How many alts someone with slightly less than 1 btc should be hodling? Going all in everytime is not working

How many alts someone with slightly less than 1 btc should be hodling? Going all in everytime is not working.

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I'm currently holding 5 my man. 2 for long term gains and a couple short

i would say 3 or 4 long term safe bets and keep a stack for daytrading if you're into that stuff

I Have six, got 2 for flipping shitcoins before they pump and 4 currently holding.

i only have about 2 btc in and i'm in 7 coins right now (6 if you dont count usd). i watch the markets and usually make 2 or 3 trades per week. 250% since mid november. not the biggest gains you will hear of but pretty comfy.

and when I say "I watch the markets" I mean I read the shilling and fud and basically trade based on that

I have 11, but I'm contemplating about selling others. XRP, ADA, XLM have mooned, and I have them, but I only have quite a small profit since I'm also holding 8 more alts that didn't moon / down trending.

then again, more diversification = less risk exposure. but hey if you want to play risky dicksy then hold 3 or less coins.

Holding too many alts could be risky aswel

I know. I might just short 4 or 5 of them after their moon missions and never come back to them again.

You should try all in at the start, diversifying at low money is weak gains, just find something comfy and ride in it for a while then spread out later. KCS is a good pick for that, you get dividends every day for how much you own + the current trade price, so you gain money just by owning them really.

Throwing at a referral link just in case, helps both of us really : 1JHNa

I have three , I don't wanna go all in but I put my money in good projects. Something I won't lose sleep over.

Depends on how much trading you want to be doing and how much you can handle fluctuations.

I only hold 3, I have 2 btc


I've stopped buying released coins and just spend my money on promising ICO's. Crypto is so fucking stupid atm that any shitcoin with a half-decent future jumps up 400%- 500% then "crashes" down to 200% on it's first day of exchange. I usually sell 30% then hodl the rest. Get on LHToken user. I've already thrown a disgusting amount of ETH at this. It’s an already established and profitable business, guaranteeing 20% annually, monthly ETH dividends. You can even use it yourself to invest in forex if that sort of thing gets you hard. Top 100 by EOY 2018 no doubt.

I went for a lot. Just gonna hold them for a year or so. Every time I sell after some profit they moon without me. Last one: sold 2000 ripple at 7000 sats.

Makes no sense to diversify in crypto. Buy good coins and that’s it. Keep a stack to day trade if you want to do that shit. This isn’t the stock market, diversification isn’t really even possible.

youre never going to make it

good luck

4 or 5 coins in the lowest valued highest volume coins, trading multiple times a day when things are favourable. I use relative rates of change, arbitrage calc on excel with trades recorded. I put in 6k in my currncy at 16k now. My curency is almost the sam as sat lol

>diversification isn’t really even possible

*breaths in*


>Makes no sense to diversify in crypto