Is it the dip now? $0.08

Just bought in big.

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welcome, my fellow big brained investors

I unironically hold 100k of these little niggers, hopefully it pays off, got in yesterday at 109

it's probably going to dip further
The dip coincided with BTC falling again

I bought about 14k at $.08, I'm ready to go moon walking Monday

Got in at 115 buterins, lets moon this motherfucker.

and xrp's explosion

What's Monday

I got justed last night. Bought at 128 fml.

Getting listed on the chink exchanges, get in while you can.

Actually it's a good time to buy.
Even for newfags.

I have sold on 0.11$ and waited for a dip like this

that's not even that bad. just hold for a few days and prepare to get PROFIT

kucoin is my moon chasing exchange so I guess im going all in. It doesn't seem like a shitcoin and NEO has been good to me

DBC has a slick website, that's what convinced me to buy. That, and the affiliation with Neo.

Kucoin Exchange has become my new favorite spot. 21 of you kucks have already used my referral link.

The key is to wait for monday, sell on top of the hype and buy more while awaiting till it will be on binance

>21 of you kucks have already used my referral link.

How much did you made or will make for that?

>tfw zero people have used mine

What coin m8?

How do you store it?

Accumulating another 50k, I'm all in...

Should I trade tron for this?

Deepbrain chain. Get in while it's cheap, it's getting listed on huobi this monday.

It's on cuckoin right now, use my ref: 1crgy

Good job user, i'm monitoring.
We finna be rich off these chinks.

No one’s used mine ;_; E3IX5m

What are you all talking about?
Nobody is buying this shit
all in my ass

you should trade tron for everything
ok maybe not btc

what fucking playform do you buy this shitty brain meme on

Kucoin. Witnessed.

How many coins are out there? No info anywhere.

china is actually a day ahead so it will be on huobi around 6pm sunday if you're in north america

Bought 4ETH worth yesterday, around 110 buterins

Godspeed anons. Let the gains flow through us.

>not reading the thread

Use my referral pls, user


Yeah looks really trustworthy and professional...

So basically exactly new years in europe. fuck.

bought huge in this dip

kk, I was going to use somebody else's who posted in this thread but you asked nicely.

looks exactly like binance.

binance looks just like that

good for you, hope you enjoy the bags LOL

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all in!

I don't follow, The presale was for $.0175 a token. You guys are going to lose your shirt buying at $.08.

Why would anyone invest in this, it looks like a total scam.

Do you need to be verified to withdraw on Kucoin?

Anything that claims to use AI to do anything is probably a scam. Anything that claims to do AI in cryptocurrency is definitely a scam.

That English. Holy shit this is the pajeetest of coins

ku coin is coolest coin

1d2by why don't you use my code

welp. Guess I'll hold off on this and go in on the Singularity net thing when that goes public

I wrote first but those quads though. All your coins will moon user!

it's a rocket ship, especially if you use my code


>ith a thcam
>nobody cud have A . Iii

Kekeke idiots, don't understand the potential of this. When it releases on chink site obviously they there will be a pump. If you don't want to hold it, fine sell the top. Neo backing
>Microsoft client

Might be a scam but if it helps build the Machine God I’m morally obligated to give money to it.

Somebody could. These scammers don't.

Hello basilisk-san

The coin has been out for less than a day, while the ICO itself was hyped as hell by neo.. this is a coin thats going to moon sooner or later.

Ref for buying on kucoin just in case : 1JHNa

Thanks, just bough 100k shares


Soon, but not yet. We'll see a tiny recovery here, then some more dip. That's when to enter.

If you did even 1 minute of research into it, to take the time to google it and actually read what it is about and who is behind it, you would understand it is absolutely not a scam, but because you're retarded you call anything a scam you don't understand and call it a day. I don't even get how some of you guys are this dumb it's pathetic.

Dunno if you're trollin but it's usually slow this time of day. Dunno why, would think the China men are up gambling. Anyways it picks up in the mornings , mooned a bit today.

I work in AI and I agree with this

they literally already have AI products, just without the blockchain component

Thanks, just bought another 100k shares

I did 1 minute of research. All I found was poor spelling and grammar, buzz words, and a solution in search of a problem.

The Neo Foundation invested 6 million in it, and they got a 5 million investment from a Chinese billionaire. Somehow they snuck their scam past these guys but fucktard mcgee over here on Veeky Forums biz was able to identify it as a scam just through his spidey sense. You are fucking retarded.

