>The recent infusion of normies has made worthless coins like Ripple and Verge pump
>These coins have good normie branding (fidget spinner, “wraith protocol”) but no business or end user will ever rely on them for any invaluable service
>normies at work investing in them bc they like name/concept

Should we start to think like normies, and invest in coins for superficial reasons, then dump them to leave normies holding the bags?

Value investing in true coins like Monero is less profitable than the gimmicks

The market is irrational start thinking like a normie and buy up all the top 10 marketcap coins what are sub dollar per coin (ie, ADA and XLM).

>> Fidget spinner
My sides

>worthless coins like Ripple
nigger its better than btc alone

Verge crashed faster because it reached its potential with stupid negros and drugdealers

Ripple is being manipulated by whales one last time and they're eating all the normie money atm

Dafuq does it do better than Visa

It doesn't, which begs the question why ripple over visa? Both are centralised.

We're entering a transition into a fundamentals-favoring market, because a lot of normies are about to get rekt out of the market. Hold your solid projects.

Ripple is actually superior to every coin.

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-The current transaction cost for a standard transaction is just 0.00001 XRP.

-The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

-Ripple doesn't use proof-of-work anywhere which requires inflation and/or outrageous fees (as in Bitcoin)

-Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power (currently it's a chinese company called Bitmain). With Ripple, you can run your own validator and setup your own trusted validators list. 10s of non related reputable public and private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., MIT, Microsoft, ..etc), many more keep joining.

-The software is open-source (Stellar was a fork of Ripple).

and it's the future of payments.

why do u dickbrains think ripple is useless? I know you guys hate it but saying it wont surpass bitcoin is delusion of the highest order.

Please stop spamming this

>but saying it wont surpass bitcoin is delusion of the highest order

It will dethrone Bitcoin in 2018. Bitcoin is dying. Merchants are dropping it and no one using it for payments anymore. It's nothing but a speculative bubble now. PoW is a broken garbage that relies on inflation or outrageous fees.

XRP will actually be used in real world. It will penetrate markets measured in trillions, not billions.

The supply isn't fixed so you're a retard who doesn't know what he is talking about. The ripple organization can create more ripple whenever they want and PLANS to do so at a rate of about 2.5% a year.

How are transactions confirmed then, smart guy?

I'll stop when this becomes common knowledge, I know it's annoying as fuck

you have to do better than that if you want us to sell below $5

validators agree on the order of the transactions. a threshold of 80% is required.

All in bazingacoin!!


-One company has more than 50% of the hashpower (Bitmain)
-One oppressive country has more than 50% of hashpower (China)
-One company has a monopoly on creating efficient ASIC Bitcoin miners thanks to patents (Bitmain)

-10s of validators run by reputable non-related public and private entities in different countries (e.g., Microsoft, MIT, CGI, WorldLink, Telindus-Proximus Group, Bahnhof, ...)
-At least 80% of validators must agree for a ledger to be validated
-double spending not possible
-Anyone can run a validator and use his own list of validators

What did they mean by this?

>>These coins have good normie branding (fidget spinner

Why does everyone here think everyone off Veeky Forums has an IQ of 45? Is that how you make yourself feel more intelligent?

this would make the most sense lel

Visa costs merchants 3-5%

It fucks over small businesses. Banks make a killing from fees. XRP is fuckton lower.

Sorry, depends on the country, but it can get really high.

So it's with BTC or XRP?
BTC is obsolete due to the reasons you have mentioned. However this is a false dichotomy as there are hundreds of projects better than both XRP and BTC.
You must be holding (((their))) bags.
XRB and other DAG coins will be yuge in 2018. LINK is going to be yuge.
XRP is either going to get dumped so that (((they))) can efficiently enter the crypto market or the coin will be the new standard and we are all fucked.

Get REQ and LINK before the normies catch onto that too like they did with fidget spinners. Normies love Rhett and Link, will see REQ and LINK, and automatically make the connection.

Have you ever met a fucking normie, user?

your gravy train is over faggots

get fucked

The market is what the market is, m8. What you want it to be is irrelevant, regardless of how valid your opinions are. It is what it is. Observe it. Learn it. Make money. That's it. Your opinion doesn't matter, even if it's the smartest thing in the world.

>entire thing is premined
>60% owned by banks
>better than btc
How many pitbulls do you own Cleetus?

>t. bloomberg shekelgoldeneverythread

>tfw holding xmr and bch

We need a board split. Ripple and DAG faggots can keep Veeky Forums for their centralized banker tokens. Veeky Forums needs a /crypto/ board. I can't believe these kikes have done it yet again.

