Tfw multimillionaire as of today

>tfw multimillionaire as of today
>still going to continue eating cup noodles, chef boyardee, and instant quaker oatmeal all day everyday
best timeline

nice, i'm a billionaire but i still drive my old corolla

Is this the LARP thread?


Take note newcomers. This is what we call a LARP thread. OP posted it because he's bored out of his god damned mind right now.

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Probably not larp. A lot of people have gotten there lately.

Im a multimillionaire but I havent told anybody. I still live my normal life.

Hello buffet

and im bill gates

im a multimillionaire but i still had muddbutt all day

money cant buy everything folks

I've almost broken 10 thousand.
My goal is to get to 50k.
A million sounds impossible.

How long should it take me?

I want to cash out 2m, but something tells me there is more to get. Greediness is keeping my poor life increase more and more. I haven't quit my job tho.

Very nice user.

Cash out 1m for the round number. Keep rest invested.

>be cryptomillionaire
Life is still pretty much the same except for the odd purchase every now and then. I can't imagine a serious lifestyle change until I hit 8 figs, or start something that earns me at least 15k a month

Comfy thread. Good for you, don't let the newfags bring you down. I'm right behind at 800k after starting with $200 2 years ago. Funny thing is that most of my friends come from money in the multimillions too and they do the same like driving old civics and wearing the same torn jeans everyday. Only times I remember how much they actually have is when they spontaneously decide to take an international trip and offer to pay for me to join them.

My dudes, I just want 400k to pay all my shit off. I have a car already, I want this house paid off for, some savings, and a nice computer that doesn't lag when trading/designing/mapping.

I guess it gets easier once you have more and more?
If you put 100 btc on a 30% pump you walk away wirh 130 btc

It's funny how you can really tell who the new money in crypto is by the way they react in this thread. Congrats OP. I maintained my lifestyle too but treat myself to the occasional luxury of my old habits. Maybe you can import order limited edition cup noodles now or go to Japan to try different flavors.

>save up millions
>eat like shit and die of cancer anyways
why bother

warren buffet of crypto

Millionaire here, waiting to cash out my 36 liters of saved jizz when the market feels right.

>TFW billionare but still eat muh tendies and play vidya all day
comfy desu

As soon I'll be millionaire, I'll fly to Canada and give, physically, roses to my lover (male).

Recently became a millionaire, gave 90% of it away to refugee charities and to single white women with mixed race babies. I feel like I did a good thing desu

>>still going to continue eating cup noodles, chef boyardee, and instant quaker oatmeal all day everyday

and then die of high blood pressure and kidney failure before you can enjoy your millions

nice job dumbass kike

Nice OP same except I'm only 1/4 of the way to a millonaire :(

I will always always always be a cheap Jew

user cash out your poorfags investment amount in traditional retirement accounts please

I don't want to see my anons forgetting their wallet passwords. Be conservative, everyone is cocky in a bull market

I'm actually a trillionaire but I still live on the streets in a cardboard box. I only have a hot meal once every week.

Im actually a gorillionaire and Im not even alive anymore

seriously, sell your ripple while you still can.

Yes, no one could have possibly become a multimillionaire after investing in something that can easily 300x its initial value.