700k supply

10mill marketcap

700k supply

new wallet that lets you directly trade through exchange without having to transfer.

currently on cryptopia, but exciting partnerships and exchanges to be announced.

thank you for PRL ZCL and BNTY these last two weeks biz, this is how I thank you

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don't miss it

/sigh stay poor


Its a scam though.


hows it a scam?

fud because you're still mining kek

>exciting partnerships and exchanges to be announced.
Like every other WORTHLESS shitcoin right Pajeet?

Aeternity offers the same POS/POW hybrid functionality and has been in development for longer, also it offers 233 million coins

I also get one lux every 3 days for storing it in wallet

looks like shit. Better off getting colx


there's your lead developer

Here is a quote from someone about a person in the Aeternity team:

"Holy crap! Ulf Wiger is working for them? The dude is a staple in the Erlang community and the creator of a bunch of critical libraries. That's a huge win for Aeternity!"

"Sure! I'll admit I haven't been following the development of Aeternity all that closely. Ulf Wiger is the only name I recognize of the developers.

I'm not a blockchain developer, and I don't know what experience Ulf has with blockchain, but Aeternity, at its core, is an Erlang project and I know Erlang[1]. As said on his bio, he's was the first commercial user of Erlang (before Erlang was open sourced in the late nineties), and his open source projects like gproc (a distributed process registry) and jobs (a load-management library) are used pretty heavily in industry. I can confidently say that if your project uses Erlang, there are few people on the planet more qualified than Ulf to be involved.

[1]My background: I've been in Erlang since 2009. I run an open source Erlang web framework called Nitrogen, among others, and I'm a full-time Erlang developer, running a product (built with Nitrogen and Erlang) that was recently acquired (Entrepreneur turned salary-man)."


if you missed the first buy at 3 sats you're out. I just dumped the 30k I made from colx into this today after the new wallet release. don't eve have to transfer it to cryptopia. smd faggot

Nope, this is the lead guy in Aeterinty, close friends with Vitalik

That's also him in the back in the top left with the original Ethereum team

bro shit's 350mill. it's got nowehere to go pajeet


It's not even launched yet, it's currently just in development phase. Only thing available right now are the tokens.

You can play around with the Dapps people have made for it already though, there's around 10 of them and 5 were made by people not even on the team: aepps.com

thanks for turning OP's shitcoin thread into a good thread. I hadn't even heard of aeternity.

screen shot this thread

In since 400k marketcap.. comfy asfuck over here lel

They're having a rebrand btw

Its good cause the name is cool but the logo completely sucks, its fucking awefull.

thank god for that. also being consulted by a big name. I dnt want to get in trouble