Is xrp a meme or is it going to continue to rise? Is there anything actually behind the tech?

is xrp a meme or is it going to continue to rise? Is there anything actually behind the tech?

Do your own research. All you’ll get here are retard haters fud’ing

>you could understand the tech even if the paper explaining it in detail is a mere click away

>Is there anything actually behind the tech?
Yes it has good tech behind it (though not the best, IOTA is probably better etc)

What makes Ripple the best is that it quickly formed relationships with banks, conglomerates and other large businesses (apparently a amazon deal is coming soon).

This is probably a safe bet to be honest. I don't think it will rise too much more-- but the jews are behind it so anything is possible. This is their chance to ruin the crypto economy essentially.

bots and wash trading. take your profits. don't FOMO. someone has to dump one someone. be the one to do it.

pretty much

DYOR dipshit. But since you asked my opinion: XRP is supported by the current baking establishment and they will use all their power to ensure that cripple becomes the new king. A fine coin to hodl if you're a retard who can't research or trade on your own.

>normie op detected

how will a coin actually making it outside of the crypto world into real world transactions ruin the crypto economy? honest question, but I'm sceptical that it'd have a huge impact on other coins if ripple became the norm of everyday transactions

i dont hold it.
i think the idea of pre-mined is kind of jewish..
but everything else on xrp makes sense.
it's A way.. doesn't mean it's THE way..
but it's sure as shit A way.

i don't even hold it, and i think these things hitting $3.00+ and even $30+ within a year is probably going to happen.

i hope so too.. it will bring confidence to crypto if it does good it's first year.
that's good for everyone.

thanks for a legitimate response, user. Appreciate it

It can go as high as ~180 by mid 2018 and as low as $1 by mid 2018.
A ton of experienced investors are saying that a correction is about to happen for XRP, so.. you know. Be careful.

After the correction though, then seriously just go for it. Like we all will, even the anti-XRP people without admitting it.

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> from $0.22

its the next Paypal / Western Union / true BTC.

Because the entire idea behind ripple is anti-crypto. So if this is the leading coin it has ruined the entire idea behind the movement. And we will be stuck with the jews and banks forever.

>not even ath in sats

exactly how i feel. it's easy to fomo when there are coins gaining huge traction but i'd rather hold xlm right now.


>in sats
you'll be tracking trades in ripples soon enough

So a bank apparently just bought a billion dollars with of ripple.

But if you invest now, YOU will also be a jew.
How about that?

In your unbiased opinion, what do you think ripple will be worth by summer? I have trouble gauging it's value but I think its worth at least 10 bucks per. one day.

It will WITHOUT A DOUBT be released on coinbase, etc etc. In a month or so, it generates so much money that it would be a loss for them not to have it.
WHEN it releases on the platform as a currency, it will go as high as 180 (a fourth of ETH, considering the current price and circulating supply).

Dunno, way to many people seem to be going euforic over Ripple. Starting to state absurd claims about price growth and expecting more upward gains. The next couple of days will be interesting.

Also, forgot to add.
That depends on the owners aswell. There are rumors and what not that people have been spreading that the owners don't want it to get too expensive.

That's impossible user it would be a 18 trillion market cal. Or 1/3 of the stock market. Even apple is only 3 - 4 trillion big.


There are 1300+ coins. They aren't just going to disappear overnight. Get rich with Ripple, and then buy whatever coin you would actually be willing to use.

If you aren't taking advantage of the bull run, because of "joos", they you are, simply put, a fucking idiot.

this tech is miles ahead of bitcoins tech. bitcoin is a fucking scamcoin tech wise

thats sad because iotas tech is not functional and the product of a spastic with turettes.

dump on them and then buy some other coin that no one is paying attention to. don't get emotional over a shitty token.

Oh yeah fuck that's true. I honestly thought it was 38m and not 38b.
Completely gut the number I stated in.. probably 12 pieces then. So, $15-$20.

damn i hate those bakers

its at its peak, if santander did this with btc it would go up thousans, ripple stays at shit

No it fucking isn't. Fuck you nu-coiner faggots who don't understand trustless decentralized networks. FUCK YOU ALL

Loving the ripple coin lads

Didn't even know anything about cryptos until last week. Now people call me a crypto coin expert. It's fucking awesome

You guys think the 20 XRP to open a wallet will stay like that forever? Or they eventually will reduce the amount of XRP to keep a wallet open. This for the poor students like myself that own less than 100 XRP.

Just keep it on the exchange. What's the worst that could happen? :^)


It's Paypal with a useless token ans the founders kept 50 billion tokens for themselves. If you cant see its a scam you're a fucking retard


why tf would u sell

How do you trust coin exchanges and which ones do you use? I'm just reading so much about coinbase and other exchanges being massive scams.


Sell you fucker
Wash off the Judaistic stench on you

Jesus this thing is above 90 RSI and the MACD is on an exponential curve. This shit is crazy. I bet you a massive correction is going to come and when people exit Ripple they will pump something else, but TA isn't showing an exit soon. That's a lot of fucking money.


coinbase is barely an exchange. its just an easy way to buy coins and get to a real exchange. fucking biz is the worst its only beta dweebs coming on here trying to get support from other beta dweebs to reassure there beta theory. Its like a bunch of jerrys trying to become crypto traders.

Ripple an attempt to kill Bitcoin. How can y'all not see this. It is a direct attempt by the banks. By the government. By the system. They are buying you away from the ideologies that crypto represents. Ripple is pure greed that is bait to lure you away from real financial freedom. Its a bait and switch. Once they kill Bitcoin and the cryptos that free people from the State, they will kill Ripple and leave the people with nothing, again.

it's jewcoin

holy shit, buy orders are packed

Guys this is a fucking moon mission. I didn't even buy XRP but this shit amazes me.

It keeps on rising, in a few days it will kick Bitcoin off the throne? What does that mean ? something serious is to happen.

God fucking dammit. Is it too late to get in on this?

The idea is the banks control most of the ripple already. Probably way over 50% of the supply.

The banks got locked out of Ethereum and Bitcoin, how can they get Ethereum and Bitocin now without paying full price?

Develop the shitcoin XRP. Horde most of it. Market manipulate the price artificially high, and trick people into thinking it;'s going to keep going up..

Then swap out ethereum and Bitcoin for the XRP they already hold tons of.

The end result?

They end up with Majority Eth, Majority BTC.
You end up with a controlled centalised Shitcoin Ripple, that might as well be the USD.

SO we went from Eth and BTC being majority concentrated in the people's hands to the power being back in the banks hands.. and they didn't even have to pay for it.

Sounds fair/sensible?

I move 40 to the wallet yesterday, thinking that I could buy more today at 1.30~, instead put 100USD on TRX :((

>buy in
>down 10% instantly


lol why binance is 30 cents more expensive than exchanges with real usd - bitstamp and kraken?

XRP has reached full autist levels

I woke up today hoping for $2, it easily smashed $2 and reaching $3... FUCK..


>be retarded
>buy in at ATH

>something serious is to happen
Like Mc Afee eating his dick?

ripple can go to hell

fucking scam coin

and the pajeets who buy it just die the fuck off too

Someone missed the comfy 20 cent entry.