I went all in XRP at $2.50. Did I actually buy the top?

I went all in XRP at $2.50. Did I actually buy the top?

bought in at 19k sats. feels bad man

I hope it was your whole stack you fucking idiot

i sold all i had at $2.62. rebought 40 minutes later at $2.06 (according to binance). feels good to get 30% more ripple for free

Can you walk me through the rationale? Why the fuck would you buy it now? The whole point is to buy shit before it moons

might want to put some into eth now looks like a good time ya dig


yes I just sold thanks user

The fuck are you doing? You think another 95 billion is going to be pumped in to 2x your investment? You're better off all inning some random kucoin shitcoin

Why are you guys so stupid. PND last like 15 minutes, not days you retards. Shit always goes down.

>all in
Well what’s all in user? Please don’t tell me all in, all in...

You bought at todays ATH. Tomorrow it will be ATL. Just hodl for dear life and dont let these envious Veeky Forumstards get to you. Look at the graph and youll see the pattern

FOMO is strong.

But like... It overtook ETH. For it to double, or even quadruple would take SO much more than other coins atm: XLM, NEO, ICX, etc...

I hold XRP, but only because I bought it at 20 cents. I wouldn't speculatively buy a 100B coin much like I wouldn't speculatively buy ETH.

i feel sry but thats whats you get when you invest in a fucking normie coin

Just sold me eth for those 3 tks user


But nice trips :)

never fomo into a coin, the fuck is wrong with you?

>But like....It overtooke ETH
Tuck your roastie back in woman

Good luck my dog.

Already back ~$2.40 on Binance, the night is not over yet. It has been doing this for 14 hours straight.

>literally buying my bags
you did a great service kiddo

Third moon mission?

Fuck you idiots are impatient. It'll hit $5 easy end of Jan.

Feels good bought in at 20 cents told you guys like a hundred times to do it but the guys bashing are the guys that told me it wasn’t gunna go anywhere lol

>Feels good

+$900 lol

well xrp went up all day so i guess it's not a PnD.

Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea?

>unironically bragging about chump change
you must be a nigger

Like we said hodl. Dont listen to these tards that are envious. Protip: keep hodling until you at least get 50% profit of what you put in mate.

why did not you bought more?

It's in the process of mooning again. Just jumped to 2400+

gee whiz sure looks like you made an investment that's not going anywhere, what an astonishingly huge crash, xrp is donezo for good /s

lol puny faggot


If i had bought Ripple at 20 cents and only put in $140
I would literally fucking kill myself today
Jesus Christ user, you really missed your big opportunity

Ya pretty much. why would would you do this OP?

>bragging about +900

>buying XRP

you know there's nothing there right?

>does not know we're mooning again
lol fag

>decide to buy into xrp at ~0.25 on 12/20
>hmm, need BTC to transfer
>buy BTC at coinbase intending to transfer it to XRP
>find out there's a 7 day clearing period
>BTC price fluctuates wildly, lose a bunch of value
>get a new phone for Christmas
>on 12/27, coin clears while I'm on a skiing trip, try to log into coinbase and get put on a 48 hour hold for security purposes because I 2fa'd from a new device
>ripple moons while i'm fucked like this
>12/29 comes
>shapeshift my coin into ripple
>ripple shits itself
>BTC still in the process of transfer from coinbase, who knows what the price will be then
This market is so fucking easy to read, faggots like OP were such an easy mark, but i'm going to lose money anyway because of an infinite, uncountable number of random delays