Be an autist

>Be an autist
>Start crypto youtube channel
>make videos where I do "TA" and tell them why they should buy a coin
>blurt uttter bullshit
> make them buy ATH
>See them lose money

Operation Normieslayer has officialy started, feel free to make your own videos. Let's promote eachothers videos on reddit, youtube and facebook.

This is mine:

Don't forget to share it anons


You sound retarded m8

take your pills user

I'm an autist
Any user who is better at this shit and not retarded, pls make a video

Veeky Forums has been overtaken by filthy normans


Fucking normies

A thief takes something from someone.

You're even more pathetic than a thief because you don't even GET what was taken from the person; you're just the catalyst that dissolves it into a sea of other crypto investors who will continue the chain of pissing it away to other crypto investments

But YOU, user... YOU took the initial huge chunk from someone. And you didn't even get the money yourself.

I hope one day you can finally find the courage to end your life.

>implying these normies deserve to make gains

>implying you deserve to continue breathing air

Go back to reddot

Is that all you have? You tell us that you derive pleasure from intentionally breaking strangers' banks in cases where you don't even benefit from it.

I tell people to kill themselves all the time; it's just board culture. It doesn't mean anything.

But with you, I'm genuinely serious.

did you hit puberty twice?, your voice is unsettlingly deep.

I like it when people who think they're superior to me fail miserably.
Makes my peepee hard

I literally had this idea myself, shilling coins I'm bought into on a stupid youtube channel to make a quick buck. And then have retards defend me as a capitalist

>shilling coins I'm bought into
Yeah I'd understand if OP was doing this (it's a dog-eat-dog world) but he hasn't indicated he's bought into any of them. Sounds like he's literally just giving bad investment advice for the sake of giving bad investment advice

Hence, kys op

Literally what youtube niggers are doing

More like:
>Be an autist
>Start crypto youtube channel
>make videos where I do "TA" and tell them why they should buy a coin

>Nobody gives a shit about my channel
>Nobody pays attention to me
>Post on Veeky Forums because

And even if you did, you'd lose credibility in one video, good job

At least do that shit properly FFS. If you can't even afford a decent mic with your crypto gains don't try to make this kind of shit.

Made me laugh f the haters O Pizzle