BitcoinPrivate price predictions?

I say $300 out the gate, 1 week to $1k and eventually overtaking BCH in a few months.


All bitcoin products are fucking trash m8. Enjoy your ridiculous fees and 1 week transfer times

What is this and why?

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Keep pumping the original shitcoin, bitcoin

He's right, Bitcoin as it is is trash, and unless it's reworked from the ground up or someone comes up with a legit solution to tx speed / fees then some shitty fork is useless

It's the new forking coin in January.


Because currently 1 BTC = 1 BTCP during fork, but if you buy ZCL for $80 you get 1 BTCP too.

So buy ZCL cheap and get 15k forked coin for a fraction of the price.

Even Bitcoin Gold trades at $300. It's a no brainer.

hahahahahahaha you will all bow to the king eventually

its called lightning network do some research you fuckwits

>lightning network

Never knew lightning took a week to strike

You say that, but do you even know how the lightning network works?

In any case, yes, the lightning network is Bitcoin's last chance. It's got its upsides and downsides, and if things don't pan out well then Bitcoin is 100% sunk

This is satoshis original vision.

>thinks lightning network is out yet

just wait .. just fucking wait

bitcoin will forever be king.
first mover advantage
everyone and their mother has heard of bitcoin

BTCP will be THE private currency

yes. I fucking do know how it works
do you ? or did you just buy your first .01 btc yesterday?

How do i get bitcoin private? Newbie here

>everyone and their mom has heard of btc

I know, that is why I sold. Enjoy the crash m8


Hold 1 BTC or 1 ZCL during fork.

btc was 1/2 the price ~7k 1.5 months ago


kys moron

Do we know exactly when the fork takes place?

In January. No exact date yet.

I assume it will be revealed soon, possibly with their new website and exchange support information.

Cheers my knee grow :) will do!

IF ONLY they forked BCH, or at least made this thing have bigger blocks. Then it would BTFO both BCH and BTC. As it is it's just going to be a slower BTC, but I'm all in nonetheless.

As it is, BCH devs are looking into implementing Zk-snarks anyhow.





another shitcoin with bitcoin in its name

Wow lots of salty no coiners in this thread. No matter how much you FUD to cope, you can’t beat simple math. Shittiest BTC forks ever are $300 and this is sub $100. Enjoy your poverty

can you receive the fork coin on shittrex?

Would bittrex support the fork ?

Bittrex has supported every fork, it is almost certain they will.

Haha only advantage to holding bcore is to get free tokens almost like coupons old ladies get at grocery store

Why would you assume this will be 300 when it's also forking from an 80 dollar coin. The others forked only from bitcoin

I agree it's probably a solid investment rn but you are delusional if you think it's guaranteed to start at 300

let me help you because i dislike ignorance.

bitcoin private will be issued on a 1:1 ratio to both Z classic and Bitcoin Holders.


you can either pay $14000 for a btc to get 1 Bitcoin private
or you can pay $80+ for a zclassic and also get 1 bitcoinn private

Day 1: 400 day 2: 1400 Day 3: 125

Week 6: 1500

lol keep selling faggots. i keep scoring coins under $80 lol

What's the catch?

Free money now hush and buy zcl

300 is/was for a barely popular fork from BTC: this coin actually has potential.

Do the math: even HALF the marketcap of bitcoincash would place Bitcoinprivate at ~1100$(yes with the additional zclassic coins added to btc)

Now we add that Zclassic doesn't have all that many coins for sale at all(go check the exchanges): this shit has only just begon its course to the andromeda galaxy:

And then the fork gets canceled, kek.

Then I lose some pennies

Or I gain some benjis

Stay poor

shouldnt you be preparing that pink wojak folder vergin?

You'd have to be a brainlet to not buy this shit.

Thank just bought 100k more

I think most of them are just trying to get in cheap
let's face it, shitty fork like bitcoin gold and super bitcoins can reach $300 while a lot people oppose them, call them scam/money grab etc.

A conservative estimation for BTCP at 200 is still a massive profit for investor.

I have follow Rhett and his team progress in telegram and github, they are working their hardest.

And whale is manipulatiing the price, flashing fake sell wall since yesterday. They know once the thing announced, the fomo will be insane. So far they are have some success, shake out weak hands.

It's forking from BOTH BTC and ZCL.

200$ actually( Super bitcoin )

1 super btc =couple hundred ETP or 1BTC. I think its gonna be similar

Not really similar at all since ZLC has a 1:1 ratio with BTCP

Roughly when is fork meant to be?

Some people have been saying that bitcoin private will have the same privacy as monero (not optional anonymity, but mandatory).

Is this likely to be true? Does anyone know the original source for this?

It's going to have the same privacy as ZCash, which is ZK-snarks. Arguably better than Monero

you must shit on a street.

I realize that. My point is the fact it's 1:1 with a shit coin (in addition to bitcoin) means it will almost certainly be worth less than pure bitcoin forks that are ONLY 1:1 with bitcoin itself

ZCL has less than a 2 million supply so it won't have much impact on the overall price of BTCP, seeing as it will make up roughly 1/8th of the total supply. You're also forgetting that people are hyped on privacy coins right now, in my mind even with 2 million more coins than BTG it will likely outperform BTG simply because it's more desirable.

That is a good point about the overall supply of zcl, hadn't considered that

Fuck. i`ve litterally missed all btc forks, because like retard. I have always thought these shit forks would be cheap as fuck. i am not going to miss this one.
80$ per zcl is still good price or should i wait for dip? Damn, why i didn`t buy this week ago?

The audacity of you fucking retards. You come here sharing tips and analysis of crypto, when it's just a roll of the fucking dice. You're like a sad old booze hound that thinks he's got a great method for winning the coin slots. You all think you're Jordan Belfort. If you weren't £1000 deep in crypto by 2014 you're a fucking victim. If you haven't already lost most of your money, you're going to at one point. Even the photos you post of your "14k portfolio", you're not kidding anyone. Spend 10k, up 4k one day, down 4k the next. This should not be a business and finance thread it should be a help thread for problem gamblers. You're fucking pathetic. You're lazy. You have nothing going in in life. That's why you choose crypto currency. You're all too lazy to invest in real business ventures. Take me for example, a real entrepreneur. I've been buying and selling cars since I was 17. It's paid my bills for 6 years. Just this morning I bought a "spares or repairs" listing for £150. Got it running after a quick reference of the hanes manual and an hour on YouTube. Same car, similar age and millage are selling for £4500 on autotrader. Night just sell it for £4000, for a quick sale. Even if I buy a car that is truly fucked, it still has scrap value, real physical value. What do you have? Nothing. Ive also put the deposit on a car that cost 3300 but will sell for 5000 easily. And all that took was 15 mins looking for a good deal. Last year I used only £8000 to buy my uncle a van and tolls for his landscaping business, for which I'm getting £1200 per month cash for zero effort. No sleepless nights. No spending hours each day following trends (100% pointless task) and now I'm looking to buy a small piece of low grade land for forestry operations. You idiots really have no idea about business or finance. I hope bitcoin crashes to 1k most of you fucking hang yourself. Worthless posers.

80 per ZCL will be a $20 profit per BTCP minimum.That the lowest prediction even remotely possible.

Who cares

is this a new meme

but do u get 1 to 1 for each ZCL u hold or what?