I decided to invest 4 BTC (because it's not doing anything) into ENG. Is it the right decision...

I decided to invest 4 BTC (because it's not doing anything) into ENG. Is it the right decision? Is there anything better than this by comparison marketcap - ath - product

thanks, I'll tip a good advice in BTC

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also... I want the coin on Binance, not some small exchange

DESU, enigma doesn't have much going on atm, its mostly just traded by bots atm

tbqh, i keep most of my money in ethereum atm, its has been going sideways are a long time, and its due for a correction since ripple took its spot and its still far away from its 0.12+ btc ratio it had before summer

You said "atm" three times in one sentence you buffoon.

no bully pls

What did you get in at? This shit has been pumping to 1900 and crashing to 1700 like ten times a day for three or four days now. I want to start trading but I know the minute I sell in the high 1800s it will rocket off.

Painful watching this dump whenever it gains some traction with everything else mooning. I unironically think it is whales accumulating though.

I'm also an ENG holder, Telegram/subreddit lurker. It's one of my favorites for 2018

>The CEO announced in an interview they gonna partnernship with an academic institution ("you can guess which one" It was #1 performer on binance 4 days ago
>broke top 100 mcap a few days ago
>it's been correcting for the past few days but rest assured this is gonna explode in 2018
>Catalyst already out in alpha version github.com/enigmampc/catalyst
>They're building a dapp very similar to quantopia/kaggle (quantopian director on advising team; kaggle got bought by google this year)
>the dapp will feed from their data marketplace project
>most downloaded whitepaper among altcoins

And besides the hype and the MIT group, secret contracts will be needed everywhere. Health, insurance, credit checks, IoT, AI--when ENG goes big, they'll all need secret contracts. The partnership with MIT will make sure they have the dev power and the credibility to break in 2018.

If you want another winner for 2018, check iExec. Especially their team. All their roadmap is on trello.


Seems to have good future potential in early-mid 2018 to reach x20-30 return. I bought in 2 days ago.

...? It is on binance.

Do you know how to use Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands? If you haven't bought yet make sure to put your orders in at or below these lines to ensure you get the lowest price.

Daily threads on biz with little FUDing and not much replies is where it's at and this coin have it

I feel like it used to be discussed a lot more. I always ignored the threads though and just bought in recently after finally researching.

Can you summerize, what it so special about it in compare with other projects? I did some research, but being wagecuck I can't really compare it with other projects.

>also I saved your private key, I may send you some tips later when I am back home.

I just bought a little over 200 ENG today, after getting screwed by a slower than normal bank transfer, and not just eating the credit card costs like I SHOULD have a week ago when it was 1$

it was meant for the other currencies anons can shill in here

Only other coin I'd shill would be FUN, and for completely different reasons than ENG.

Also holding enigma. Is there any outline on when something is going to happen next?

A lot of people bought in early expecting/hyping up 10x short time returns but it has not happened as drasticly so the attention died down.

Ok, I will look into it. FUN looked like a meme coin to me before, also there is Monaco already.

I have high hopes, for me this is a nice hold coin for the start of 2018, team is legit, WP is legit, it's traded on legit exchanges, "only" 200MM marketcap when platform coins have been trending lately. I sold half of my stack to try and catch the SALT rocket since it's not moving much lately, but if SALT continues doing fucking nothing when it's supposed to moon to 27.50 I'll sell back.

Yeah my too
A humble 10 ENG but I am poor fag
I worry I'll need to rely on the shitty P&Ds to increase my stack

It IS a memecoin, but it feels like it's going to go the bitcoin route and meme itself to the top, because it'll be the first coin to have a working live project in gambling.

I might just yolo a couple grand at ENG. Even if ENG hits $100, that's a $7.7B market cap, which is still not that much compared to the top 3 coins. doesn't feel as safe a bet as XMR, but sounds like a risk that makes sense on paper.

well, but at least it looks like we are on the floor and people are actually holding it, instead of FOMO to shitcoins. This is always a good sign in case of a minor correction

SALT seems already overvalued to me and RCN is much more legit than some Ukranians in my opinion.

But I really decided for ENG especially because I don't like day trading and hype and I am going for some coins that have deep roots, good community and devs. Today it was one of the few coins that didn't moon at all, so all the weak hands are gone and this the dip to buy.

check my last reply... also nice digits

The problem with memecoins like FUN, is exactly the weak hands and PnD. Also MON is a huge competitor to it, so in my strategy I would have to invest 50/50, which is not as valuable to me than do one solid investment

Good call on the day trading. I'd have made so much fucking money this year had I not fucking day traded, and just left my shit alone and not panic sold. Day trading works if you have a ton of money to throw around to begin with, or you make it your full time, round the clock job, or you get lucky. And if you're getting lucky, it's basically gambling.

Yep, can't argue with that. It usually take some months to realize that day trading can make you gains, but in fact solid investment in a project you researched and looks save is so much better than chasing FOMO. But yeah, it so hard to see coin mooning around you and not jump on it.

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