Which coins will make us millionaires before 2019!!!!!!!

which coins will make us millionaires before 2019!!!!!!!

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None...unless you start with $999,999

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Your arms getting heavy already? Just keep holding on friend.


ITNS if you buy while low

How INTENSE is it going to get for us, buddy? Just threw some money at it. The exchange it's on sucks MAJOR balls, but that's for the better if you want to accumulate I guess.

They are rebranding in Q1 2018. whitepaper and roadmap looking very good. Can for sure get lambo intense ;)

Stellar, IOTA, unironically Bancor


Been holding since ICO but haven't actually received yet from Bitcoin Suisse. They seem legit so I guess they'll arrive soon.
What's your predicted price it get to in 2018?

You idiots think the bubble will last in 2019? Are u f kidding? In 2018 we will have trillions in market cap and it will be the year it ends as well. If you think otherwise you are retarded srsly.

VeChain, GVT, ICX, ZRX, Jibrel, DNA

My personal analysis puts the crash between 5.7 and 8.8 trillion $ market cap.

This is based on historical trends such as the internet bubble accounting for inflation,GDP growth, size of market (western market vs global).

assuming the market keeps growing exponentially this means that the bubble will pop Q3 2019. But I'm going to play it save and move out at 4 trillion USD. Which will occur sometime in Q1 or Q2 2019.


I guess you're trying to compare crypto marketcap with dotcom bubble when it popped. Don't forget that anyone around the globe can buy a shitcoin over the internet in literally seconds with almost no verification or anything required. It will go much higher than 6 trillions of dotcom bubble.