And people put 40B in BTC. Do you expect me to assume any of these numbers are based on rational decisions lmao


a non argument from a retard, keeping things consistent

They are fucking China men, you guys seriously think it's a scam just becase of the grammar and spelling. I am confident that is the reason you guys are afraid. Doesn't matter if their grammar is off you tards these guys are brilliant. I'm probably not doing a long term hold on this, but i see a potential to make some flips on the pumps. And there will be Pumps.... your loss fags

Ok, tell me about their AI project user. You know who else has an AI project? Enigma. You know how much money went into Enigma? A lot. Do you know what AI Enigma has? No AI. ICX has a whole AI team. Do you know AI they have? They don't have one. Tell me about the AI of this company please, and throw a GitHub link if they have one

Look out everyone, their team is SO GOOD, you might even say they are NERDY!!

don't be a fudster
it's a solid project::

>decentralized neural network
>actually it's just distributed cloud computing
>their team page doesn't exist

Look user... iExec has a team of actual PhDs and experts in cloud computing, and they work on distributed cloud computing as well. If you put money into this scam instead of iExec who has the single best team in crypto, you're just dumb and fall for retarded bullet lists from idiots

>>their team page doesn't exist
Did they change that today? Or was I reading about there team somewhere else?

I don't know user, their website is not even responsive, they don't have a source link on CMC, and I couldn't easily find a GitHub link. I don't pay much attention to shitcoins

I'm all in. Btc is getting fucking ridiculous.

NEO wallet. It's a NEO token.

>ENG is valued at 2.20
>DBC came out a day ago and is currently hovering at .07-.10$

Look user, I'm going to level with you, you're the first dissenter I would consider being critical of the project, and not just being a FUDfags about it.

If ENG was at .10 and came out days ago, I would be accumulating as much as possible as well. I'm a big fan of AI projects, they're more innovative than shit like fucking BNTY0x and Bazingacoins.

It just so happens DBC is the current coin that has a lot of room of growth potential, and I want to turn 4 figures into 5, and I believe this project has that opportunity to lift off within the week. Maybe even a solid long term hold, we'll see.

>poor spelling and grammar
the fuck did you expect from the Chinese?

I don't disagree that it can go up. It can go up because people are dumb and the market is retarded, but to believe this project will ever ship is delusional at best. If you're into pnd go ahead and try your luck, but it's only hype that can pump this bubble up and it will be gone without a trace overnight. Just like HST

fuck why does after 1 day after the dump, it still shows fucking -17%? Does this every show green?

Wait till 1/1 when it's available on the biggest Chinese exchange.

All you have to do is believe the hype, i don't know about you guys but i'm in it for the money. And i know 99% of biztards are in these investments for money. I believe these chinks will actually try to get this project working, will it deliver? Fuck if i know, AI block chain sounds insanely hard to create and form. Look how many of these shitcoins on CMC are exploding, they don't deliver shit. People believe the hype and the info they read. They will do the same with this.

get in early boys, you really wont regret it.
Get some KCS aswell, i'm 50/50 with this and KCS right now.

1JHNa ref just incase

Put money into IExec and let it sit for almost a year, exited with 50% losses.

No thanks faggot.

I'm also in for the money, but why would I risk money for shitcoin #13213 that can go under at any point when I can accumulate more XLM and REQ and be sure I can quit the market before 2019

It was listed on Kucoin and Lbank, those are small exchanges?

XLM sure, req just lol.

DBC is going to see a nice climb in the coming weeks, look at the reddit thread.

you just become a bagholder


I certainly did.


kek, friend XLM just now got a pump... after sitting there doing nothing for ages. And it didn't even stabilize, it dropped down after... i think it's a few cents more expensive than before now. You will be sitting on XLM for a long... long time. This is new on the block, meaning fresh hype. This can explode or it can sit stagnant like XLM. I'd take my gamble with this, HUOBI listing = chink gambling heaven.

we'll see m8y

Moon already ffs

just wait for monday then dump

Don't sit there watching it bruh lmao, It doesn't move at this time

Morning it gets action, also Monday is when real action should happen.

might grab some with my ripple gains, shill it to me, what does it do?

>Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Driven Computing Platform
>Backed by NEO Council
>Houbi listing On MONDAY
>Real world use cases are easy to identify in AI field
>The devs/team are all allegedly leaders/professionals in their team. They don't need to rely on marketing to go up because they have a quality platform + all of Asia in a cryptocurrency frenzy.
>DBC won the first prize in the business community of the SMP2017 Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation at Harbin Institute of Technology. More than 30 domestic top artificial intelligence teams participated in this competition.
>Received 32 million CNY of angel investment from Jinsha River Investment, Gobi Investment, and Chance Investment.
>DeepBrain skills platform has more than 1000 skills. It is the first manufacturer of an artificial intelligence skills platform in China.
>DBC has been worked for around 6 years -NEO is an official partner with DBC
>Their CEO and CMO had tons of experiences with AI, respectively overseeing the development of the world’s first artifical intelligence sound box and China's first cloud brain system, and the other the Director of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Shanghai. The team had also won first place in a competition of the enterprise sector of SMP2017, a Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation which had over 30 national top AI teams take part.
>More than 100 corporate clients and 200,000 users are already using the DeepChain platform, including Microsoft, Huawei, Lenovo, Siemens and Samsung. Building on their current product, the DeepBrain Chain will integrate existing data sets and indigenous AI skill applications into the ecosystem.

>They have a finished product