*silently moons*

*silently moons*

>40 days till launch

damn Veeky Forums is going to miss this moon out as well kek

hodling for a good while now

Ugh. Only got into Crypto a week ago and it takes forever for coinbase to transfer my cash into eth. Beh. I'm gonna miss out anyways.

I don't get this coin. why can't casinos just use any other coin? what makes FUN SPECIAL?

I have a 12k order on binance ready to execute IF you can convince me

>tfw sitting on 58k

Comfy as fuck for 2018

Naw, man. We don't want you on the FUN run to the moon.

Do fucking something for yourself and read the whitepaper.

Never felt more /comfy/ in my life holding FunFair

Fun time.

>literal state of normies on /biz who just got into crypto and don’t realize supply vs marketcap
>b b but muh gambling coin
(Not realizing this is the 9000th gambling coin)
>b b but muh coin burn
(Not reading into the ratios of the coin burn)Don’t worry senpai you ain’t missing out, this coin has “mooned” one cent ever

Not realizing this is not a gambling coin, this is a platform that allowes people to set up 1-man casinos based on blockchain transactions, a technology which would simplify the whole gaming industry with payment transactions.

t. somebody who actually works in gaming industry

this truly is phenomenal

got a mil bag just waiting for this to moon and I'll be comfy

Screenshotted. See you in Q2 2018 when this has mooned.

$1 by Q1/Q2 2018

Please screenshot this

damn, i'm having fun

I made a truck load on it already, will get in before the launch

so mcuh fucking fun dude

FunFair will be licensing their games out to regulated and unregulated casino operators for free. FunFair won't charge any licensing fees for anyone to use their product since, in order to play FunFair's games, FUN tokens must be used inside the smart contract. Casino operators must buy FUN tokens from investors and the FunFair team (who have a stake in FUN's price since they own a decent chunk of the supply).

The FUN token gave a reason for investors to raise funds for FunFair in the first place and motivation for FunFair to release a successful product

You don't have to get in now. You can wait until the Funfair team starts presenting their product to the industry, wait until they start signing licensing agreements, then wait until the casinos start purchasing their tokens to cover the house money. You've got time, bro.

ENOUGH! Its at 6 cents. right where i left it 3 weeks ago. It was at 6 cents 2 weeks ago when you posted this. It was at 6 cents last week when you posted it. Today it is at 6 fucking cents. SIX! 6 SIX! Why the fuck are you spamming this board "silently mooning" where there has been no fucking mooning

>tfw been selling high and buying low this past week
>slowly accumulating
Who /comfy/ in here?

when do you think I should worry about buying in price wise or timeline wise? arethey close to these announcements or do I have a while? wanting to know how closely i need to follow this

Because it shifts in regards to Bitcoin/ethereum. Don't think in dollar value you fucking chimp.

I sold all my fun bags for xlm earlier today and I do not regret it. Fun has only moved like 10 sats. Not really mooning.

Adding on to what I said, FunFair is special for multiple reasons, one of which is because of the state-channel tech they developed. They have the first working state-channels working live on ethereum testnets (FunFair has a showcase of games online that anyone can play right now). The state-channels allow for smart contracts to be ran off-chain incredibly fast and without any fees. This eliminates issues other blockchain casinos face, where each bet a player make would end up charging a transaction fee and the player would have to wait until blocks to be mined before being able to bet again.

FunFair make the experience playing their games great while allowing the player to be in control of their money and not have to worry about trusting a casino. The gameplay is provably-fair on the blockchain.

Like I said in my previous comment, casinos will get to use FunFair's software for free and hosting the games is cheaper than a casino running their own centralized operation.

I trust the team working on FunFair, they have produced great results so far and quality updates. The CEO is Jez San, who revolutionized video gaming and online gambling. Their team is transparent and will be expanding to around 50 members by the end of Q1 2018



>if you hold FUN through 2018

I actually plan to hold it at least until Q2 2019

everyone should be holding at least 2 years, i played the blackjack game last night and it was very smooth, the background music was dope as hell, going to add another 60-80k fun next week

It's pretty laggy and choppy for me.

Bought into FUN today at .00009 eth/FUN with the .006 eth I had left in etherdash from leftover gas. Comfortable saying I will leave with .8-1eth by end of Q2 2018

What browser do you use? I believe the showcase works best with Chrome

I do use chrome. I got a pretty good computer too.

I just tried it on edge and it's really smooth now.

What are estimates for Q2 2018?

100k fun reporting in