Kucoin Dividends

Anyone check out their kucoin rewards? Its crazy! Better get more during this dip before people realize how crazy it is!

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It really is crazy.
It's... extremely comfy.
I recommend investing in it for sure. Hopefully Kucoin's popularity keeps rising (AND they get better servers, ugh.)
My ref code is 1du7Q for anyone who wants to use it. It gives us both bonuses.
Thank you.

all inn'd on it a while ago, don't regret it at all, might just be a lucky streak but its comfy so far.
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Just to fill people in:
If you own Kucoin shares ($3 atm), you get a % of all fees traded on each coin on their exchange. So the more people trade, the more you make. It’s paid out in that coin so you will never miss a moon.


just signed up. ready for the party!

Ok ...
Here is my code: 1et6r
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Ty and good luck my dudes

i have 4400 kcs and get paid dick all. wtf you faggots on about?


Actually legit.. gl pals


you're missing the point. Its going to grow exponentially as soon as more people come onto this exchange, especially when XRB hits it.

So, as a Chinese exchange... Do they mean "Ku" as in "凉" because that makes it sound like a scam... Or as in "骷" because then it just sounds like they're playing off the success of Etherium?

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got $0.13/day for 214, maybe you just don’t understand what’s going on. Click Explore>kucoin bonus on the top bar. You should have a small fraction of every coin they trade.

kucoin ftw

got 2k coooomfy

in what do they pay you? i cant find the answer to this question

in KCS itself mate

ref incase 1JHNa

this is not susatainable then since there is a fixed aupply

They pay you in the respective coin. If you look at your assets you’ll see you have a small fraction of everything. You can check the amounts by going to Explore > Kucoin bonus on the top navigation bar.



lets get this train rollin'


this guy doesn't even know how the exchange works and wants a ref lmao

kucoin is shitty

Cant you just make 100s of fake accounts with your original ref? 1b6yg


They pay you in every coin based on the coin's daily volume * KCS held. It's pretty simple. I'm holding a few hundred dollars worth of KCS and getting a few cents a day of each listed coin. Some I will keep and some I will shuffle around. There are gains implications from shuffling around things though, so be careful.

Pretty good

If you havent signed up, help an user out 1hQ37

How can I be sure Kucoin is safe exchange? Have seen it shilled here relentlessly. Came out of nowhere. What are its credentials.

Shill me on cuck coin.

What are the returns like per 1 eth?

or 1k or whatever, give me a daily returns %?

Some people are saying it's like 50cents a day or soemthing?


kucoin is the shit

I am a bit in love with this exchange. I use it more than Bittrex. Love all the new coins on it, making my some big bucks. ETHLend, Substratum, DragonChain, DeepBrain etc... They have BTC, ETH, KCS, USDT & NEO trading pairs. But please don't let anymore people know about the exchange - I NEED MORE KCS! My reference - E3dDYA

50% of the trading fee on any coin that is traded
ref : 1JHNa

The CEO of KuCoin is the CEO of AliBaba. You are safe. They have great customer service as well. They reply within a few hours... And in English.

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shill dem kucoins

>Ceo of AliBaba
fake news retard

All in at what price? I was thinking about it when I got the 5 for free and it was like 50 cents. Fuuuck couldve been so rich. Only reason I didnt do it was because somebody on here called in "cuckcoin"

at .75. I was a bit hesistant at the time but i've slowly grown more and more confidence in when I started seeing kucoin coins being posted on Veeky Forums I knew it was going to grow

cos of the ponzi referal, and bounty0x 100x gains dreamcoin shit. But god dam huge fucking withdrawl fees. pajeetXchange.



Every day you get a really small ammount of each coin the exchange has. Pic related is holding KCS for these last two days. kucoinshares.com has a calculator. Keep in the mind the ammount will increase as people start using the exchange. Hopefully.

Also, 1af72.

who has the time to even make these memes

Quick math for the retarded:
50% of all trade fees are reserved for Kucoin (KCS) holders. You get a portion of the fees based on how much Kucoin you own.
100 KCS = ~$0.05/day for current volume
Kucoin is still a small exchange. If we compare the volume of Kucoin vs Binance, Binance has 50 times volume. That means the more Kucoin grows, the more you'll make. If Kucoin (the exchange) traded at the same volume as Bianance it would look like this:
100 KCS = $2.50/day
Right now, KCS is only $3, and its only going to go UP once people realize how crazy this is.

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cool! after 10 years you'll finally have enough to be worth withdrawing! only.. the withdrawal fees will eat all those free gains. back to square 1.



united we stand

I'm pretty sure it was Jack Ma who said that stupid gweilo will call any kind of referral marketing scheme a pyramid even though it's clearly the most effective way to capture the network effect to spread awareness.
It's silly trying to just be a negative nancy against a force like this where they're giving people such a strong incentive to spread the good word, filter threads if you're sick of it though.


They pay you a small percentage of every coin transaction according to your KCS holdings. It'll appear in the coins respective wallet in your account.

If you only have a small amount of KCS it's not a lot (although some will go up in value over time), but it's a nice bonus and there's definitely some value in there.

If you're not holding at least $100 USD worth I wouldn't bother.

And of course, anyone can feel free to use my referral code for some bonuses when you sign up:


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No, because the referral bonuses are based on how many trades your referrals make.

If they make no trades you won't get any bonuses.

You can calculate it using this site:


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To the moon soon lads! 1a4RH

Am I thinking straight.

currently 100 KCS is about $250.
at an exchange volume of ~$50M, you make $0.06 in dividends/100KCS/day.

Binance has a volume of over $4000M.

When/if KuCoin reaches that does that mean ill be making (4000/50)*0.06= $4.8/day with just $250, aka a sub 2month ROI?

This really activates my almonds user.

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I'm not seeing the value proposition friendos.

10k KCS costs around 27.5k USD.
Right now that gets you $6.3 USD a day or $189 a month. If the volume x50's to binances

It's $315 a day / $9450 a month

This seems like a lot, but this is crypto where things are constantly mooning. I guess it would be worth it if you don't want to pay attention to the market.

I’m trying to not drink the kool aid from this since it seems too good. Easiest way to diversify your portfolio and for the most part make decent gains without having to fucking check blockfolio every second. My only caveat is having like 10k worth of KCS just hanging out on their exchange

Except you're not getting USD, you're getting crypto assets which are the things that are mooning. Don't you see user?

This is true, I might buy some