Tell me the next 10x

I have 4 grand to throw at a coin. I want fast returns, throw it at me

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risky but PFR looks likely, only 4M market cap




Ripple/ XRP will 10x just before and after hitting coinbase next week.

XFT (footycash). Platform release is tomorrow, almost nobody knows about this coin. 10x next month very likely.

Bancor, cryptos best wallet is coming soon

CND will be 50 cents by July. Not necessarily fastest 10x, but you will see a 50 cent CND very soon.

oh yeah XRP 700 Billion marketcap next week zzzZZzzzzz


cmt and hdg

Why not Ripple.

This doesn't fit OPs description.

It will do more than 10x

XRB. Just wait til its liquidity spikes when it’s added to a major exchange.


Just wait till the ripple pump is over and people realise stellar is like ripples hotter sister.

Ask no more! Solid signals every day!

This isn't 10x, more like 50x


roughly got 15K USD in each. Going to sell off half at 10x, and long term hold the rest. Expecting 10x anytime January.

shill me on this coin

BLACKEDcoin is a fine privacy based crypto that hasn't been shilled to death that took a nasty dive into red candles recently. Bought a good a amount a minute ago... get in now.

BNTY. Tiny market cap, great idea, on the uptrend after a correction so a great time to buy.

UTK, should double your money pretty much guaranteed



l just looked it up

appears they're trying to make a peer to peer crypto exchange


Intense coin. Decentralized VPN. Ajit Pai's worst enemy


When you see amount of pajeets shilling so hard you can be sure this will soon go to shit

I'm trying to boost my upfront capital fast.

This. Fucking pajeets. That shit aint going nowhere


Even Veeky Forums isn't shilling it yet. if you want to thank me, let me know, i'll drop a wallet for tipjar. a true x10-er.

I'm in on this. Binance listing soon.

its been a week short of hitting coinbase for months now. is it for real this time or are you just throwing around numbers?

Whales have been accumulating Ark. Expect $100 by Q2 2018.

LINK will hit 10x before Jan 1

Thanks, just bought some

COLX see the charts whales accumulating rn join the train or stay poor

whoa whoa, how would you even get this coin

WISH, sub 10m mcap

HUSH is consolidating around 50k sat. Buy in before the next leg up to 0.001 btc.

No man I'm not done accumulating WISH yet.

Deluded linky lol

This time next week you will have atleast 16k

Fuck off with the Ripple FUD, people like you shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

I have a small amount of link. Is worth holding on to or should I just sell?

Sumokoin will be an easy 10x.
Currently #280 on CMC.

Sell buy UTC for the moon mission. Sell your profits from UTC and buy your original link back.

Now you hold both...its that simple.

how high do you think itll go?


lmao how is that fud you fucking retard, do you really think xrp will have 4x the mc of btc in a week? you're delusional

I don't use cryptopia. I was considering trading into REQ or something simple, but I'm a bit new to all this

And you should go back to trading stocks. You have no imagination.


whats the project? iota 2.0?

sorry for being retarded but where do you even buy this

just bought it on okex, have a feeling this will be the next icx pump when it gets listed binance

why would it get listed on binance? any news/proof/announcements?

Sky will 10x in 6 months, probably not fast enough for you though

You know why I ask for $? because i win nothing by spoonfeeding you guys. i only risk Veeky Forums pump n dumpers giving bad rep to this before it skyrockets.

But alright, it's bad karma to keep all gains to myself. Here we go.

You buy it from okex, yes it's a legit exchange, u'd be surprised it actually works a lot better than binance or Bittrex. No lie. Yes, you can register from USA. Not shilling ref link.

The project is literally neo+xrb 2.0 but at under 2 bucks and a month old. Do the math.

Moon factor 1: They got funded by TWO large capital investment companies: Link Capital and FBG Capital, somewhere around millions, Google it.

Moon factor 2: Pic related, this is how competitors are doing. But this will be bigger and better. Launch in Q1

Moon factor 3: I can't prove it but one guy gave me the ETH explorer transaction that Cryptopia's wallet bought a large amount of it. Confirmed listing very, very soon.

Moon factor 4: Literally zero marketing so far. ZERO.

Anybody want to leave a tip for my underappreciated moonmission advice?

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Ok but you do know you get banned for begging? Pray that someone doesn't report you

>literally tell people how to moon
>get reported

stay classy

nigga, we all know about it. but it take off it takes at least 6-9 months. team is tech guys. no marketing no hype. I will buy with same price in after may.

>DAG structure gets online
lmao good luck with that 2 year hold

also every one know about it. their DAG Implementing in fucking q1 2019. if you want to hold more than year. its good otherwise. I let it off.

Unironically DeepBrain Chain, it's going on one of the fuckhuge chink exchanges on Monday, accumulate while you still can.

>I will buy with same price in after may.

It already did 100% gains with less than a week while being completely under radar

i made already 50% off this.

U niggas, totally missing next 100x moon mission. it non other than Google for blockchains. doyr.

Ðogecoin. it's rocketing soon.

retard, very first day when it listed I went to their TG, when their TG group is literally less than 100 ppl. it listed at 82 cent, went back and forth few times to that price, it will continue to do in future as well, did you read their road map, their mainnet launch in q1/q2 2019.. its good investment for long term but I wont hold this shit until may.


>very first day
>is susprised there's only 100 ppl

name is far too lame to be successful. Streamr DATAcoin lmao

>name is far too lame to be successful
Just like Ripple?
>can't cripple the ripple