QLink Kucoin pump starts at 6pm GMT / 1PM EST

Don't say you haven't been warned

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Nice trips. Just bought 1000+ QLC

t. poorfag

Nice 100k

It's viciously going to moon, but why at 6pm?

Even without a coord pump this coin is at a great price right now

Picked up 1k already, but why 6pm?

My bro is in a buy-in PnD group. Didn't ask why lol, I just take the tips. Project looks cool anyway

Addendum though: if you want short term gains, sell well before this time tomorrow.

bought in at .000350 ETH, where are we headed within the next 12 hours.

OP again: if you're in for a quick buck, sell well before 80 cents. Good be a decent bag to hold if not though


Why is the pump happening at 6PM? Is that when the Asians wake up?

No, 6pm GMT / 1pm EST remember, which is 3AM in Beijing. If it's looking bullish when the Koreans & Chinese wake up then we're in for a very good time

Can we expect 40cents on this bad boy?

Do Asians wake up at 3am?

Pump confirmed. Loaded up.

40 cents within a few hours. Sell before 80 unless you're holding. 30 mins left

PS: get in now because KuCoin could well jank out again

Yep KuCoin's fucking up again lol, hope you're buying.

put in a sell order at 75 or so?

70 cents conservative, could let it run to a dollar if you like fast, risky cash

Why are you giving us this information?

20 mins boys - good luck, time to eat. I've quadrupled my stack this week from a combo of a PnD group I'm not paying for, and two very good Veeky Forums tip-offs. I like to give back lol

Thanks, just bought 100k

good man, last chance all

Pump confirmed. Start in 4min. Get in

My anus is ready

it begins

Get this 420 wall down and we off to orbit

good pump.

was it tho

that was the best pump i've ever seen in my life

the real pumpers are dumping now

never seen anything moon like this before

patience is a virtue bois


I hope so. I made the mistake of buying in at 584 ETHs a couple hours ago.

nice digits meme master

It pumped so hard it actually went to the other side instead

sell now pls ;)

So how long will this pump last

by all means sell me some, hold ur horses lol

its over lol

Am i about to get justed

next pump in 3 ... 2 ... 1

>Don't say you haven't been warned
pic related

desu i wish i kept my money in BTNY

you faggots really fell for this? he talked way too much to be legit

I didn't see any pump...

pumped right in the butt

bois look at the buy walls


Rome wasn't built in 18 minutes

scrubs have just sold off to break even, now we're good to move

>people who bought this because of some anonymous person claiming there was a pump incoming

Are you investors or gamblers? Does anything about what you did seem like a good idea, or likely to work out?

we're in the same boat


stop talking shit and sell me your QLC please

i bought this morning i thought it was the next BNTY but no one is fucking shilling this all over reddit and Veeky Forums like they did with BNTY.


lmao guys come over to utrust we moon


fuck off pajeet


Is the pump still going? Link me discord