Is everyone in on ICX yet? headed to the moon in January.

bagholder fuck

>p-pls buy my bags

proud 30k icx holder. will I make it niggar? how long i need to wait to break that fuccking ada mcap

Late January

30K ICX? Stay away from bridges and rooftops for the rest of your life unless you sell everything tonight

what that means nigga?, didnt get you. I am planning to hold 30k icx at least 6 months.

that's a bad plan. This bubble is popping as we speak.

God all these retards who got burned buying it FOMO jesus How are you negative when it's $5 fucking retards,

This is the easiest hold of my life , literally three more weeks and to the moon we go!

Koreans are loaded up with cash from ripple now too probably

fuck, with crypto I make it or continue wageslave rest of life. only two options. I dont fuccking cash out until 1 mill or zero with bubble pop

>being in coins that give a fuck about the future of bitcoin

>doubting the future of bitcoin

Why are you even on this board? Have you learned nothing? The bitcoin protocol is the original money protocol. Its team will innovate and it will never die. Do you read all these threads about alts that will matter in the future of our economies and go nah muh buttcoin?

Did they say Main Net was January? I only saw it being in Q1 2018. Couldn't that be as late as March?

Jan 24th they say. they usually say end of jan/dec or end q1. this time they gave date so I am confident on mainnet live.

yeah, crypto is the future, i agree

the bubble's popping, though, 2018 isn't off to a good start so i don't know why you're bagholding (actually yeah i do: greed)

anyone not walking away with profits / opening short positions is a reckless fool with no real market experience

Am I missing something, or this this a guaranteed moon mission? It seems to easy. Buy now and sell on Jan 24th.

Only way it could not moon would be if they totally screw something up, right?

Tip for newbies.Now is the time you buy, when a coin has definite A+ news coming in 4 weeks or less, not fomoing in at the end of a pump.

they could delay it again

keep your shitbag

It is that easy.People get caught in this mentality of chasing pumps and losing everything.Problem is with a coin like this and news this big is everyone will buy it far earlier than expected so to get in at a low price.Also after jan 1st regs theres nothing to stop the korean exchange Coinone listing it right after, they dont have to wait for mainnet.

Talk to me January 25th

Yup, you'll make it. This coin will be MINIMUM $20 by Q2 2018. Anyone that isn't in on this coin is an absolute FOOL.

I admit my market experience is minimal, and I was a spectator in crypto until November, but I'm 2.5x my principal, and the value I've acquired doesn't really seem worth taking profit from.

I don't know about saying a short position is the opposite of reckless. Derivatives react faster to the market, that seems like a good way to get wrecked. You sound less experienced in real markets.

People have been saying the bubble is going to pop for ages and that XRP surge is bad for bitcoin. XRP is just going to further legitimize BTC, the bubble isn't popping, it has no gas. It has no impact on other sectors yet, no one has reason to fear a significant drop in price being an economic catastrophe, so there will be plenty of buy pressure to meet any dip and reverse it. It might just take longer than the ADD crypto community can handle.

lol I'm not sure if you've noticed but it's been on a very obvious downtrend for the last few days. Just take your bags like a fucking man and shut up.

it's been sideways for 3 days, pajeet.

Great I'm in for a downtrend, I will buy in and cost average myself further in until we hit a floor.

This is the most obvious increase in value that's ever been telegraphed months in advance.

>10M volume on binance
this shit is long dead

The volume is low right now because all the pajeets are gonna wait until ATH to buy in and try to win on January 25th

That's why I went all in on xrp a couple hours ago, so much volume how could it possibly drop?


try 4 days

Slowly breaking down these huge walls, get in here

Koreans unloaded all the ripple cash, nice pump and dump

get out when you still can


as usual biz will fomo in at 44k

And breakout, how high are we going? new ATH?

Why tf are you talking to yourself.

trying to help my bizboys, they are probably too busy buying ripple at $2.40 though

I gots 1400 ICX

honestly wish i was u buying any under 35k sats is still a good buy imo icx can sneeze and hit 50k

Here comes dat 400k

Oops I mean 40k

steamrolled it