For Veeky Forums's pleasure

For Veeky Forums's pleasure.

Where's the pleasure.

Did you just samefag to insult your original post? What the fuck is going on here?

what even





What the actual fuck am I reading

Am I the only one who thinks these kind of almost-cogitant posts like OP's are made by an AI in training?

Thank you, OP. For the first time since becoming a millionaire NEET have I fealt laughter, not because your joke was funny, but because you allowed this thread to happen and that is funny.

If I was rich I’d give you a btc. This thread made my night

>tfw too brainlet to understand

OP is playing 6d chess here. I wouldn’t bother trying to comprehend it.


holy kek

he raises a good point

Where is the pleasure?

there it is

>Where's the pleasure.

Put me in the screencap of this historical post

also what rhymes with fiat?

Holy fuck you're right

I think OP is a time traveler

Hmm really synergized my pistachios

Fuck, I'm still laughing an hour later.
>Where's the pleasure.

what fucking gets me is that nobody else replied for 8 minutes so OP probably felt he had to step up to the plate

It was almost out of my sytem