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>he had 12k Ripple

I hope you don't kill yourself when it hits $10 next year.

rip(ple) your gains bro

I sold 12k XRP at 0.8 to buy """"""undervalued"""""" LTC at 330.

Beat that.

lol i also bought the nxt "dip", rip us.

I just sold ripple at 1.8 for NXT and LTC, beat that

ahahahha you should starve to death.


i've also into NXT le """""""""""""""""""""""""dip"""""""""""""""""""""""""

I was all-in on xrp and panic sold at 4k sats

Feels bad man.

I had 10k cripple which I bought at 16 cents. Sold 7k of it in October as I was missing a load of other moon missions. That sure taught me.

Nice to hear i'm not alone on this.
Godspeed bros, we'll all make it, just a tad bit slower than planned

I did the same sold 11k at .90 from .25 to buy in NXT and BURST.

Rebought today la only have 3500k ripple.

xrp is a at least a 1 year hodl senpai, it's the future of money

>Panic selling


Will you neets stop making whores crypto rich too!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE

i bought 650,000 ripple at 0.004$ and sold at 0.005$ THIS FUCKING YEAR

so shut the fuck up

The hodl meme is real

Wtf it keeps going up

Fuck. I thought I had it bad

5$ EOY 2017 500$ EOY 2018

>500$ EOY 2018
Jesus god please

>what is marketcap

Will i make it if i only have 1000 xrp?

>What is a retard

Trillions being transferred by banks not currently using crypto. They use ripple and trillions in marketcap.

Will probably pass 100 billion in the next 24 hours.

Psst, telling you all a secret... Most of circulating supply is not circulating any more. It's fixed at escrow service and therefore xrp will moon to 100...
Holding since first second tons of it...

200 here
God I hope so
We will make it user

I think 1/3 of the coins are held in escrow for transactions.

The marketcap that grows exponentially every month?

Only a few of them are released each year to the comp. They give those back into escrow which they do not need. This step they made to reduce the circulating supply without making this for ever...

The marketcap that currently is based on speculation not application?

ripple will add trillions to the marketcap when banks use it to transfer money.

>5$ EOY 2017
if you had said this a few days ago i would've told you to fuck off
but holy shit its just not stopping

Muh normie gains

Hodl till 500$. Sweet 50k

>not just holding and accumulating


I predicted these XRP gains about ten days ago

I've been waiting for coinbase to """""""""""""""""""validate"""""""""""""""""" my bank transfer to get the money to put into ripple

All while it shoots off way past me. I could have fucking trippled my money or more had I just had access to waht I fucking spent. God fucking dammit

now THATS retarded, selling a real product for monopoly money AT THE PEAK WHEN THE CREATOR OF LTC CASHED OUT

Wtf is that baby gains?

I sold 65,000 xrp at $0.38 because it went from $0.44 top quickly and I had been burned all fucking year on xrp. Sold thinking it would go back to $0.30 ish and it did, but I was asleep and woke up and back at $0.45. Haven't been able to buy again because burned so bad. I suck at this. All I have left is a measly 70,000 XLM.

>things that will never happen

i know this anger and frustration user. i had a mental breakdown at work because of it when i first got into crypto


i am you but sold at 1.22

fuck me

Looking back I bought bitcoins for the first time on the 22nd and coinbase still hasn't given me access to them, let alone any of the other money I've put in

The only cash they let me have now is from the credit card which they charge a shitty four percent rape, I mean rate on.

I should have gone full CC and tossed it on Ripple days ago, I just want to put all the money I paid for on coinbase into ripple like I fucking wanted in the first god damn place. They said it would take three business days but it's up to almost eight real days. They claim I won't even have my bitcoins until wednesday

Fuck coinbase with an axe, I'm so fucking furious. I can't even put CC into ripple right now because it's pumped so god forsakenly high, there's wayyy to huge a chance it'll crash especially at this towering height--I refuse to buy at the peak only for it to crash like a fucking idiot. Come down where you belong so I can god damn put money where I wanted to in the first fucking place god DAMMIT

Pic is the coinbase shit head sitting on my money refusing to let me play with what I fucking paid for, shitting on me and my correct prediction and my nonexistant 3x gains I could have fucking enjoyed.

>>things that will never happen
He doesn't know...

You retards should read into this stuff.

Ardor (NXT 2.0) is what you should invest in. Will launch in a few days. You can thank me later!


Just looked at poloniex and I sold 136k ripple in July for a .8btc loss.




>Ripple is struggling to hold on to 2 dollars
I'm sorry guys, he's retarded.