Discussion Thread- BNTY

So we're gonna pretend BNTY didn't just crash and burn? Im still in the green but goddamn man. Also no BNTY post in the last hour or so so here you go.

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Just look at that scammy picture. what a stupid fucking coin. I was gone the day BNTY blew up but I didn't even feel a speck of FOMO when I looked at it. I would hate to be holding those bags when quality coins are mooning hard as fuck

Yeah I'm happy I made a profit still, but it's unfortunate the hype already wore off.

I know, iron hands but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em

will it 2x tomorrow?

Yeah, but when it starts picking up again I'm sure the posts will come around

this coin is still young. it has a couple of moon missions left in it.

Move it all to DBC. That shit is leveling out ready for the next exchange release.

Bought in at 0.08 Cents. 5400 BNTY.
Letting it ride

how the fuck is 20 cents a crash and burn?

brain dead pajeets

I think the initial rush has faded but it's still undervalued IF the devs can deliver.

That's the thing, the more I think about this concept the more I think it has promise but the devs need to stop being such flaming cucks.

A decentralised bounty platform where you could post a bounty on anything would literally be THE block-chain applicaiton..

Fully exploiting the fact the law can't shut it down, nor stop bounty hunters from collecting no matter WHAT they posted.

But they're going the cuck route of making it productive.

They need to come out and announce public bounties atleast, where everyone can chip in and raise a bounty pool.

The alpha they have posted up also doesn't even work on the block-chain it just seems to be a Javascript/HTML message board where you can have a button that links to a thread on btcChat or the bounty-poster's webite.

They need to work on an escrow system right straight away, and need to work on the block-chain smart contracts to autoamtically transfer the escrows out.

What they should do is develop that tech, limit the bounties to no more than $5, and let the world go wild with it for a month as a test. See what people will decentralisedly do for each other for $5, like an unregulated fiver.

It's really all up to the devs now whether they want to be 500M mktCap+, or whether they want to cuck themselves back to ICO level 5M~

How do they solve the oracle problem?

Serious question.

That's hands down the best part of this.

People holding a certain number of BNTY tokens can take the roll of sheriffs.

They stake their bounty, and are presented case by case bounty completions and comments by both parties.

They are then asked to vote if the bounty was or wasn't successfully completed. If they vote in-line with the majority, then they get a reward/fee.

If they vote against the majority they lose a small portion of their stake.

If bounties aren't settled, the bounty hunter or host can dispute it.

That's the general 'gist' of the idea, I suppose there's a lot more to flesh out on how it'd work.

The coin grew too quickly I think, They need way more development, but if they were to do it, this is easy a $1-2 coin.

you guys do know all that happened (if you look at the order books) is that some whale had bought a shit-ton of coins at the start of BNTY, then when the price rose up too high, he sold a chunk off of his coins for less than half the going price to artificially lower it
then you weakhands freaked the fuck out thinking that that whale's fake price was the actual going price of the coin, and he accumulated
now the whales have a shit-ton of YOUR coins and will eventually let the price rise organically again to make a profit off them
see you in a week when the whales let this thing grow naturally
it's a freaking kucoin that's 3 days old
i will never understand weakhanders

It's clear BNTY is gaining recognition. I'm sure the developers will deliver. There's literally no way this project can stay

BNTY is a stealth moon mission. This isn't for faggots who want to get on the latest privacy coin ride and then get dumped on by whales.

This is a coin, like XRB, that will see steady development throughout 2018. It's already got a working platform and a unique value to the blockchain space.

Whoever sold, c ya later cowboy.

see what happens when you don't sell to whales?
did the whales let up some or are people getting smarter finally?

God man, email this shit to then. If they don't listen, at least we tried.




Boy howdy, pardners. This is good coin, hyup. Yeehaw, gidding up sirs.

>2000 SATS
So low?




The Buy and Sell orders for this coin are so spread that it can go up or down 30-50 sats in 1 transaction.

could be a whale or a retard
either way, it will rise steadily so long as people stop pulling this shit

When's this coming to Binance?

Not fucking soon enough, thats for sure.

Would be nice to get the fuck away from these whales in the kiddie pool on kucoin.

Whale, fuck off, drop the wall already and let us rise.


Lmaoo what the fuck

Fucking bounty hunters dude?? Why wouldn't they just use ANY other crypto. Bounty hunters are gonna want to get paid in something worth their work not some worthless shit coin. Fucking LMAO Dog larpers

fucking kek

This thing is a piece of shit scam hahahahahaha. Should have bought ripple at .22 cents fucking morons


best coin mentioned so far by all shillers


ree kucoin isnt loading

Just wait till the ED hacker is caught and the $100k bounty is paid out. Screencap this. It's getting close.

See you on the moon space cowboys.

Lmao 'muh bank coin'.

Ripple is a jewish mass pump and dump.

The jews missed out on the first crypto boom and are trying to get in control of the majority of Ethereum and Bitcoin for cheap.

How do they do it?

They invent their own shitcoin XRP, pump it to hell, wait until you sell your BTC and Ethereum for it..

Then they abandon it and laugh at you:

"See goyim, somehow we always end up with all the wealth in this country. We came to Europe with nothing, we came out wealthy..

