Perfect time to get on! Easiest x3 this year

NEO + XRB 2.0

This is bullish already but it's gonna moon so hard the next 2 days

But better.

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Been out less than 20 days and this graph speaks for itself, period.

You're going to miss it like XRP, XRB and PRL

You can get it from okex

>requesting phone number

yeah i'll pass on that one, i dont want pajeets calling me

If I can just get my money to send i am going in heavy, this is gonna be huge. January will be a great month.

lol no way this is going only x3.... x5 minimum.

>doesn't have a throw away number in 2017
>doesnt have number blockers

almost as if you don't want to make it

also, okex is a chink exchange. chinks run the crypto business, you're the pajeet here.

Fuck you. I'm trying to FUD it as a chink scam in every thread because I need to accumulate. Seriously, stop posting this and let these idiots buy shit like Bounty0x.

What even is this shit? I read it was claiming to be IOTA of China, but uses fucking blockchain.

accumulating is a meme. how do you accumulate anyway? take the shit portfolio you have, sell it and buy ITC. it's not a rocket science and not as if you get tons of FIAT every day out of the thin air.

why are you being such a bully

>giving you a literal moonticket
>called bully


It's on Huobi too. I thought that was closed down?

Have you heard about RADIX, this will wipeout all the DAG based coin, not a coin that will go x1000, (as this is a stable coin) this the future mate.

I'm already in

What was the ICO price in sats ? Looks amazing but I don't want to buy at x50 ICO like so many other cryptos

ICO Price: 1 ETH=1000 ITC

it's almost 3 am here, sleepy af so my math sucks

discord groups entered. be careful. I did enough research on this. founders are not visible yet. no videos, no Linked-in, nothing. I cant touch this shit unless its real.


... if you'd look at the homepage, the founders are literally on linkedin. youtube interviews up as well.

how am i supposed to buy this shit? none of the chinese exchanges it's on accept Americans

there is one main difference which makes IoT chain better than IOTA. IOTA is a DAG(Directed acyclic graph) which use TANGLE but Iot Chain breaks DAG to tiny pieces and combaine them to nodes using PBFT(in some way ripple and stellar consensus algorithm combined with iota).

say you're canadian, same country code (you need a number to do transfers)

15k itc withdrawl limit a day (btc much lower)

Granted, I'm Europoor, but pretty sure okex is international, change settings to English and sign up with a phone throguh sms verification

on huobi at least, that limit is for unverified accounts

idk about huobi, okex is legit.

the key is to get it while it's at chink exchanges, cause it will be listed on cryptopia very, very, very soon and then it's too late.

i promise, as soon this gets listed on cryptopia and binance, Veeky Forums shill engine and discord whale groups are going to go ape shit on this

wtf user I was still accumulating

what do you mean it wont go x1000 cuz its stable?? where do I buy it?