I sold the @storj twitter handle to Storj for 1k USD, feelsgoodman

i sold the @storj twitter handle to Storj for 1k USD, feelsgoodman

Should have asked for 10k

i did and he threatened to just tell twitter that i was selling the @, so i was like fine i’ll do 1k

you should have called his bluff and told him to fuck off. Weak handed faggot

>using 2 "!!"
holy fucking beta batman that chat fucked you good
>sue me for selling something

Duuuuuuuuuuude. OG titles like this is worth a ton especially for a big business like this.

You know how much Pizza.com or Sex.com etc was sold for?

Yeah, 1k was literally free.


What's to stop you from reporting him for buying it? What an asshole. Enjoy your 1k though.

yeah but having pizza.com would be beneficial to literally any company, who else would want to buy storj besides storj?

lol, if this is true, you're the biggest phaggot around :D:D... 1k, are you mad? I'd first try to go for $50k in storj.

you made the account first, it YOUR handle. its not illegal to have the name storj. Twitter won't do shit. weakhanded faggot


>being this mad over 2 exclamation points

i never said he would sue me, but if he had told twitter they would have just banned the account and i’d have nothing. you stupid faggot

>just banned the account and i’d have nothing
So? Fuck it. Go kamikaze. I mean enjoy your money but I seriously think you could have pressed him more.


i actually almost got myself banned on purpose after he threatened me but i’d rather just take the 1k and report the account later

you're actually making me mad irl right now

it's just that i don't like seeing (((them))) taking advantage of (((us)))

twitter would ban the account if they knew i was trying to sell the username and i wouldn’t have gotten any money

what do you mean? i’m going to report the account saying they bought it off me after they make the transition so they lose the account and i keep the 1k. i literally won here i don’t get why you faggots are so butthurt

"jk storj is the name of my dog. It means alot to me. So fuck off pajeet"

somebody report this post to twitter and have the acc banned then tell the storj guy that OP posted here....would be kekkers.

fuck these cocksucking kikes

twitter is such a scam

jrots if he's in a cooky mood?

OP here on different wifi. don’t do it yet because they haven’t transitioned the twitter yet, at least wait until they switched it over so the official twitter gets banned

1K profit on 0$

all you faggots whining about him "getting jew'ed" etc... whens the last time you got returns like that? great job op, very creative and I appluad you

i sold @mood on IG for 2.5k, @babe for 2.5k, @big for 1k, and @bape for 1k. I should have held, because now these users are easily x3 the price.

this and kek

>i’m going to report the account

you disgust me

tell twitter that they bought a @ and get them banned :^)