Well biz?


I'm familiar with Ripple and some of its behind the scenes shit. Not familiar with Vericoin. I am not invested in either. Already pretty well set in the holds I have going into 2018
Tell me about Vericoin for the sake of discussion?

its a binary blockchain

pretty intredasting tbqh desu

>Tell me about Vericoin for the sake of discussion?

Dual Blockchain (see gif), very solid dev team here since 2014. They are quite an innovative coin, in 2014 they developed the 'verisend' feature which allows users to send Vericoin as Bitcoin from a Vericoin wallet (something all Alts will have in the future.

In 2018 they are going to have a big advertisement drive and it should go big like in 2014.

Ripple already won. No need to use its victory to shill your bag.

>Ripple already won.

Mwuahahahah just wait.

Just did a brief little bit of searching based on your comments. Ripple is centralized which makes it fast and effective, but defeats the purpose of the "idea behind Bitcoin". Looks like Vericoin came up with a similar solution to the speed and fee issue, but in a sort of pseudo-centralized way that fits fairly close to the decentralized vision? Am I on the right track here?

>Am I on the right track here?

Pretty much yes. This way of dealing with the speed issues etc could be groundbreaking in the crypto world.

Vericoin has always been a solid innovative coin.

This is where it was in 2014, an exchange 'Mintpal' got hacked and it went down. Now Vericoin is recovering and it should be big.

i went all in to vericoin few hours ago. tech is great matter of time to people notice it.


That does sound like a really cool idea! I'll definitely read more into it. It's always exciting to see companies building products that try to solve the problems of Bitcoin while trying to stay true to it's vision. Sounds like they're making steps in the right direction for that, but not sure if I see it as a true 2.0 of the tech.

Ripple was able to solve a lot of the problems, granted, but they threw the entire concept of Bitcoin out the window to do it. Yeah it's effective, but it just doesn't seem that innovative. Ripple just comes across to me as the PayPal of crypto.

No problem. I would reccomend Vericoin as a really solid coin and a real *sleeping giant* at the moment.

I will always expect Vericoin to innovate.

Why does this thread and shitcoin reek of Pajeet shills? Are they all on a Discord linking each other's thread?




Dude wait until 2018, Vericoin is going to be initiated a big advertisement drive to help gain exposure for the Binary chain and other innovations.


>Actually interested in the tech
>Doesn't just want Reddit-tier "moon" and "hodl" memes all the time

Christ man, I was curious...
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T. Pajeet Sharma

Let me guess, Ripple Hodler?

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T. Pajeet

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Just remember this. When Vericoin goes hard, remember my shilling ;D.

I was shilling Ripple here at 20-30 cents and everyone thought it was a joke. I then shilled Dogecoin and Blackcoin when they were low. All went high. Vericoin is my next pick.

Anyone investing in either one will lose.

You are just the type of person that was shit talking Dogecoin, Ripple and Blackcoin a couple of weeks ago.

SUMO will break your chuck-e-cheese tokens

We will see.