friends and emergency portable shower attached to water tank in the van

Are you going yo convert it to full electric ? I saw a dude who conerted a vw samba full electric with huge solar panels on top, but I think it was like 10h of recharge for 150 miles

naw the electric is for DC and AC power. So i can have a wetsuit dryer, 50 in TV, PS4, charging station for laptops as well as a few other amenities.

Just a brotip. If you keep a woman like that in a van line that, she will fuck everybody and then eventually leave you.

btw, just google RV

Will, is that you?

>Makes millions trading shitcoins
>Buys a trailler

I know a van guy that has 100k plus followers. Its one of those old VW ones. The truth is it rarely leaves his moms drive way. All he does is take local road trips and acts like he actually lives in the van lol. Ive been more places than him in the past year alone.

You are making a good little nest user, but I don't know about the ps4, that seems like counterproductive.

honestly I believe in true love. I know for a fact any chick that I will invite on this journey will be with me thick and thin.

My standards are pretty high so I'm not really concerned about that. no thots. seriously.

Prajesh be gone

i know 2 of these fuckers.
buy a VW and show it off in the summer.
1 has a surf board but never surfs
1 converted it to a coffee shop wank machine

what even is this picture

realistically, there's not going to be adventures every day. There are going to be nights where I just wanna chill. Thats where the 700AH AGM Deep Cycle batteries will come into play. 5 days of power baybee!

he actually has a decent girl. Its a good way to get good pussy cause the girl will date you just to get your followers.

lmao flexin for the gram

good luck user, not for me. But you seem like the kinda guy I'd meet snowboarding and go for some runs with

>living the dream
>living in a walmart parking lot
Only one of these is a reality

>won't use fiat
>won't get a mortgage
Why won't these neets fall for our plan?

Kek im laughing my ass off that guy who thinks its nice to stay on walmart parking lots

this isn't Reddit hun
the fuck you spouting on a\bout?

Probably instagram. Once you have money you can live the good life and have suckers pay for it all. Just get those followers

lol bro, those are the girls you DONT want. Nice wholesome kindhearted girls is where its at

>implying those aren't models
>implying that isn't staged

lol keep thinking a unicorn exists while jerking to cuckporn.

How expensive would it be to pull this off? I'm sick of staring at screens all day

Want financial freedom? Get a Lambo or buy a wife? Wait no more! GET IN

Sigh, you kids aren't thinking bigger.
Fuck a shitty stinky ass van, get a boat on the coast of california.

> same cost
> way more space
> don't have to shit or shower in public places
> most marinas have facilities included, like gym
> can surf or travel the coast or hitup islands

Not a sailboat either, bitch. A power boat. 40ft

hey friendo. this world is a massive place. THink about how many pole walk by you on the street each day, each with their own life tapestry, history dreams, aspirations and goals

just because something isnt real for you doesnt mean its not real for other people ;)

wow I can smell them from my computer screen

you can choose to stay bitter or you can choose to be happy and thankful for what you have and just how beautiful life is. your choice

OP you are the best thing /biz board seen this year,
>keep on dreaming don't let dead inside faggots on here question your decisions

Taxman can't audit you if you literally have no home address, job, bank account, or bills.

He's probably an aussie they have slow internet.


alright bois. I'm out. hope all of youse can find true happiness one day. live your life and be free. peace

This. Why convert a van when an rv has a kitchen/shower/shitter already?

>hello police I would like to report a theft
>what was stolen
>my house

thanks user. we're all gonna make it

hahahaha and how do you cash out without a bank account, dummy? YOU NEED THE BANKERS

>comparing $20 RV parking to monthly marina fees, license fees and harbor maintenance fee on the cost of 40ft power boat.

niga seems like you never owned a boat in california

>Please buy my van bags
>t. Pajeet