Colossus COLX

Mooning so hard the website is shut down.

I bought it yesterday at 25 sats. Right now it's at 75 sats on tradesatoshi.

Privacy coin based on PoS.

Desktop wallet is kinda shitty (cant get it working on mac).

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put 200 at 50 sats
hopefully i make it

Got 185k at 1 sat let's go

pump and dump by the xtrabytes crew led by yankeeruinx

Evidence plz.

Pump and dumps happen in a matter of minutes smart one.

the exchange its on looks horrible

cryptopia listing very soon hence the moon - they got funding for it and submitted and accepted and are now just waiting the the listing. which usually only takes days at that point, user

Lets go! Cant wait to move my coins to a better exchange

Post link...

WGAF shady pajeet exchanges are the best cause they dont require ID verification and they have all the low market cap shitcoins. It's the wild west, pussy.

>tfw bought sub 5 sat
comfiest hold of my life DESU

250K at 17 sat, holy shit, will I be able to quit my wagecuck job within a couple of months?

Me too, I now have nearly £50,000 of this coin.... not sure I will be able to sleep tonight may have to watch charts for 22 hours straight .

congrats anons im dying of jealousy pink wojack status
>tfw only 80k
why am i even alive lads

>Mooning so hard the website is shut down.
>website is shut down.
Exit scam.

10.1mil @ 3-4 sats. Earned another 13% in rewards since then. This shit was worth 800€ a week or so ago, peaked at 120k€+ today.

I liked it enough to invest, but still, what the fuck?!

is it too late to get in on thsi coin?

if youd know the concept of a marketcap, then yes

They will target bittrex in January as per roadmap, bittrex actually just followed them on twitter. Worth a few sheckels you can afford to lose IMO


Could you explain to me plz ;_;

Basically if a coin has a lower market cap that a similar coin thats way higher but with the same supply..then no it can still grow?

C'mon no need to always FUD about everything, things like this happen it will be back in no time.

first stop calling yourself king, twat

i am not gonna explain what a marketcap is, but basically, the most important thing you have to know is:
high marketcap - less room to grow
low marketcap - more room to grow

Look at PIVX market cap
Look at COLX market cap

If this wasn't on such a Pajeet exchange I would have picked it up at 24 sats. Wasn't it supposed to hit Cryptopia yesterday?

>PIVX 10 dollars
Damn. Just imagine.

as a poorfag with 17k of these little faggots, it gets my pussy wet

that was the rumor but apparently thats just when the payment was processed. Waiting to be listed at any moment

Yes but COLX also have 4 billion more coins lol

Guys explain to me master noding.

This says you need 10m coins to run a master node. It says the reward is 2500 per block, and the block time is 2 minutes. So does that mean you get 1.8m coins per day? What am I missing?

It's very easy
Buy 1000 PIVX and soon you will understand it

Nah my math is wrong and I need someone to explain this to me. Cause I'd be down to spend $100k to get a master node going.

>6 BTC at current prices for a master node

It's a DDOS attack if you wait a few minutes the site load just fine.
Btw stay strong fellas we gonna make it

its a DDOS by pajeets refreshing the fuckin page

bought 650k of them at 12sats... HODLLLLLLL!!!!

Wonder what price this can get to?

The transfer to the wallet was lightning

I have colx since the cv2 swap, 165k and i am very happy that I made 1.5k out of my 50 initial invest :) so I have followed the telegram group for very long and it is a strong and very friendly community that supports each other and the devs are also working together with the community and give a lot of information so I'm looking forward :) also I think the energy relevance is a mentional factor:)

Not for me it isnt. Been waiting for a few minutes.

I got CV2 after looking for a coin worth 1 sat that had the most volume one day. Dropped about $50 and it's it went to over $2,000 today.

I also didn't realize that Novaexchange is closing and so the price isn't properly reflected in Blockfolio so that was a nice surprise.

We're all gonna make it.

Fuck, i knew I should’ve gotten into it when it was at like .00022

> muh marketcap
do you even understand what marketcap means moron
guess you are beyond salvation

Haha nice I spent about 5 sat per cv2, I was late and afraid after it went down and I didn't know the community and that the devs really work hard :) so I'm just happy I didn't sell it and it really is a nice surprise that it is at around 70 sat now :)

I have been using coinsmarkets all today and yesterday, yeah it looks shit but it actually works pretty good (now it's not being DDossed)

I was content hodling when it went back to 1 sat because that meant it couldn't get any lower and the price would just fluctuate with BTC. Didn't really care if my $50 went to nothing anyways.

Would love to increase my stack to 500K. Having 250K doesn't seem like a round enough number.

Any idea what the payout are for staking? I read the guide, and it's too long and complicated. All I wanna know is how many COLX I'd get per week if I stake 100k COLX

250 coins per day