Everybody I've met who admits they use Veeky Forums has been pretty smart.

>PoW is a broken garbage that relies on inflation or outrageous fees
Yes on Segwit which Blockstream made sure would have tiny blocks to make people look to alternatives.

Ripple is nothing more than a centralized payment system. It's not a fucking crypto and it never will be. Any system that relies on trust and not protocol isn't a fucking crypto.


>10s of validators
Okay thanks Jamie Dimon. Glad we're trusting the kikes again.

>admitting to anyone under any circumstances ever that you visit Veeky Forums
One and only one

I think its okay, as long as its obvious the other person also browses. I never make it known, its always the other person.

If someone drops a meme I pretend I didn't notice. It seems like the polite thing to do.

Thats for swiped. For non swiped it doubles.

Visa costs that much because that's their profit margin.

If they were facing serious competition they could lower that.

The real question is cost of operation.

Is it easier to do some complex interaction with the SWIFT network, throw in blockchain for hype, write to a ledger that is private/public.. do protocol bridges...

Or is it easier as Visa to change change numbers in a private SQL database lmao.

If it comes to a cost war, Ripple WILL lose.
If it comes to a speed war.. Ripple WILL lose.
If it comes to a concurrency war, Ripple WILL lose.

However.. if it comes to which coin does the best job of seperating normies from their bitcoin/Ether into bank coffers? Ripple takes the cake.

fuck your centralized jew coin! kys!

I know how it is. The weird thing of it all is, when you meet somebody who browses Veeky Forums you realize that all the sick shit you've seen they've seen as well which makes it kind of awkward. I mean, people talking about masturbating, loli anime all over the place, ponies, gore pics, poo poo pee pee etc you know they're familiar with it all and that weirds me out.

You never know they could be the kind of fucko who circlejerks their waifu in a Veeky Forums thread all day and I don't want to associate with that shit.

>superior to every coin
Can Ripple run smart contracts?

Can Ripple issue colored coins and ICOs?

Can you issue your own asset on Ripple?

Can you exchange ANY asset for ANY other asset on top of Ripples block chain while automatically finding the best rate possible through multiple hops?

Once the market settles or crashes, shitcoins with no utility will die off and retarded normies that FOMO'd in will neck themselves.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all talk and no action. Boring.

Exactly. It's like if someone starts talking about two girls one cup. The safest course of action is to feign ignorance and quickly change the subject. What has been seen can never be unseen.

>doesnt understand that youre the normies
if you think crypto has any long term value think again

XRP is owned by the fucking banks, welcome to the matrix

PoW isn't broken. PoS is broken. PoW is the only proof system that works even in a quantum computing scenario. PoS will be 100% broken by then.

not an argument, enjoy being left behind.

>Value investing in true coins like Monero is less profitable than the gimmicks

this is good

Dafuq LTC has more tx/s than BCH? BCH could scale to 1000 easily by increasing blocks and squeazing more into them.

retard here trying to make it
when signing up for coinbase should i create a new separate "burner" email address, like gmail or something, instead of one of my personal ones?
once i get money into coinbase should i move it to a wallet in a different exchange so my transactions aren't being tracked?

>XRP will actually be used in real world. It will penetrate markets measured in trillions, not billions.
But what the fuck does the XRP DO?! In a BTC like cryptocoin the token is the currency itself, but what does XRP tokens do? They aren't the currency, they aren't used for anything. BTC like cryptos have value because they aren't controlled by any central authority (and if the code changes fundamentally you fork it), and if you don't understand that you're braindead.

see Normies litrally just accept everything that’s presented to them without any question of their own assumptions, unwilling to research anything and generally cannot grasp abstract concepts and espexially something like crypto

why does it matter what thje price of the coin is. if its up 20% you're up 20% no matter if you've got half a coin, or a million

I'd say go into it assuming you'll wind up having to pay taxes on your gains. It's less stressful than trying to be all cloak and dagger. Anonymous crypto is a meme for most coins, and you'll probably wind up having to cash out into a legit bank account via traceable coins someday anyway.


Because it's a Centralized Decentralized network.


Thank you. Still got a lot of reading to do

I assume because normies see low entry as more gains.

Wait, so when I tap instead of swipe the retailer pays double the fee? What the fuck?

They fucked up?

Buying shitcoins is not investing, it is pure speculation.

Mostly true. I consider Monero an exception. At the very least you are investing RIGHT NOW in the power of cocaine.


Normies are too stupid to understand this

>begs the question

learn what words mean faggot

It's hard to think like a "normie" retard. One possible way is to drink copious amounts of alcohol before scanning coinmarketcap for ideas.