Blockflio thread

General blockfolio thread.

Also rate mine. I just sold off my xrp and last bit of iota this morning to go into aelf and aion. Hoping I made the right choice.
Started with $1k in mid November.

I think a little too diversified

But you can argue I am not diversified enough

Bit too diversified for me.

What am i doing

What's the amount you originally started with?


pls no bully am poorfag

Wish Delta and Blockfolio didn't suck. Thinking about writing a very simple/lightweight client that just pulls from the cmc API.

read, nigga

checking our dubs, but adding that I started with $2500 very recently

You should've bought some ripples.

Sorry user.

Have invested approx £7,000 btw

In neo since antshares was 6 dollars


How do I diversify better anons? :(

Started with £5k in late April.

You're gonna make it lad

ZCL going to push me over 6 figures with BTCP

what's that site other than cmc with the api for this btw? if any devs are here

or anyone who knows any other price indexes

1000 FUN
200 Ripples
100 REQ

Am I going to make it?

>1000 FUN
gonna make it bro

Sell your ripple for something not bad and yeah

I fucking hope so, can’t wait to fuck these shifts off! Working 6/6 night shift tonight and tomoz! Knowing my luck wraith will drop and every whale will dump....

Having a hell of a day. Do I sell and buyback XRP/XLM when they dip?

yes, take profit. do not wait or you'll be sorry

Yeah both of those have track records of taking hard fast dips


Nah m9 this is a long term hold

if you're not taking profits before a dip you're doing it wrong.

insane. I only dream of that. Started a week ago with 1,000€

No thanks. Too risky for me. It took me a long time to make this much, I don't want to lose it all to a stupid mistake.

My hands are iron

Am I gonna make it

there's no dip. normie money coming in

>You should've bought some ripples.

I did, at 40c

Left my sell order of 9999sat up by accident last night
said fuck it and fattened my XLM stack instead of FOMOing back in or waiting for a crash

gonna try to get back my position if it dips though

Oh god I'm cumming

don't forget to sell bud

I am not really happy with my portfolio. It feels low energy. I sold all of my adex and ark yesterday for salt

How do I uncuck my portfolio? Anything I can sell or buy instead?

Fuck it all

>Holding Legacy Coin


sell everything besides ETH


enjoy your million in 2020

What do you guys think about mine?

which of those are legacy coins?



oh, I'm not holding any, I'm just watching the price since the price of everything is still heavily dependent on BTC

Rate me biz

Oh. I don't use Blockfolio, I didn't know you could do that. Pretty smart really.

what do i change? 4.3k is in nucleus


it is heavily dependent but how does it correlate? if BTC goes down, crypto may go up or down. if BTC goes up... crypto may still go up or down

Rate me bois

2 much ark

Ok I’m going to buy some XLM and ENG they look pretty good

AION is heavy but holding.
Got a sell for ARK at 10818.
After ARK is out I'm thinking of going all in with my measly ~$700 USD instead of dividing into 2 coins. Looking for prospects.

What do you think?

how's this poorfag doing?


its the verge and ripple

Jesus Christ I can't keep up with my trades, withdraws, deposits. Buying in MXN to XRP to BTC to Binance, kill me please. I just add the total amount of coins that I own instead of deducting it from my initial invest. Also should I throw my last $100 USD on XLM and XRP?

Reached 1 million today. Started last July with $20k.

i like those pics alot...


XLM looks like it has more potential at this point

What should I change my Salt to?

Just what I said I'm going to do. I get gains but not enough so I've learned my lesson and I feel confident enough in looking up shit to get some 10-20% here and there. Just wish AION would recover.

Any recommendations? Starting with about $1500 and thinking about going in on a brand new public offering in Jan.

bad idea

just go with xlm

all in nucleus vision

No shit but I ain’t selling

lol why aren't you selling verge

Bought XRB like a retard at 15$, should i sell when it recovers a bit or just hold? I have the strongest pasta-making hands right here. Also am poor af so pray with me for success

What the fuck did you buy in November?

Also lads here’s my portfolio. Extreme college poorfag, started with just $180 in HST in November and have gotten to here. Will I make it?

Ain't doing all too bad. Got into XRP with $900 CAD at 0.23, another $850 CAD at 0.75.

Pic is USD

I'm here with you user, together we'll make it through college with some sweet $$$

he didn't buy anything dumbass; sky just mooned

just hold, it's a solid coin

w...w...will I make it biz??

Mostly skycoin. Sat on it a long time missing other moon missions and it finally took off.

Sell all, go all-in on ENG. Great coin with the best chance at going 10x of the ones you hold

>doesn't know about LEND

If I had that portfolio, I would sell a large portion of XRP just because it has mooned so hard already. Not sure how much room it really has to grow. Look into XBY and ENG. Both could cross $1b mcap

Because Iv already sold 1M at 1200 and another 1M at 1650. I’ll hold the rest to see what happens in 2018

You think there is more potential in Nucleus Vision than Stack?

why not put money in a coin with less risk and more growth prospects... eng, icx, req, xlm.. even xmr or neo or ada

You guys think im safe? Any tips? Im not sure about my bch... But what to do.

sorry for the red user but i promise you 2018 will be nice to you. bch is a wildcad

YOU SOLD YOUR RIPPLE????!!!? Jesus fuck that has to hurt.

Nice dude. How high is Neo going to go next year? I had antshares too, sold when it hit $35 or so, I might get back in though, it’s real solid.


I have 21 ZClassic, isn't going to be like 1000k each maybe?

after the Bitcoin private fork of course

I sold it at $1.90 after buying $200 worth at $.30 so I'm doing ok. Could've gotten a tiny bit more but honestly I'm just not comfortable with holding it any longer.

I fucking hate bch i dont even know why i first even switched from bitcoin to bitcoincash. I didnt have the balls to leave everything with bitcoin in the name.

he's also 5x'd an investment in a little over a month.

he's doing something right.

You're gonna regret that.

When coinbase adds you're going to see $5-6 XRP ... and if bitcoin isn't back at $20,000+ by then that means the flippening will happen and you're going to see the FOMOing of all fucking FOMOings happen pushing XRP well past $10

>pushing XRP well past $10

i've been hearing all the time that XRP can't get over $4-5? why is that?

google marketcap

Its fudd, total market cap is irrelevant


>mcap of ripple will reach the _total_ mcap of crypto right now
do you realise how dumb you are

Screencap 1 of 2

Screencap 2 of 2

Open to any advice, been drawn in too many Reddit shills. Punish me for my mistakes.

Tell me what to change

Well done mate, seriously. Don’t loose faith.
10/10, would share a Greggs tuna melt with you.