Do you think gold is currently over valued? What is a good price to buy at?

Do you think gold is currently over valued? What is a good price to buy at?

In my opinion gold is over valued or silver under valued. Historically it has been 10Oz silver to 1 oz gold. Now it's like 16:1. I want to buy some silver and hodl, but right now crypto has way better promise in returns both short term and long term.

This is a crypto board amigo

b-but it never used to be . . .

I think gold will rally when they crypto bubble bursts. Bought some when it dipped around 1250.

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Why is gold worth more than silver when silver is more rare?

Historic value and its ability to not corrode. Silver is more rare and electrically conductive, but since temple niggers thousands of years ago worshiped gold it's somehow more valuable.

Shit why is gold worth more than platinum and pallidium is the real question.
I've been debating about buying a large amount of platinum.

Manipulated markets?

Look at fucking diamonds mate, they are literally worthless and can even be artificially created from carbon meaning there is an UNLIMITED supply, but because of De Beers and the (((engagement ring))) market, it has pumped value for soy goys to lap up.

demand, who wants a silver chain over gold

silver is not more rare than gold , it's becoming more that way because over the last 200 years, allot the silver has been used up in industry. while gold has been hoarded.

But platinum has been down for a few years now. I feel like it's due for a correction.

Buy when the american economy shows warning signs of a crisis.

then its too late, you need to buy before that

>"then there's always that one faggot shilling precious metals "

buying gold when monero exists.

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why is bitcoin more worth then ether even when ether is better

Platinum is currently undervalued imo judging by historical charts and the gold to platinum ratio.

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i kind of want to buy a 100oz bar of gold just to have as a doorstop. that shit is the most boring investment in the world. I would rather put money in real estate. and if you only have little amounts to invest its a terrible idea. buying gold is like if you have fuck you money.

I'm also still very salty about buying 30k worth of silver from my fucking btc guy in 2013 when btc was $80 and not keeping any of those cheap mdma coins lol god damn i would have like 50m now.

also you'll never make a decent return oif you're talking physical silver. I have about a hundred oz, but it's more to please the apocalypse prepper inside of me. Also ammo and food caches, because of reasons.

It took the housing crash to push silver to $40. I'm an old fuck and they've been hocking silver on the radio for decades with the old line "ratio is historically undervalued compared to gold". You want a store of value that will just eek out inflation and COL - silver is the answer.