Rate. Will I make it in 2018?

Rate. Will I make it in 2018?

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You really need to hold a good stack of ETH for 2018.


Do you think I will make it?

You fell for the fun meme

More info?

About what

FUN being meme

If you fully admit you’re a newfaggot I’ll tell you exactly why it’s a meme take it or leave it. If you’re in fun I’m guessing you came here found binance got shilled on this shitcoin and bought a ton right

I am quite newfag.. I read about it here telling 2018 it will explode when big casinos start using fun tokens.

Okay fair enough, so essentially since you bought it I would try and liquidate it into another alt, I’m not gonna sell you on anyone because I’m not a pajeet, do your own research but I’d say pick a smaller marketcap.

Fun is a meme as it is a product that has no backers yet, all hype. It’s literally the 50th gambling coin, /biz sells normies on it to pump and dump that’s why it doesn’t ever hit ten cents, never will either. However, all of this pails in comparison to the god awful supply let alone the marketcap. The supply will keep this coin down forever. Pajeets will shill you on “coin burn” but if you read the white papers you’ll see that it’s the smallest percentage of coin burn. Everyone who buys this coin will have thousands of them and it’s real world usage is limited.

Im dumping all of them with +11% now. Hope I dont regret this later. Thank you.

I’m not saying dump them right away do your research man and then pick one, literally not trying to screw you over that’s why I’m warning you about fun. Wait till fun is ATH today then I’d say put it in one you like.

Will I make it?

Invested a measly 3.75k so far. Gains are good but I'm no richfag yet.

We'll make it user

Id say if you only invested that then you know how to work Pump and dump coins since all but two are on here. So congrats

Stay strong my SNM brother. You will make it!

Yeah sure call it a meme take advantage of him not e en doing his own research. FUN has a good year coming next year, we're talkin 100 games potentially 1000s with customization. Go ahead and dump if you wanna but im waitin until at least Q2.

Damn, how long you been hustling? Gr8 gainz.

What made you go with RDD?

I actually like this board thanks to people like you based user. I do have some fun as well but a small percentage of my portfolio though just in case.

Take advantage of him? Shut up pajeet, I didn’t shill him on anything plus I’m helping him not make a huge mistake and carry your fucking pajeet bags. Nice try

You're just FUD. You talk like you've barely looked at this token.

I garuntee you I looked into this token much more than you have as I’m probably the only non dickhead trying not to shill shitcoins. Go ahead and make a prediction on 2018 eoy and I’ll tell you exactly why you’re wrong pajeet. Stop trying to fuck over newbies in the game

U need to sell half of everything

and buy VEN and XLM

Just tell me now

You know what? Go find out yourself “fudders” can stay away lol


Nasty norman.

So you got nothin, ok.

I mostly buy and hodl, not buy and dump.

Been in the game since March. Got in on ETH under $40. I threw $90 worth of BTC at RDD on a whim after it was shilled on Veeky Forums, and $100 on XVG shortly after. Put 4 ETH in BNT and 5 ETH in SNT ICOs. Never held BTC for more than a few hours. I once had 3 times as much Ark when it was freshly listed on Bittrex l, but I sold only to buy 3 times less later at a much higher price. I could have been double this value in hodlings if I very slightly changed some of my decisions here and there/didn't make noob mistakes, hindsight is a bitch. Mostly buy and hodl now.

im assuming you just got lucky with verge, so probably not no, that's not gonna fly a second time

Veeky Forums needs more people like you

"50th gambling coin"

Tell me just one of these other gambling coins that is better than fun?

I'd legit appreciate it since there doesn't seem to be one. (I already up 70% on FUN so I'm definitely not looking to buy anymore at this price)

I'm holding XVG in hopes of more growth, not planning to dump anytime soon. I got lucky, yeah, but I'm trying to keep a lookout for more low marketcap coins worth investing in.

Colx check it out.

Anything you are buying atm?

Drgn, I hate to give this one away but dyor senpai and brace for 2018

>I mostly buy and hodl, not buy and dump.
How often do you actually make major trades? It sounds like you check in once or twice a month to buy/sell/invest in ICOs.

"give this one away"
kek been shilling this since it's first day on EtherDelta

You’ve been? I don’t see it shilled often especially not with enough data. Many people do the old “not going on big exchanges”

How the fuck are you bearish on Disneycoin but not Starfoxcoin? I hold both


Disneycoins supply and marketcap plus their projects really.



I go on Veeky Forums almost every day and try to keep up, but I don't trade very often. 1 - 3 times a month I may pick up some small bags. I've been slightly risk-averse lately, and need to understand the tax situation more. If I start making large trades now from one coin to another I will surely be tax liable, but I don't have enough fiat to cover and don't want to cash any out yet. When I start cashing out, I want most of it to be at the long-term capital gains rate.

I see, thanks.
I'm not in your situation yet but hoping to get there in 2018. I've been hopping from coin to coin like a retard when I got into crypto but finally started to make some significant gains recently when trading more intelligently. I'm still having trouble though gauging when it is time to drop a coin for another.
Good luck with the taxman situation!