This raiblocks price kek normies are gonna get burnt soon

This raiblocks price kek normies are gonna get burnt soon


normies finally going to discover what's that Pump and Dump they've been hearing about on here truly means lmao

N-no dont worry lads

RaiBlocks! :D is the exception !

it is literally impossible for it to dip

the only correction will be an upwards one, yes ! :D

this coin is the EXCEPTION

100$ by tomorrow, and thats being CONSERVATIVE ;)))))

It's back over 100ksat my dude

every dip gets immediately gobbled up. post this again next week

What are you talking about retards, a week ago it was 4$, now it "dips" to price higher than it was yesterday and you pajeets think its dead.

>implying there are any normies on bitgrail

Who can explain this to me? How this coin had this growth being listed only in two shady shitty exchanges?

You've got to ask the question, what kind of progress has xrb shown to warrant a +1000% gain in the last month or so? Absolutely nothing. It's all shill and price hike manipulation on 2 shady exchanges.

Here's a hint, the volumes on those exchanges aren't shit


Normies don't leave coinbase

>distribution stopped and the rest of the coins were burnt, meaning the coin which was supposed to be inflationary for years to come is now deflationary
>main dev quit job to work on XRB full-time
>the team said they got in touch with 80+ exchanges
>multiple exchanges confirmed they're listing it
>bitcoin's fees are getting ridiculous, so people start seeking out alternatives, with RaiBlocks being a natural target of interest because of its fast and feeless transactions
>IOTA gains more traction, which naturally gives other DAG-based coins more attention
There's so much. How can you not see it?


inside manipulation
>bots buying/selling to each other

probably the biggest pump in recent months LOL

Everyone on here that didn't buy XRB weeks ago is salty and trying to spread fud

Pure imbecil and noob. You know nothing about xrb history. Its here from 2014 and it was literally abandoned. It was even delisted from exchanges. Now its magically revived when it pumped x100, and dev quit job lol and now exchanges and trying to find bugs. You fucking noob if you were in crypto for few years you would know something. I hate fucking normies like you who knows shit, just came and shill xrb to death proclaiming it new bitcoin, if you like xrb so much you should have bought long ago you idiot. Literally fuck you noob.

You're retarded, it had a lot of dips these days, and they immediately get filled up.


You should probably go take a walk or something and relax.

if people on Veeky Forums are afraid to register on bitgrail and Mercatox normie land is kinda far away

I've been in crypto since 2013 and I'm also familiar with XRB's history, but I don't see how what I said has anything to do with that. If there's anything I said that was incorrect, how about you point it out instead of insult me for no good reason?

hahahahahahahhaha, you're mad you didn't bought before, how does it feels to be left behind with your shitcoins? hahaha holy shit.

Already back up to almost 15 dollars lol i hate you PAJEETS

You had years to train your hands. They are needed in peak condition now.

He is salty he missed it. Here is how you know...This coin LITERALLY works. Basically, 50% of Top 15 coins do not even fucking work.

Can you imagine spreading fud ever since .5$ to see it moon to 17$ in 10 days and not buying it? He knows they fucked up, half of top 15 coins live on promises, and yet XRB works.

Will it work perfectly over tens of millions of people? Probably not, but devs are putting in a work in a coin that actually currently works. When we get to that number we will see if it works as advertised. Until then, see you at 100$.

Not tryna spread fud but this is the most obvious correction in the market right now. I expect a dip back to $8 at least. Still amazing gains.

People with no XRB right now

Everything in the top 20 is either vaporware or inferior to XRB. If you don't see it's potential you deserve to be a wagecuck forever.

Easy top 5 coin in a month or 2, yeah there will be corrections along the way, weak hands don't deserve the rewards this will bring.