Made around 47k$ during the big dip right now.



wow 47k much rich. I've made over 10 mill the last two days.

10mill dogecoin?

I have 14 link. Am I going to make it?

woah there rich guy what are you doing here in this board full of poo in loos and poor fags?

10 million satoshis obv.

sure, we'll just take your word for it fag

your shilling sucks

God the larping's level getting too high

>dec 2017
>owning link

pick one

Richfag here. I also lurk here. Your socioeconomic class doesn't prevent you from enjoying the entertainment on this anonymous anime board. Also you can call people retards, coons pajeets without consequences. So yeah. Made 3 BTC on the dip too.

this is exactly why I'm here. Just fun calling people faggots.

Am I going to make with my 14 link?

wow 10 mil much rich. I've made over 20 bil in the last six hours.

How far down are we going?

wow 20 bil much rich. I've made over 200 trill in the last six seconds.

I am the federal reserve.

>Larp virgin here. My balls are startin to smell after sitting in this computer chair for so long


Sold 136k of XRP for a fucking loss of .8btc a few months ago.


Dude, most of the really rich people in crypto are still the oldfag autists who mined fantasy internet money eight years ago while masturbating to anime and shitposting on Veeky Forums.



fek u richfag, how can i make that moneyz with low budget