/Comfy Friday TA/ - Altcoin moon edition

Sup Veeky Forumsraels, friendly neighborhood TA fag here with another TA thread.

I'll be chart bitcoins, shitcoins and altcoins

t. 4 years crypto and 3 years in the financial sector

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do BNTY and icx ples

20k when?

ICX and/or ENG please


STRAT please.

if we drop below 14k i essentially set 40k USD on fire


Not looking great considering
A) This coin already pumped
B) bitcoin is going to pump soon and rekt alts
C) broke the midterm uptrend line and is now going sideways

TRX and REQ por favor senor TA

GRS = Groestlcoin please

when is the BTC liftoff?

LINK my dude

BNTY and DBC please. I don't wanna believe I got PAJEETED

may i know how soon?
thank you btw

do meme lines on ripple

are you really mexican? eww, forget it then.
my point was meme lines mean jack shit anyway

Can you please analyze QSP or ZRX? Thanks.

Please do ripple. It is my first coin.

Want to know if I should all in during the dip just now. Am poorfag

Am I right in thinking if BTC goes up, so will the trade pair for BNTY?

where the fuck are all these kucoin spammers coming from? Shitting up this whole board

Interested in your thoughts on any of these: OMG, ADA, SYS.

What the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch?

It's clearly bullish, and it looks like a big move is coming soon from the flipping of the ema's. Question is it going to break resistance or dump back down to the 80k sat support range. I think buying on a break of the newfound resistance line would be a solid r/r trade. If it dumps below 100k or bitcoin starts making a run STRAT is usually falls hard, so set some stoplosses if you're in profit and look for a lower entry


Show me the ways of TenX, please!


do WTC please

WABI please, Mr. Meme Line Analysis fag. Appreciate your efforts

Its trying so hard to break the bull flag. Thought it would happen but I'm waiting for the volume

Do you think we will see another selloff for New Years Eve like on Christmas ?

what happens if btc wont break out of that wedge or whatever meme triangle it formed in like 4 hours

I except bleeding all across the board desu

Thank you friend.

BNTY plox, theres a couple whales raping it currently, wondering if I should dump half of my stack for a modest gain.

we're moving now
not much to say about a coin that's literally up 300% TA is not exceedingly relevant for moves like this. take profits.

bnty plzz

the alts are all pumping tho

I'm gonna need a BNTY TA pls good sir

ZRX if you could

You goys,

the coins must be on tradingview

Thank you,



y do u bother with doing TA on pnd coins


XVG bro

What? This is shit TA. ICX is just about to break out.



Any insights on SYS?

wtc is on trading view
please draw the magic lines so i can decide when to buy

your lines are arbitrary you retard
Why don't you go short 9k again?

What's the future of PFR?

Nice one dude I can put lines on graphs too you literal fucking Veeky Forums tard

You drew one line on ICX only covering a few hours and you're gonna tell me the long term ascending channel is arbitrary? Top lol.

Will BTC dip soon? When will i pump?

do you think the alts will start to bleed again tomorrow or the day after?

pumps out of the channel
SEE it's a MAGIC channel

How did much did you lose on your 9k short? Muh magnum opus this is it guys the final dumpening and then you got enternally BTFO

Also, you call that a BTC chart? Sad.

see more lines means im smarter hurrr

You went all in on bitcoin cash at 9k... why haven't you jumped yet?

I actually a 28x swing trading between longs and shorts on 25x for two days straight without sleep. Biggest gain I've made so far this season.

Hey TA Fag, really find your twitter posts useful.

Can you chart these shitcoins? If you don't have time for them all, here is the preferred order:

1. ENJ
2. VEN
3. XLM
4. AMB

For anyone who's wondering what is twitter account is:

stop fighting faggots and check XVG

>see i was only pretending to be retarded on twitter!

are you 10 years old? I pay more in FEES for a single trade then your entire pathetic portfolio is worth. Why are you still here?

are we going to be going from 13,500 - 16,500 for another week or is going to explode soon

Can i have your discord id and # in order to get in in a group?

I look at it this way, the market maker enjoys inflicting maximum pain on retail traders, so naturally, after a 14k stop run we'll see a pump to 15k+ and if the uptrend is solid we'll continue going from there. Volume has been low so we probably won't have a massive rally until after new years. Most likely a slow rise upwards unless we start seeing some huge margin calls

neo pls

Hey, TA FAG.
Can you do a longterm TA on xvg?

just dm me on twitter

Can you recommend some good TA book, articles etc user


NEBL and fucking RCN - RCN has been a thorn in my side for months

Technical analysis of the financial markets by murphy is the GOAT book

Essentially just find a trading style that fits you and perfect it

So bullish on BTC?

yes i am stuck bagholding a long from about 14600

ETC pls, where to take profits when it decide to move

Like I stated in an earlier post, I am down about 50% doing swing//daytrading.



TA me plsss

so no breakout, just wishfull thinking

ICX please if you don't mind. Or have you already done it?

fucking retards

do NEO i want to sell this POS but dont want to get cucked

have you made the slightest attempt to look through the posts and find out?

GRS please

Is LTC gonna rebound anytime soon? I was day trading it and making nice money but then it crashed and now im stuck with nasty ass bags. I just want to break even at this point.

I post first, then after that I just went up, sorry.

Why is it a piece of shit coin?

It will never rebound. 280 was it's highest moon.

Hey TA FAG what do you think about the ascending triangle forming on LINK?


Can you do ENG please?

LTC. Want to know If I bought in at the bottom or if it's gonna keep falling.

ADA TA god?
just took 5th place off ltc will it keep it

Can't believe i'm saying this but link might actually moon if we get some good buy volume here

I would sell if it went under 3k though

XMR plz, im about to blow my brains out after missing all the pumps


I know I'm kind of a fag for buying this on Binance, but can you do BRD, Bread? Thanks.

lmao it been trading for like 3 days there's nothing you'll get from TA

Alright TA fag, I have a question.

I end up a lot of the time with a coin that's at like 95 RSI, extremely overbought and e. When is the time to sell?


I'm not OP but your question is confusing. Like what date range are you looking at? Are you using 7 or 14 RSI value? If it's a PND coin, TA can't help you —but they usually last 15-30 min. If you have a positive MACD and RSI is high, look to see if MACD is still rising since you're in a bull run and RSI doesn't really matter. When MACD falls, sell. Like BTC was above 70 RSI for two weeks on the daily charts with the MACD rising. The best point to sell was when the MACD started to dip.

Why don't you google momentum trading?