Free ico airdrop of 50 tokens

Free ico airdrop of 50 tokens

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thanks, I used your link

Thanks. Concept seems cool but you know

>free money
>easy moon

Gonna drop like 500 at this price.

Bump for 50 free tokens


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Lol drone rentals

When will these ico moons end


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Moon mission in the making gents.

thanks friendo

Thank you for space bucks.


Neat idea but I dont see this being successful. But then again this is crypto

Now this looks like the biggest shitcoin i've ever seen.

I used your link.

Please pass it on.


Whatever, just trying to get that lambo.

Crypto is both entirely awesome and entirely impractical.

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Thanks, OP, used your link.
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Killer drone swarm, i like it

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more free shit in this here pastebin, check the airdrops section

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