Pajeets only thread

>They don't want us infiltrating their threads.

Let's make our own and band together.

ayy yo

cool, I'll take a shit right here, sir

I voted for trump, but I gotta say we here on Veeky Forums do treat you all pretty shitty.

Aur sunao kya haal hai apka?

Fucking anglos ruining our pajeet threads.

ranjeesh brahman here

Konsey coin meh invest harna hai?

English na bolo yaro


adhikatam sikkon ke lie nivesh karana chaahie?

Indians are so based.

I want fuk girlfriend vegana xDDD
she show me bob xDD

Sup boys. Now that we have some peace and quiet, let's discuss places with the nicest shitting streets.
For me, it's the small town of Parbhani.
>Enough space to shit (unpooed spots)
>Yet still there's always at least a few folks around to converse with, great community feeling
>Trash collection is reasonable enough, almost Western tier, with only a few bits of rubbish lying around
>Almost always a view of grass or trees to make it a scenic experience.
Name a better shitting street town. Pro-tip: You can't.

Also, buy Verge (XVG)

I actually ate some indian food today, it's pretty good, i like spicy food
some paneer, south indian chicken curry, naan bread
man that shit though, how do you guys do it

Not a real pajeet, this guy. Bhag saale bhosdike

about time this happened. we're going to take over biz and then the world.

>Tfw to inteligent too invest in crypto

Indians will rule the world by 2020.

Don't worry, white people will be our house slaves. :)

Madarchod ke bache hai yeh saare, gand phati ke hai yeh bhadve, sabke sab Randi chod.


>man that shit though, how do you guys do it

I go to the local beach.


we must do the needful and shill bazingacoin

everyone in this thread should be gassed.

How much do you think they can squat?

I can atg pause squat 150 kg for 10 mins while shitting here

hey guys.
how big was your shit today?

the place was also playing some movie about calendar girls are stronk wamen

So what are your trades today? be honest

Link meh nivesh karo

Chup karo mah ke lodeh

Why are indians the most attractive race?

Isliey keh hum na goda hai na kala

Fuck all of you. GTFO. go to pajeetchan

we have streets for that

Sashi(a friend of mine who ran it) deleted it :(

Stop telling us to go away. I’m stuck here for the last 7 years

bitch lasagna


panchod tatti ka