Linkmarines, I thank you for keeping your faith in this holy coin through the darkest of times

Linkmarines, I thank you for keeping your faith in this holy coin through the darkest of times.

We have explored and mapped the mariana trench, now we are heading for the andromeda galaxy.

See you in space, Linkmarines

I don't see this on my screen?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??!?!??!!?!?!


marianas goddamnit

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this isn't the darkest of times at all senpai. What did you buy in at 70c? Try a month ago when it hit 13c, we didn't know an eoy announcment was coming, no news was in sight, and the chart and volume looked grim af. gtfo newfag.

Things started to turn around the night assblaster's pump started even if he was a larper. Things are actually quite bright right now. Expectations are tempered unlike pre SIBOs and good things are on the horizon. It's a great time to be a linkie.

i bought 60% at 13c and 40% at 25c


I bought link at $.16 as a joke, I guess you could say all the shilling got to me. But, after really looking into it, I truly see the light. Barring a complete scam or sergey having a heart attack, this coin is the next big one. I've been buying since .16 and will continue to buy the dips. It really is that good.

LINK will still be $0.48 tomorrow. Cap this.

the absolute state of stinky linkies

So true. Anyone that held a month ago is comfy as fuck right now.


it's at $0.48 right now...

That's what still means lol

>Look at weekly volume
We've been in a bear trend since getting into Binance. Always been more weak hands than people buying. There is only a thin line left before it flips. Moon happens then.
>FUDsters who work tirelessly to keep the price down while they daytrade will all need back in at once.


The absolute state of Linklets.

Ripple moon is going to force swifts hand to start making announcements about the future of their brand

The ripple token on the exchanges is literally a sideshow to it's real implementation in banks. The ripple banks will actually use will never touch the exchanges. What's going on with the price on the exchanges is a weird fantasy that in no way has anything to do with ripple the company.

They already announced they are looking to integrate blockchain. Confirmed they will be using smart contracts to manage their bond payments, and what did Rory say the Sibos POC was for again?