Imagine how rich we would be if this board wasn't for memes...

imagine how rich we would be if this board wasn't for memes, making fun of each other and pajeets shilling shitcoins but for actually helping each other and investing into some profitable coins

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Buy dbc or stay poor for investing of low cap good moon coins

>actually helping each other


we all would have went deep on LTC in March and became rich by December

It would be a team thing, us against Wall Street, we could even get matching lambos and smoking robes

there are actual helpful posts around here, you just got to lurk alot to filter the 99% shit that's being thrown around

It's more of a ponzi scheme.

Early adopters of any coin which isn't a actual shitcoin will get on top of the foodchain.

The r9k NEET is a pathetic, bitter creature. They will never help anyone but themselves.

when everyone wins, nobody wins

>actually helping each other and investing into some profitable coins
That's not how it works. In crypto, for someone to make money, someone else has to lose money. There is no "everybody wins" scenario.


Nope, we need constant confusion and FUD and memes. That way only the smart people who can filter information will make it, and all you dumbasses stay poor

like everynoe telling you to get into link?

no one else is saying link except Veeky Forums. NO ONE. isn't that a sign?

imagine how rich we would be if this world wasn't for money, making fun of each other and pajeeting our dreams into the shithole so we make ourselves feel better, instead actually helping each other invest in our individual goals and shoot for the stars

Nah, not enough time

Crypto is as tribal as sports are. That’s what makes it fun.

This is exactly why we need flags and to ban pajeet IPs, as well as people posting scams. We have have already gotten rid of begging but more needs to be done.

It's a zero sum game. Helping others is the last thing I would do.

1/10 larp

Really its because everyone is too scared to be associated with Veeky Forums

This would be amazing.
We could also buy some land in a 3rd world country and build our very own Neetopia.

>Hodl 10%XMR, 30% XRP 30% REQ and 30% ICX..
>take your profit into XMR
>buy a 2018 Lamborghini

You have to separate the signals from the noise. One of the bigger issues of this board is the divide between the ones with six figure amounts trying to invest into solid tech and latecomers who need a pnd shitcoin to get started.

And the tribal 14 year olds who have ADHD with trivial sums being a very vocal group clutters this board with nonsense.


>great project not shilled by memelords

Kill yourself, yes I'm 10/10 mad.
I tried to help you so many fucking times and every single reply you gave me was "it's too late to jump in now" or "who cares about your PnD shitcoin" or other badly written fud. So fuck off.

You laughed at me when I said ZCL was good at 28k sats.
You said it was too late when I said XSPEC was good at 18k sats and will be 15 usd in a month.
Fuck off I'm done, I can't wait to make threads to laugh at you once I get even higher, I hope that stupid anime poster will read it and feel like puking for missing free money.

im gonna use this filter

You did understand how small Veeky Forums is in the overall scheme of things, Yes?

I would buy a high quality Akatsuki robe. Not some cheap cosplay shit, but like a real fucking thing.

How do you separate the signals from the noise?

DYOR when something catches your interest. Don't just buy some shit just because it sounds cool. Check the announcements page on bitcointalk and coinmarketcap. Don't trust blog or Reddit shills alone. Find something that will back up the hype.

yeah this.

>helping each other
This is a zero sum game, my friend.

>us against Wall Street
Wall street isn't a team, it's a bunch of firms trying to eat each other.