Just bought more XRB. All in. It looks like its holding well after its recent massive climb...

Just bought more XRB. All in. It looks like its holding well after its recent massive climb. I think its going to keep moving at a healthy rate. This one is strong.

Also do not support/trade Ripple. Fuck those faggots. Ripple boys stay the fuck out.


If XRP wins then the true meaning of crypto is lost forever. Its up to us traders to decide the world's fate. You'll trade your XRP for literally anything else (while its still high) if you're not a dog-dick sucking fuckhead willing to sacrifice true freedom for some temporary gains.

>false dichotomy
>but Ripple literally does nothing useful

Where does one buy this piece of shit and why is it not on binance

btw fuck all ripple buyers, worthless kike dick sucking faggots

Centralized shitcoin controlled by banks with horrendous distribution
Decentralized god coin with Somolion child distribution

Hmm, really makes you thonk


Its on the comeup. It will be in all major exchanges next year. Get it on Bitgrail while its below $100 and harder for normies to aquire. Once it actually is on Binance and Bittrex etc it will go from being Top 20 to Top 10 easily.

Banks have more money than politically concerned anons do so they can pump/invest in whatever they like. You as a political user being in or out of XRP with your measly few thousand dollars or whatever will not affect it's success or failure. So die on that cross if you want, or go where the money goes and get rich. Your choice.

DAG > Jew Bank Coin

Pic related, XRB is your new god late 2018

People like you are the reason we can't and won't have nice things. I want you to get hurt

shitcoin dropped $2 since OP bought it

BTC dipped. It's price in sats is steady

>top 15 mcap
anyone who still buys this is legit retarded

Their shit was hacked earlier today >look at their subredit

Look at OP this poor faggot.

I liquidated all my ETH (~1500) and bought XRP at 0.4USD.

Gonna buy back into ETH when XRP reaches $3 tomorrow. That'll be 11K+ ETH thankyouverymuchsire.


>>Highly decentralized. Even a normalfag with a decent internet connection can run a node.
>Absolutely feeless and free.
>Fast transactions (a few seconds)
>High throughput (1000+ tps)
>Fairly distributed via faucet (no premine or "foundation" keeping most of it)
>Hit $2 billion marketcap appearing only on an obscure exchange.
>Developers adhere to "do one thing and do it well" and aren't fapping over non-existent bullshit like lightning network, smart contracts, etc. It works today!
>Not ran by refugee circle jerking SJW devs.
>Has been around for 4 years.
>Has been proven non impacted during altcoin/bitcoin dumps.
>Lead Dev and Creator Colin has worked as a Dev for QualComm, Dell, AMD, and others; working on cutting edge work.

Common FUD that has no backing:
>It'll dump when it hits exchanges. - We rarely see this in altcoins unless it's post ICO at a premium. Currently has $50 million in volume a day, not that low of a volume coin, has had plenty of dumps and immediate pumps.
>Double Spend Rumor - Some faggot keeps fudding this on reddit and github, Devs have offered massive bounties for any bugs, he refuses to back it up when called on it.
>Spam - Not really a MASSIVE issue like it was with IOTA. XRB allows for minimum receipt limits, and transaction limits by node operators.
>Don't buy at an ATH - It's constantly at a new ATH. So essentially you will never be able to buy it and you WILL miss out. Sorry you didnt get it at under a dollar, you're still going to make money buying now.
>Artificial Shortage because of Exchange - Not really, constantly has order books that are deep enough to support $50 million in volume. Once in a while someone does dump, but IMMEDIATELY it is pumped right back to a new ATH. The rich list shows nearly no wallets with more than 1% of total circ supply.
You are literally missing out on the next top 10 coin. I don't know what else to tell you if you havent bought already other than stay poor...

not even shilling - this coin is saving my portfolio right now.

I'm on the subreddit, don't see shit. That hack was FUD created by FOMOers on Veeky Forums

Look Veeky Forums I love you guys, so I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. This coin is going to be in the top 10 by the end of January next year. You haven't missed out yet. Buy some and try it out. If you don't think it's the greatest thing you have ever witnessed, just sell it and move on. But try it and you'll be a true believer. Notice how I'm not telling you about some future partnership that might happen in one year but instead I'm telling you to go try the coin? That's because this shit is 100% the real deal.


You didn't miss out yet. Don't be salty. Just hop on with us.