Will iota reach the moon in 2018 ?
Or should i invest in xrp

Moon in Q1 2018
More exchange, more fiat pairs, more news and the holy Q

XRP was a mainstream pump because of media. Weak hands everywhere. $80B isn't realistic for some software. Also, whats the point to hold XRP? ;D

75% XRP, 25% IOTA

I will give iota 100% (all in) the chance till april 2018 lets see what will happen

nah raiblocks is better than iota sorry buddy


Only retards hold this coin.

GBytes byteballs is superior

hush, let them eat shit.

If I had any money I would go 50% XLM, 30% IOTA, 20% ZRX

> having IOTA in your bag.
Thats why you dont have any money.

But I don't own any IOTA right now

Get yourself a fucking XLM bag

i still believe in this iota desu

lol raifags
are ready for dump to $5 tomorrow due to rai double spending freshly discovered issue?
>had enough dump today ?

i follow the reddit and the whole community is very optimistic with positive news coming out all the time. I think it will get some serious gains in the coming months.

even dogecoin is superior since it actually works
unlike this iota shitcoin

ICX fool

jokes on you a bug can be fixed
iotas tangle doesent even exist its just vaporware
run by a SQL database coordinator lmao

Enjoy your bags buddy. Or, sell 'em now and get in on other moon missions.

well, if you do buy IOTA, you will have no money but be a bagholder.

user, listen now. for next 6 months. RaiBlocks will go until $85 steadily. Byteball GBYTE will do x5. Cardano Ada is the next Ripple to reach $2. From your bags only XLM has a chance, iota zrx no, thats shit.

Biz hates this coin. You won't get a balanced answer. Listen to their hate, then head to the Iota subreddit for people passionate about it. Make an informed decision.
Personally speaking, I have made 19x my money holding since June. I haven't sold because I strongly believe Q1-Q2 2018 will bring enormous returns.

I tried arguing with IOTA yards but at this point I just put a time stamped post on one of feeds to say I told you so in 2018 when IOTA goes to shit.

I actually saw someone in IOTA Reddit suggest if your invested in the coin that you should set up all your computers to run nodes to drive up price.

No mining my ass.

>Going to plebbit to listen to normies shill themselves in an echo chamber

Oh boy, you won't make it like this user. Do your own research.

And why is bosch buying some iotas if its shit ?
They are business mens they will not bet on someone who have no future ?

Bosch got meme'd. Let them take your bags.

user, big enterprises make "partnership" with random startups and pajeet village-boy entrepreneurs, which go no-where at least 4 times per year.

There is intra-enterprise partnerships as well which end up being a method for wage-slavers of both companies to have many meetings and drinks.

Big enterprises also virtue signal or just go fishing for something, anything. They dont really do due dilligence in selecting their partners. lol if you think that.

>you won't get balanced opinions of iota on biz
>go to the iota support group on reddit for balanced opinions
Wtf man

theres no bug retardo

Invest in xlm. IOTA is shit. I rode the meme wave from $1 to $4. Made a few thousand off of it and it got me going, but it is a shit coin. The devs are assholes and are just traveling the world shilling their coin. Fuck them.

Byteball 2018 bro

Reddit is the most terrible place to for an ''honest opinion'' fucking idiots there