I could listen to him talk about Bitcoin Cash all day :)

I could listen to him talk about Bitcoin Cash all day :)

How's that felon dick taste?


Corecucks only have ad hominems

bcore is not the real bitcoin

>Corecucks only have ad hominems
>ad hominems
Dumb Bcashie.

Real traders dont care about either, they are both bound to fail eventually, which will bring the second crypto winter

Who will Bcore cucks blame when Ripple overtakes them? Still Ver?

You'd probably eat his ass too

>implying being a cuck is actually considered an ad hominem to a corecuck

>them cordless ishits


Cash is better then cripple ripple anyday, now that you made that mess i hope you like it, see you after your in third place

>ITT delusion core cucks argue against scaling while ripple dethrones them

Real traders use ETH.


thats why im accumulating eth like crazy, store of value

>Black chord
>White whole
What did they mean by this?

ripple is a bank token not a crypto currency corecuck

When will it moon? When will it overtake BTC?


Sometime in 2018

The more I listen to the BTC vs BCH debate, the more I realize that BTC is a steaming pile of shit. Corecucks and Rippletards should be drowned.

Nice try, roger. And it's Bcash.

Bcash > Bcore

unironically this

bcash is superior, the market will reflect this eventually

I fucking love bitcoin cash! Comfy af holding my coins

they're both shit and eventually the market will reflect that

Are you trolling? 99% of coins are outright scams with no prospects. People have no idea what the coins even supposed to do m8, they just buy what everyone else's buying. No body gives a fuck if your coin is real .

it really shows that the bitcoin cash community only has people like roger ver to rally around, a person who was hated by the entire bitcoin community only 3-4 years ago.

he's definitely good at taking advantage of people that don't know his history in this space though, to his credit.

Troll. Even Gavin Adersen, SN's disciple is a BCH supporter and works on it.

>more corecuck FUD