We came to America with nothing, we came out wealthy.

We missed the whole fucking crypto boom because we were too busy crashing the housing market...

doesn't matter, we still. Came. Out. Wealthy and incontrol of all the ethereum/BTC. We truely are god's chosen people."

Haha. Stay poor. The moment XRP falls, I'm converting to judaism to laugh at you bagholding the jewscam coin.


Wtf?! Why I can't see Bounty at Kucoin?

This, where the fuck is the ETH market?

Fucking typical shit holy fuck get bounty on binance plox

This coin seriously needs a reliable, large exchange. Kucoin fucked me so hard, I couldn't sign in, I couldn't transfer shit over there. The site sucks.

there are problems with the graphs for < 15 minutes, it's being reset. calm your tits.

Seriously wtf, I thought I just can't see it but it's really missing?

>Kucoin itself kills the mission now

the BTC/BNTY pair is showing .22 atm

The site fucking sucks dude, you can't make fast trades there because it freezes so much

Yeah when we havent been getting fucked by whales been getting fucked by kucoin


You still have your bnty the bnty/eth pairing is just fucked up.

BTC pair is at .24 cents now

this is the hardest ride to the moon i've done in a while

happened with some other coins too.
itll be back again

the bnty/btc pair still works though

>buying BNTY while KCS moons as well
That's like being a retard.

This exchange is dogshit man, I'm getting off of kucoin as fast as I can put my bounty somewhere else.

no one saw this, last chance to see it

I saw it man, is that why we're mooning right now?

holy fuck we're going on a run right now.

mooning back again, accumulate boisssssssss

is it time?

It's time friends.

>t. Whale.


Finally based?

Lets go boys

not making money anytime soon i bought ath

>see good coin with low market cap
>initial pump wears off due to whales dumping and accumulating
>stagnates for a day
>in 1 hour, the price goes up 30%

every fucking time. hold u faggots

weak handed pajeets jumping off the train at .0003

You faggots about to get dumped on. Last warning.

We're fucking rolling now sheriffs TO THE MOON


why do threads pop up when support lines cross? like it was about to re-test the bull run... This fucking smells.

wash the butter off your hands pajeet


People getting excited and stopping their internal wojaking?

Everyone's confidence is shaken and they all want to sell. I'm buying the dip for sure.

Whoops wrong

Just saying the Whale wall is gone for BNTY/ETH. Be careful and don't get shekeled

pajeet has slippery ghee



yeah imo sell immediately fucking idiot

>big if true

Jesus, whales, fucking stop, why are they still delaying the mission?

Why the fuck are you newfags still in BNTY? It was just a Veeky Forums PnD, like PRL.

I made an easy $5k, but you're not supposed to hold that shit.

flood this fucking guy out already... he put the 180k sell order in again.




Meh I'm up $1500 still, so I'll hold.

>this lol

What's the purpose of this coin?

Putting bouties on niggas and pajeets. Internet will become the new wild west.

it already is boss. Look at all this tax evasion.

Whoever the fuck is suspending all this growth at least fucking grow this a little. actually killing all the fucking hype you've already accumulated so fuckin much jesus chill

> doesn't have a dev team
> they're posting now announcements (and a bounty on their own site rofl) for a dev after (probably) realizing that you can't make what they keep saying without writing actual code and not hiring a freelancer and chop some code from githubs
> company is run by high-school dropout (c'mon dude couldn't get past high school, it's not college wtf) and a lawyer
> they don't have more technical knowledge than most people after reading 4-5 whitepapers
> current "platform" (what that word began to mean now) looks like I'm browsing the web with netscape
> is anyway just a shitty webapp. where's the blockchain/decentralization ?
> they are now tweeting that they are in talks with exchanges, which doesn't mean anything. If I had 1$ for every time a shitcoin tweeted this I would for real have a lambo. Promoting on their group to spam said exchanges twitter feeds. Imagine the thought process behind adding a coin in an in exchange (it's not "hey
bountycuck647, which coin was spammed today on our twitter ?")
>they're saying that wow SIX COMPANIES will post their bounties there. what company in their right mind would do that if they saw the whole thing? Guess this is more of a "like father-like son" thing, imagine the quality of the bounties rofl. The 100k "bounty" for that hacker is just the first example. Posting that was free, fixing everything else is not.
First gains were made because reddit fags were shilling it amongst themselves and some of them are leaking here. The bountyx group periodically plans to spam subreddits. last time someone even said something like "dude that exact thread was posted 6 times already and deleted 4 times"
But there will aways be cucks who think "smol marketcap = big gainz.. wen mon"

Yes pajeets, listen to this whale and sell your bags to him.

say whatever you want, bnty is doing good

Anyone who can read a chart can see it is and the price is being manipulated. Just stupid weak-hands falling for the whales games and selling at loss for them.

cup and handle forming on the 1h chart?

it would have to stabilize temporarily around 300-320 to form that. A whale is currently fucking everything.

>89k sell at 247

no offense but why is everyone on this fucking board using gwei. always have to switch charts n shit

LOL any anyone selling right now