Im all in on litecoin 10k USD, my life savings (im 19)

im all in on litecoin 10k USD, my life savings (im 19)

see u on the moon boys


any particular reason this make sense user?


Charlie Lee is a faggot. There, I said it.

it's funny how maybe a week ago this could've been an actual thread with tons of supportive replies

well meme'd


it's a normie coin so it's not going anywhere. it's dipping right now but not going to crash

OP here. Litecoin is at a low and sitting steady. I'm going with my gut. I'll pull out when it's back at $300 U.S. in a week.

right there with you with 15k we will make it my man

Funny because your pic is in no way all in

Good things will come for the patient, Q1 of 2018 will be crazy

all you had to do was listen

Why why litecoin? You need to do or die
All in on XLM or 80% XLM 20% XRP.

Just made huge gains (for me) from XRP and stellar today. time to move on. buy the dip.

more than you can afford to lose bruv

hes a huge cuck i agree :)

nah I have a well-paying job for my age. 10k is fine with me. all of this money is from LTC / XRP / stellar gains, i started with 1k about 1 month ago

Is he hiding something, user?

can any talented anons update this image for our current times

wheres that drawfag who makes the quality pinks

He's just enough of an awkward sperg to the point that i think he may be the most honest crypto dev in the business. I would invest in his company if he had one as well.

I'm a Bitcorn whale, and you've made a good decision. Litecorn isn't the hottest coin right now, but that's why it's a good buy. It is extremely oversold.

I expect a large upward correction in the coming days.

>5 is my favorite number

>Bitcorn whale

same 15k 21yo, shitty assembly job.

I also think hes the most honest crypto dev in existence. Sadly that still doesnt make me want to touch litecoin

Good luck my brother

why is that?


dev cashed out, you bought in LOL

dev is a beta male cuckold faggot. all he does is jockey the code.

>Be OP
>Distract dumb people to buy LTC
>Meanwhile accumulating ADA

Watch out newfags LTC is a trap, only ADA will survive in the future.

Next moon missions? Shill me your best x10 coins