I Just SODL All My LTC & It Felt GOOD!!

I bought 500 LTC at $330 and sold it all for $240. Then, I used all that money to buy ICX and TRON. Would I make it, /biz?

>buy high sell low

You did great

Please be joking.

>selling one ponzi scheme for another
heh, guess some people have to lose money for there to be winners

this is a solid investment strategy


>going from bad to worse

>Please be joking.
never been more serious in my life.

> those picks

you will eternally chase coins that have already mooned until you have nothing.

go have some fun man and take that money to a casino or hooker. i'm serious.

holy fucking shit? did you even look at litecoins chart? JESUS CHRIST user ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS BUY ETH

damn nigga save me some lambos

What's terrible about it?

I bought ETH and used that to buy ICX and TRX

it's a terrible shitcoin, no fucking development, just the lead dev shilling it on twitter. THATS ALL



how do you have this much money to buy that many litecoin if you choose to do absolutely no research into what you investing in?

Never go full retard.

>did you even look at litecoins chart
yes I did, it is going down. What else to see there

>how do you have this much money to buy that many litecoin
I have a good paying job

OP. You buy in the red, sell in the green.

that's mostly not the case for me, user

>Bought high
>Sold low
You just proved yourself to be a true Veeky Forumsnessman, user. I'm proud of you

I hope you lose enough to learn a lesson you fucktarded brainlet
Get the fuck off my board
(I took the bait)

Now repeat until the balance of all accounts = 0