Whale Group INC

I am part of a small whale group of about 50 whales. We each own 35-75 BTC a piece and for shits and gigs we often go on Veeky Forums to laugh at you idiots but now we decided to pump one bullshit coin we see on here every 2-3 days with multiple runs to about 10x-15x where we will then hammer the price down to 5X the price now. We picked ten coins (under 100m MC) you cucks have shilled in the past two hours and put them in a random generator based on mentions and comments on those posts and the first coin we got was ALQO.

Standard shitcoin that you will watch rise to 10-15 dollars and you heard it here first see you in three days for the next PnD. (Picture is off wallet we plan on using for this PnD)

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Nice bought 100k.

pm me the next coin sir

you have message sir

Andddd Pajeets wonder why they are broke

im a 17 yr old broke ass kid. how can i buy this lol since this only on btc exchanges wudnt it take a week and 40$ in fees for me to buy. ripp

35-75 btc isnt a whale, sorry bro.

You're just looking forgots to to dump bags on. Go buy some more LGBTQ coins faggot.

In his defense, he did say his group was just small whales.

sent a pm sir. pls respond

Btc to Ltc - send Ltc to exchange- exchange Ltc to Btc- Buy ALQO with Btc... wait 3 three days- dump back into Btc- withdraw Btc

Pump begins tomorrow at 7-8 ET when all the asians wake up to buy the coin of the day. Small buy orders of less then 1 Btc at a time until tomorrow when the pump commences

what do you gain from this?
aren't you gonna lose money just PnD a shitcoin ?

who do you think picked up all those bags the past two hours when the price was up and down? we decided on this coin about 2-3 hours again whenit was heavily shilled earlier in the day the generator picked it randomly we've been sell walls like its our day job... we accumulated about 5 btc of ALQO between the prices of .70 to a 1.00. We expect to make 75-100 btc on this PnD

watch the buys and sells on Coinmarkets.com and you can blatantly see that we have been eating sell walls and filling our bags slowly

holy shit.
i hope this is legit because i'm about to buy some bags of this shitcoin

Do Opus OP!!


Legit as the ripple, stellar and cardano pump we are witnessing

can you tell me more about the time and the price you're aiming?

ehh can't say the price we don't want any other whales getting in and dumping early. but I dont recommend getting out any earlier then 10.00 i still see as high of 15.00-17.00 and around 7-8 AM ET when alot of asian countries start waking up and buying the coins of the day. However, the rise will be over a couple days (3 tops) but atleast expect 3.50 dollars by this time tomorrow and ten by the next.

nice i bought 100k

thanks a lot for the heads up, seriously
i could really use something like this, im broke as fuck

he's trolling so hard man, don't buy that shitcoin

If any of you buy this shit you are crazy, hes gonna hype a few people up and skim the top. Prove yourself and ill give you 10% of what you make me.

Fuck you OP, found the discord


already falling big from time of post, stick to PRL BNTY DBC

If you ever listened to someone on Veeky Forums, ever, hear this, this guy is not your golden ticket quick cash. He is a classic scammer and if you do ANYTHING he says its your fault. fuck them

No you didnt and we already filled 90 percent of the bags we need. Don't buy it I dont care we are already preparing for the pump. Join us or don't we are gonna make our money regardless. Jesus Veeky Forums faggets this might be my only PnD for you guys if this is how you gonna act. and the proof is in the pudding watch the sells and buys you'll see whats taking place if you have half a brain

Show the wallet with updated Send / Receives. That shit is from fucking June 2012. You gotta provide more proof than this shit

Bought 100$ worth. Don't disappoint me.

how will we know when your next thread will be?


Confirmed shitty scammer. doesnt get the 100k reference. holy shit you idiots.
SCAM SCAM holy shit. you deserve it if you do

Thanks for this. Seriously, thanks.

Follow my dubs bois. a scam is a scam is a scam

Same wallet here you faggot

how am i supposed to be a (small) whale if I havent been in the game since 2012? As you can see those arent all my transactions.It only shows the old ones from when the wallets was generated. I already had 50 Btc in there so we used it. Multiple wallets with multiple holdings. This one was the one we decided to use for (some) of the pump.

I didn't fall for shit, I'm way too skeptical of this

just post a screenshot of your current ALQO holding on coinsmarkets and we're done arguing

Alright you just ousted yourself as a scammer by trying to come up with a story of "your wallet". Check and do tell how your wallet magically ended up as their demo screenshot. 30 IQ pajeet


Nice try mr. pajeet

ITT: people falling for this obvious larp

>mfw i was about to fell for this larp
>mfw didn't check the portfolio
>mfw anons saved me
>mfw i'm too stupid for crypto but i still make money

Don't worry brainlet you will make it too.

Holy fuck - thank fuck for long confirmation times