Alright y'all

Alright y'all.
I've got 6 months. How should I direct these funds?
I was looking at LMC awhile back..It has tripled in the past few months. Not sure how high that train will sail, (Currently 0.17).
Missed the $150 LTC dump last week. Hesitant to act on that.
Listen I'm not a huge fucking nerd just a moderate nerd.
I am a hard working 40h a week basic lab rat nerd with a smokin hot conservative non indoctrinated girlfriend and we are hoping to buy a home next year.
We are real Americans trying to prolong good decent genes in this country.
Someone help me out please.

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XBY, XLM and you’re golden

All in ZLC.

buy espers from yobit good sir much money for house

What exchanges do you use?

Right now just Gdax. I am opening a Bittrex acount as we speak though.

Sing up for Binance. You can use my referral code
Send ETH and buy these

XMR. I have a feeling that with the crypto taxing bill, people will want to switch over to an anonymous platform to hide their massive gainz. It will be pumped a lot in January. I'm gonna say 10x.

Binance is much easier to use and desu is cheaper and more user friendly.
I don't trust Bittrex

Buttrex's fees are high and require too much identification.

Great insight user. Any further anons wish to speculate regarding anons assumption?

Checking out Binance thanks user.

Also ZRX is required payment token in Ox project.
This is the future and its still flying under radar.
I'm not trying to tell you it's x10 coin in a week. It's not. It's a hold coin.
So is QSP

Don't buy in the hype and coins that are being mentioned 1000 times here.
Look into ICO's.

I believe you are right about the anonymous platform but IDK if I think XMR will reach 3k USD.
As for exchanges OP, it really doesnt matter at all what you sign up for because youre gonna need to have an account on each of them eventually or you will miss out on coins. Not every coin is on Binance or Bittrex. Youre gonna need to learn how to use EtherDelta too.

Im not gonna bother shilling a bunch of coins but take a look at some of the ones in pic and do your own research.

Download Delta app and manually input your trades too.
It will give you a great idea on where you stand.

Taking bunches of notes. Nice blockfolio user, spending this holiday break self edumacating myself.

Put everything in KuCoin Shares (KCS) while you decide what you want and earn dividends on the trading fees at the exchange. What you'll get is a percentage of EVERY currency on the exchange. It's up 200+% from when I bought it on Christmas. I believe they're adding XRB soon.

Why should you do this other than the fact that the daily volume of the exchange has been doubling for the past few days and the currency has risen in value irrespective of BTC price? If any of the coins you earned dividends on moons, you are all set. It's not like you have to plan and stress to make sure you have a little of everything FOMOing, this will take care of that for you.

If you or anyone ends up using my referral, thank you so much.


Kucoin, Ether Delta, Yobit, Cryptopia just to name a few

Post a pic of that conservative girlfriend and I'll tell you the next two 10x coins.

COLX is the promised land.

Thats what I did back at the beginning of the year. I graduated from college with a business degree and realized I didnt want to work so I started doing crypto. Hopefully we all retire from this one day soon

I didnt write this but he encompasses a lot of my research style. Good starting point.

Pic related.

How are you opening a Bittrex account when they are not allowing new accounts?

you should think about getting 20,000 PNX for a masternode, will be the coin of the year.

>a smokin hot conservative non indoctrinated girlfriend and we are hoping to buy a home next year.
>We are real Americans trying to prolong good decent genes in this country.
go back to /pol

Fuck off poorfag. Sorry the government doesnt give you and your kids bitcoin instead of food stamps

dont marry your sister. lad

What is the best exchange to use while we're on the subject?

Now please post a pic of the smoking hot girl.

you look like immigrants

There is no best exchange. Anyone who answers will just give you their preferred exchange to dump coins. You should have an account on every exchange. Look at RaiBlocks. It was on 2 shit exchanges and still is only on 2 shit exchanges. If you only had Binance account you would miss out