What are the chances ETH will grow as high as bitcoin is right now in 2018?

what are the chances ETH will grow as high as bitcoin is right now in 2018?

ill say eth 5k eoy ya dig


When people want to cash out, you use bitcoin right?
When ripple takes the 1 spot on marketcap i think the bitcoin will totally crash and thats the time ethereum comes in


Too ambitious; will have structural problems. Also, not as anonymous.

I dont think thats a real issue desu...

Buy eth at lowest point and go all in. sell at 800~750 price range and don't fomo.

3-5k in 2018 at the most, we don't want the growth bitcoin had.

What do you mean?
This year Bitcoin grew from circa 1k to 20k high while Ethereum went from circa 1 dollar to 800.
Ethereum grew 40 times as fast as Bitcoin.

eth may actually reach $3k in 2018, as long as there's still no real competition

wtf are you talking about, are you from last year or what?

the time traveler moved his dial in the wrong direction

ripple will never take #1 spot

the rest is just speculation

Very high, it doesn't commit directly with any other coins. Also it's the "house's coin" owned by coinbase. Always bet on the house.

How is it 'owned' by coinbase?

High. Very high.

Eth is about to pulll a strange manuever.

Proof of stake will mean that a huge amount of the supply gets locked up.

Also the return rate of staking was said to be almost 12%, making it a safe high growth option.

Add to this crypto as a whole growing.

Eth js going to hit 500,bln.

source on that proof of stake

People take btcs market cap and,divide the eth market cap and say hurr durr alright 5x, so Eth will be 5k by eoy.


Proof of stake will lock up majority of the supply. And when old money/wallstreet finds out you can get 12% returns yearly they are going to buy,jn like mad

The question is isn't if ethereum will grow like bitcoin

But what altcoin will grow like ethereum?

the guy you are replying to is an autist

The ETH whitepaper retard

I think it's going to climb to 0.07 or 0.08 again.
But honestly, I only hold it right now because it's the most stable alt.

Does anybody know if I can withdrawal tokens like FunFair or Bounty0x to my regular Ethereum address?

Yes, you can - provided this is an address you hold the private key for, NOT an exchange address. This is true for any ERC20 token.

Thank you.
Even though my Jaxx wallet does not support BNTY and FUN, what matters is that I can see the tokens on etherscan, right?

Bitcoin was $750 on january 2017
Ethereum will be $15,000 on december 2018
Marketcap is meaningless

if bitcoin falls, all of crypto will fall.

Jesus this has been known since 2015.

Go back to bed kiddo.

feels like likely with every passing day

how is marketcap meaningless? your statement is retarded. Ethereum has more coins in circulation than bitcoin. Marketcap is everything you dumb fuck

hahahaha guys look at this retard

Marketcap is just aggregated price point of sales at a given time on unregulated exchanges. Hence why RaiBlocks can shoot to "2 billions" within a few days, BitConnect and Veritaseum remain in top100, etc..
Marketcap is not actual valuation, nor is it a delimiter on the total amount of money that can flood in. You're victim of an often used marketing concept called "anchoring": humans are resistant to change, so once we make our mind as to what something is worth, we rationalize its price as an immutable standard.
Case in point: Bitcoin had a 10b marketcap in january. People did their napkin calculations and concluded ethereum's rightful price was about $120, because that would have been = to bitcoin's marketcap. Four months later, money streamed in and ETH briefly hit $420 before pulling back.
There's absolutely no reason for Ethereum to be worth less than Bitcoin other than inertia. Bitcoin Core is obsolete tech stalled by politics and special interests. The world is warming up to it a few years too late. Give it a little more time, and money will move towards Ethereum.

It's a meme. Basically people think that if suddenly someone bought 1 ethereum for say 20k$, its price would actually go and remain at 20k$, regardless of market cap.
Keking hard at "inertia". Gotta give him credit for originality tho.

He not wrong that bitcoin drags down all others when it falls

"If AOL fails the internet fails"

Like wtf are you smoking dude lol