Beat this long term portfolio for 2018

25% BTC
25% LTC
25% ETH
25% XMR
>pro tip: you cant

Or life on easy mode
20% BTC
20% LTC
20% ETH
20% XMR
20% OMG

That's easy, user.
100% clonky lonkies

100% link

go back to redit with that retardfolio

15% BTC
15% ETH
15% NEO
10% XLM
10% XRP
5% XMR
10% OMG
5% KNC
5% ZEN
5% BAT
5% GAS
5% WTC

Switch LTC for XRB

Otherwise I like it

that is autistic as heck man, get ahold of yourself

You meant 70% XMR, 20% LTC, 10% BTC. Right?

>20% XMR
>30% FUN
>30% XRP
>20% ETH
All you need

drop btc, drop ltc
if you haven't realized that btc is outdated by now, you don't understand crypto. Also Charlie Lee cucked his own coin, better money to be made elsewhere.

>reverse mooning to the core
imagine trying to get any gains out of that

This. Perfection


Guarantee triple investment

>long term
Is this short hand for "less gains"? Because it'd be pretty easy to top that portfolio in terms of pure % gains.

>putting equal proportions into coins with different average returns and variances
>not considering correlation between coins, market, and portfolio as a whole

stop trying to “build” a portfolio. rounded proportions or dollar amounts makes you look like a neet

Replace OMG with NEO and you're good to go

absolutely this.

IMHO, the only high market cap coins worth holding are BCH and XMR. Maybe ETH. ByteBall, XRB and ARDR while not necassarily high cap, are safe as hell too.

sick gainz

this, portfolios should always be dynamically allocated to accommodate for the ever changing environments and series of events (partnerships, developments and news in general).

NEO is good too

50% NEM
15% XMR
10%% LTC
10% ETH
5% NEO
3% SC
2% DNT

How do you fucks not know what NEM is? Seriously look into it now or jump off a bridge later when 10k nem was only 10k and not 100k or 1m. This shitcoin is going to make bitcoin and eth obsolete. ETH and LTC only make the list by being namebrand crypto's and potential growth is more than btc.

50% XRP
50% XLM

ETH can't scale so why are you guys into it? ADA is ETH but can be scaled.

No it means its a portfolio you dont trade or think about, you just sit there.
>They've never heard of the permanent portfolio

ADA is a concept, ETH is a working product.

>don't trade or think about
Have fun with your annual ROI that will be 1/100 of mine, and most other Veeky Forumsnessmen.

>permanent portfolio
We've heard of it, it's just retarded.

>Have fun with your annual ROI that will be 1/100 of mine, and most other Veeky Forumsnessmen.
You wont 100x my roi though.

The dinosaurs of crypto, have fun with that in 2018 ya fukin oldfeg

Enjoy the shitcoins and PnD kid.

100% XRP

With the investment plan you've listed, I stand a very good chance of doing so.

Why did you make this thread if you aren't open to suggestions anyway, brainlet?

I am open to realistic suggestions, not autistic neets telling me they will go 100x over my gains which will be anywhere from 15-30x.


And also I am already holding over 300k usd value, so I dont need insane moon missions I would rather get a safer 15x or ever a 3-5x.

Why are you so autistically sensitive to hyperbole?

BTC and LTC are overbought and practically dead in the water. ETH may or may not be in the same situation. I'd recommend going bigger on XMR. With the choices you've outlined I'd be very suprised if you got 10x ROI EOY, let alone your extremely optimistic estimate of 15-30x.

I'd also recommend looking at BCH, XRB, NEO, GBYTE, ARDR for higher cap, relatively safe coins with potentially massive payoff and unironically sprinkle (5%-25% depending on your risk preference) in a few low market cap coins like LINK, REQ, RCN, QSP, ZRX, RDN, etc...

Im not that sensitive bro just enjoy some bantz. Like I said though I dont want a huge amount of risk. If i can eek out a measly 10x over a year Im sitting on 3-4 million. But why are you saying LINK isnt that essentially a dead coin?

LINK is an underhyped coin, but it's the farthest thing from dead. I would certainly recommend downsizing from 50% of your folio being in BTC and LTC.

>not going all in on shitcoins making 100-3000% gains

i am a poorfag so no other choice, will never know that sit back and chill long term strategy. I’m here to make money as fast as possible, it’s my only option.

Drop that BTC while idiots are still buying

Btc + bch and I'll agree.

For 2018 HODLs i'm going for
30% XMR (potential all-in coin)
30% ETH
20% XLM
10% IOTA (still not on many exchanges)
10% BTC (still the king, should at least have a little)

I'll have about 90% of my crypto money in these, and 10% in shit coins that I will day trade for PnDs