Reminder that COLX niggas made huge gainz today and BNTY faggots got rekt

Reminder that COLX niggas made huge gainz today and BNTY faggots got rekt.


Grats on COLX.

however, BNTY still has time to grow if the whales ease up
the whales were just price manipulating like crazy, choking everyone out that they could

I went 75% COLX and 25% BNTY, and I actually kept my BNTY and hope it does well, but I really wish I went 100% in on COLX

There's no way this is going up further

There is. Just wait.

I got 11.5M COLX getting ready to dump. Need the gainz on this years taxes.

just wait and look at this reaching new ATH in the following days

lol. This is only the beginning. You're going to keep telling yourself that until it's at 200 sats if not more

I just dumped mine.

Why is it still going up?

You've got a fucking masternode and you want to dump it? It's like you really hate money.

What's a masternode?

Why should I buy now?

It's a node for confirming transactions, you end up with the transaction fees you confirm. Big gains.
>Why should I buy now?
Because the only way is up?

got my gainz, this is a shitcoin....another xvg where it will fail. I have way to many holdings need to clear something out.

Where will this coin be in 1 week?

1 year?

What's it even useful for?

Maybe he is a burger and need to cash out before 2018 or pay 40% tax

this guy fucks

this guy doesnt

I've been asking that question myself. I guess people like something about it. It's the most profitable part of my portfolio right now

Because Colx has a massive community - its a non-ico, the devs work very hard and are industry vets, collosuscoin has been around for years. They will be coming out with a new roadmap for 2018.

You seem to know what you are talking about. What's it's USP? I get that its a privacy coin and transfers very quickly but is that all there is to it, or am I missing something?

Answer this faggots

I got 4k tokens using LTC at .0004800. Hope this isn’t a PnD.


Come back and ask after the roadmap is released. As of right now it is a PIVX fork with a few tweaks (like a capped supply)

It's a PIVX fork. Again the devs are coming out with a new roadmap.

Its a working verge thats not listed on any big exchanges yet. Its on two shitters and going on Cryptopia very soon.

1 week- after coin burn mc will go down or coin value will considerably increase, both is good for hodler

1 year- it will replace overhyped shitcoins like xvg eventually but without being a giant faggot ill just conservativrly say tge mc will be over 100 mil and it coypd break top 100 coins

whats it good for- staking, investing, privavy , micro transactions

Projected value when cryptopia hits?

over 100 sats but supply squeeze and people locking up masternodes could drive it much higher

I bought in 0.002 ;) I love my life :*

trade satoshi or coinsmarkets. cheaper on coinsmarkets currently