So we’re all pretty much just banking on the Koreans to buy the fuck out of this and take us to lambo land.

However, it appears the gooks love their XRP and BTC.

Do we have any Koreans here that can give us some assurance that they’ll buy up ICX?

I didn’t get out in time during the main net delays so I’m holding for a month now watching everything else moon.

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We thought the same would happen for NEO but let’s be honest a lot of it is western speculators still waiting to blow their load hoping the chinks will eat it up(I don’t think so at this point).

our time will come. you do not worry.

dont forget last week when everything was shitting and icon was mooning.

our time will come.

Im half north korean and half south korean. Well only be buying XRP.

korean here

i will buy all of the ICX

Did your father fuck your mother with an elongated Turkey Baster across the military border or what? Where can I find stuff like this? Pornhub?

Samsung of Korean digital money, my oppa says


Yes they will and do.

nigga it did x30 ico in a week and then the delay of the main net killed the hype lol
this is thing is rock solid, no way i'm selling at these prices

korean here. can confirm we will be dumping all coins in favor of korean etheremons. our mon technology is vastly superior to ponzimons

Can't blame him for choosing to fuck maximum qt.

only 14,000 wallets with icx in them

tell me user, whats the population of Korea?

Well, they already have Samsung partnership. When Samsung pump a few million into this, all the koreans will follow suit.

When moon? This shitcoin is literally doing nothing


What am i looking at?


> when will this shitcoin moon

Literally 5x'd a week ago

Post in one of the two major Asian languages (Mandarin and Japanese) please.

>However, it appears the gooks love their XRP and BTC.
>100M tether printed
>Ripple running

lmao gtfo pajeet, chase your daily PnD

i can translate

look at bottom left area, you see it says "COSMOS"

its fucking saying its gonna moon boys, we going to the cosmos BUY BUY BUY BUY

Listed when? This shit is going to be yuge. Just hoping the price won't be too high right off the bat.

talking about boscoin of course

Yeah that’s low

Wish I had sold more of my stack at 8500 yesterday


thx mate. went all in

nice just sold 100k

Everything green except this shitcoin. I have made 55% gains on ripple today and you?


Why not?

I could have bought back today at 7500 and increased my stack

This shitcoin haven't moved for 3 days now. It's probably dead already.

Its definitely tell going stagnant. It'll probably be 7000-7700 goyim until some news comes and maybe it can bounce to 9000 goyim

Time in the market > time the market

Yeah, you are right. Sold the shitcoin after the delay of the promised main net