Who here got scammed by this shitcoin... LOL I sold mine just now. Only took a 5% loss...

Who here got scammed by this shitcoin... LOL I sold mine just now. Only took a 5% loss. Do the same they dont even offer loans. Only to enterprise who buy directly from them.

just wait man, you will regret selling now. fucking weak hands

lol you got SALTED

Meanwhile ETHLend has given more than 400 ETH in loans in five days

Sold mine last night at a 10% gain for xlm

Best decision of my life

this is what you would call an ADHD, zero patience, zero research, buy high sell low biztard

stay pajeeted and thanks for your money

are you serious nigga? I dont have anything in this but i did look it up last month and it was at about 4 bucks i think. its on a downtrend but still at 14... god damn pajeet

Stop shilling holy shit youre making people lose money. Its not fucking funny

lol, wow, you'll regret that decision for the rest of your life.

Don't be like a few others on this board already, and actually kill yourself over bad decisions that would have made you rich.

You are fucking idiot

OP you fucking dumb idiot they are going to release the main product to everyone very soon. They'll be raising the retail value over time as they already have (from $25 -> $27.50). The loan system works with any SALT tokens so its literally free money when the exchange price is below the retail price.

GG you blew it retard.

it's not fucking shilling, look at the fucking devs. it's Erik fucking Vorhees, everything this guy touches turns to gold. Do some fucking research.

I don't shill SALT, but I do actually believe its a great product that will grow big time in the next month or two, which you would see gains with if you could hold on to it for longer than 48 hrs

They literally just released a working product days ago and will be opening usage of it to all customers soon. How can you be so dumb OP?

>selling $27 for $15
the state of biz

>feels like he got scammed
>only lost 5%

You're a huge faggot

I mean I sold 2/3 of my stack to get into KCS and PRL, but this is going places in 2018.

Meanwhile ETHLend, superior product, already did x20 ICO price and on it's way to destroy SALT

meanwhile this coin has been here since 7 dollars and OP sells me his salt cheap and i sell it high like tonight it will hit 17, screenshot!

What do you mean? Look at that chart.... I've been in crypto sice march and I can tell when something is about to have a major correxction. Its going to go to about 8-9USD and ill buy more.

They are completely different markets and salt did more than 400 eth in loans, be gone pajeet

Lmao, prepare to be disappointed in a few months.

Why would I be dissapointed? I made $30K, I'm really happy right now and getting ready to meet the new year. I still have $50K worth of Lend though, so please pump the price so I can buy a house.

I dumped my SALT at .000998 you think lend still has upside? I might hop in still low marketcap and it really does have a good product. unlike SALT

>I've been in crypto sice march and I can tell when something is about to have a major correxction
Shit I really hope this is just bait.

one week and im selling, no matter what

don't count on it
people here are actually that retarded
The last 2-3 days have been filled with "HOW DO I TAKE A LOAN?!??!"
pajeets every one of them. You can tell by the sheer lack of understanding

Are you fucking retarded
How could you possibly sell this at a loss?

Did you actually sell SALT at a loss..? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

>buy high sell low